TeX ignores everything following \bye, and so, since 2008, my TeX files have ended with \bye bye beautiful.

Snap Cube Puzzle: Snap cubes have a post on one side, and holes (into which a post can fit) on the other five sides. How many ways to build a 2x2x2 cube out of eight snap cubes such that (1) the entire structure is connected, and (2) all the posts are in the interior – no posts sticking out of the surface? (All the different structures look the same from the outside; the difference is in the orientation of the eight posts internally.)

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What's the "most scalene" right triangle – that is, how should the edges be proportioned so that the minimum difference over all pairs of sides is as large as possible? Let's assume we've normalized so that the hypotenuse is 1 unit.

(If you enjoy the answer for right triangles, also try the problem for triangles with a 120-degree angle.)

Silly arithmetic amusement:
\(84848^2-48484^2\), etc.

(I constructed this problem myself, but I still don't know a really *nice* way to solve it. I hope somebody finds a pretty solution.)

O is an interior point in the triangle 10, 26, and 36 units away from the three vertices respectively. Determine the side lengths a, b, and c, given that they are integers.

Forty-seven problems in Peg Solitaire (not that the web needed another peg solitaire page, but anyway...)


Divide the small, yet verdant state of Moosylvania (green, in the map below) into two congruent regions.

Only Connect: What have the words

hair, lamb, height, yclept, handmaid, neurosis, proficient

in common?

Insert the symbols +, +, +, x, = (in some order) into the string 0123456 to make a true equation.

Three-regular, each 5-bit label appears exactly once, each vertex is the sum (xor) of its neighbors.

Who even needs the binomial theorem?
and so on.

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