It's somewhat disconcerting that the Family and Medical Leave Act initializes to the "FML Act"

Does there exist anything like an annual summary of NSF grants (in mathematics, particularly) by subject area? Like, "what were the hot subject areas last year" or whatever.

"Monomino" – the most difficult eight-letter English word to type correctly on a QWERTY keyboard? (I consider myself a decent typist, having in fact won my first college scholarship in a typing competition. I still type stuff like monimon and monimono every time I try to get this word in print - which is many times per day thanks to one of my classes)

Selecting which problems to include in abstract algebra homework sets for the semester feels almost exactly like (the excruciating pain that is) hand management in Race for the Galaxy.

(Obviously a+b+c=abc has lots of real solutions, but not too many small values with short decimals)

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\(1.10 + 1.50 + 4.00 = (1.10)(1.50)(4.00)\)

In spare moments, as a form of stress relief (I think), I've been somewhat obsessively doodling infinite, tesselating links like this.

Whitespace on the page is to mathematics what rests are to music.

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Passed level 23!
It's a bit difficult because you can't see the whole picture so that you can't plan at the first time. In addition, even if you planned, its perspective changes and messes up your planning.

Levels stuck me or I think worth trying: 5, 14, 18, 22, 23.

I knew it from:

While it's true that I (still) think about Ozy and Millie a lot in general, I think of this particular strip particularly often.

A while back when I wanted a some figures like this for a grade school class (for some reason I can't recall) I found it was an interesting challenge to (1) get the dots evenly spaced and (2) not have misaligned dots at the intersection points.

Springer's Free Preview of Lusztig's "Introduction to Quantum Groups." I gather a tensor product is involved.

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or just download the readily-available pirated pdf

(or – imagine it – mail me a physical evaluation copy like you used to)

Watched coyote leaping and pouncing in the snow this morning. A good omen for starting the day, I think \(\,^*\)

\(\,^*\)This claim has not been rigorously tested.

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