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Although, Dudeney's method is nice. I call that name of this attached is "Santa Transform". Thank God It's !

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The attached image is rough summary content of New Year Card, sorry Japanese.

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この鯖は普通のマストドンにあるリンクがねえゾ「固定しされたトゥート」 「ミュートしたユーザー」 「ブロックしたユーザー」 「非表示にしたドメイン」 「削除して下書きに戻す」機能いいなコレ

Recently I made several tiling images using regular heptagons or 14-gons etc.

Yesterday I noticed the happy coincidence:
9² = 81; 8+1 = 9
8³ = 512; 5+1+2 = 8
7⁴ = 2401; 2+4+0+1 = 7
Happy near year all!

$1$~$6$ の整数和:$21$
$1$~$66$ の整数和:$2211$
$1$~$666$ の整数和:$222111$
$1$~$6666$ の整数和:$22221111$
$1$~$66666$ の整数和:$2222211111$

$6$ 以外で試すと、惜しい場合もあるのですがここまで綺麗には並んでくれない不思議?(´・_・`)


See for a festive two-to-one star dissection. Merry Christmas, everyone, or whatever your appropriate seasonal greeting might be!

At Christmas Eve, I make images with reference to ENWP"Aleister Crowley's rendition of the Unicursal Hexagram, the symbol of Thelema"

The attached image is rough summary content of New Year Card, sorry Japanese.

The patterns of "中村義作万能分割" are about 4 cases as shown in the following picture.

"SuperTux" (a Super Mario Bros alternative) | a new release out.

A totally free and open source platformer inspired by original Super Mario Bros is still chugging along.

A rather nice game especially (?) for younger audience. It's free after all, why not give it a go! 🙂

#opensourcegaming #SuperTux #Tux #Linux #SuperMario

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Any one Who want to Cross Post From Inditoot to Twitter

It can be doen very easily via

Connect Twitter

Put Your Username Like Mine is

Authorize the app

And Use The below Setting (pic included)

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