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Recently I was taught the following two expressions formula, 

From , I found , Still I can't prove this proof yet.
It does not matter at all,
"Tangential quadrilateral" has an inscribed circle if only three sides (The fourth side must be \(a+b-c\) .) are decided (The shape is completely determined by the determination of another angle).
Thanks from !

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Now I make PDF , Thanks! We will plan to generalize Twitter "じゃがりきんapu長ピーポ黄金角形" in the future.

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@jsiehler I'm playing your with so exciting! (If I understand mechanism that one piece moving one time anyway is counted as 1-move, I may be able to reduce MOVES more!)

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Now, I am interested in the following three. 

1: "Sums of three cubes" has generalized parametric representation "A New Method in the Problem of Three Cubes" (cf. ex. Old article in Japanese ).
3: Paul Bourke "Danzer Aperiodic Tiling" telling by GirihApp@Twitter . I do similar one of the attached image

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The migration of influencers “sends a signal to the people running Twitter that influencers can move out – perhaps completely – if the company doesn’t play fair. Mastodon has already begun to enjoy network effects and FOMO that will attract, initially at least, a higher quality user base. If Twitter chooses to ignore the signal, then Mastodon will more likely take off.”

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:chalkdust_scorpion: A fan of Tetris? This blog by Trupti from our archives introduces you to polyominoes!

@no_TL And I found the image's duality. I'm very surprised because I didn't know this !

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@no_TL In September, I was studying the "inverse geometry" of Japanese mathematics "Wasan" I thought the following image was the simplest and most beautiful result

We've just released #Halcyon 2.4.4 with the following changes:
- Added a option to rewrite all #Birdsite links to a #Nitter instance which can be set by the instance admin
- Click on animated GIFs is now handled in the same way as normal images
- Enabling full height for images does now also work for animated GIFs
You can download it from but please don't forget to add the new option in your config.ini

@bremner One other thing -- in addition to .tex files we also support using .md (markdown) files with embedded latex. This can be useful for (collaborative) notes, since it's more friendly than full latex.

@bremner Thanks for you trying! Feel free to click Help button in cocalc in the upper right for any questions about course plans versus subscriptions or anything else, or if you just want to video chat with us.

I founded CoCalc to create a company that would be ideally aligned with heavily supporting open source math-related software development, and that is our ultimate goal.

Thanks to @dansup I can use #Fedilab with #Pixelfed 👍
Now it's time to work on improvements with the app and contribute as much as possible to Pixelfed.

Social news room

Interested in following a curated list of posts about #federatedweb projects on #Matrixor #Freenode? We've been collecting feeds of various projects in our social news room. Feel free to check it out and suggest new feeds!
The room can be found as follows:
* (Matrix)
* #feneas-social(Freenode)

“Why did the #MATH book look so sad?”

“Because it had so many problems.”

Doing some artistic thinking because I've got to fill a lot of picture frames in the department in a hurry.
Ignoring the colours, which ones do you like the most?
No image descriptions because these are all pretty abstract!

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