@jsiehler nice! I'm struggling even with some of the easy ones, though. I need to come up with some lemmas, I think.
It would be helpful if the target positions were always shown somehow

@christianp Thanks! I struggle with solving these too. Starting position and ending position are shown in the mini figures on the left and right.

@christianp Yay! Thank you. "I made it onto The Aperiodical" is going on my faculty report this year.

@jsiehler I hope your employer values appearing in The Aperiodical higher than mine does running it...

@jsiehler I'm playing your with so exciting! homepages.gac.edu/~jsiehler/ga (If I understand mechanism that one piece moving one time anyway is counted as 1-move, I may be able to reduce MOVES more!)

@unknown Wow, that's really impressive! I don't think I ever computed the minimal number of moves necessary for that particular puzzle ("Very Hard 4"), but I can compute it if you'd like to know what the best possible is. I'm really glad you're having some fun with the puzzles! I find this kind of puzzle very challenging, personally.

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