Listening to Owl City as I grade. One of you is responsible for this (the music choice, not the grading)

I had a bunch of researchy tabs open with papers about algebra and stuff and after coming back from lunch I noticed one tab called "Rice fields" and I thought, "Rice fields? Do I know what Rice fields are? Who is Rice? Why was I looking at this?"
It turns out rice fields are fields where rice grows.

A very pretty problem from the latest CMJ. (I haven't solved it yet, but it's the kind of problem that draws me in immediately, just aesthetically)

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I am playing with math and creating images.
Fractals, non-euclidean geometry, quasi-periodic tilings, cellular automatons.
You can see some results in my blog:

If we're introducing ourselves, hello! I'm Jacob. I was born at an early age, and teach math at a small college in a moderately large United State. I sometimes post games, puzzles, animations, or other tidbits, and I read and often share all the nifty tidbits that others post. I like math! I have written about monoidal categories and other highly-structured categories but I poke my fingers in all the mathematical pies pretty happily. Here's the full version of my profile pic. TTFN.

It's late April, but there's just a touch of Eternal September in the air.

I hate to be just another old guy complaining about how they're dumbing down classic literature, but gosh.

Starting the day by reporting cheating on an assignment is not my favorite way to start the day. Grr.

(Speaking of eggs), this was my egg haul one day a while back when some of the hens started laying again after a very cold winter. I felt like I should send it to Grant Sanderson.

Rush's "Kid Gloves" is giving me feelings this morning. (Wistfulness, nostalgia, loss, awe, happiness)

I made a version of Piet Hein's two-dimensional nim-like game "TacTix" that you can play in your browser. Give it a try and let me know if it needs any fixes!

Need a puzzle? May I recommend my Port-and-Sweep solitaire puzzles? (There are two of the short puzzles on this page that still vex me when I try to solve them). Fun stuff if you enjoy peg solitaire or similar puzzles.

If at some point later today I attempt to mark a block of text using ^KB ^KK, then I am going home and not coming back until after spring break.

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For some reason my fingers decided to start using vi key bindings in Mathematica today. It doesn't work really well.

Once, I inadvertantly used the letter\(p\) for two different things in a (difficult, at the time, for me) group theory proof. The professor wrote nothing on it except, "There are twenty-five other letters of the alphabet."

I lost at Tigris & Euphrates this afternoon, but I win at life for having someone who thinks playing Tigris & Euphrates with me is a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Wordle 267 3/6


WΓΆrdl 267 3/6


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