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You, a tech startup with millions in angel finance: made an app to turn handwritten maths into TeX.

Me, just the worst kind of smart alec: convinced a pen to turn TeX into handwritten maths

Today: trying to build an Android app. Currently 10 minutes into waiting for "create a new project" to finish. Something called Gradle is making my whole PC very stuttery

You can play the game at
I'm not saying I expect the author, Alexander Huber, to fix this - I think this was just made for fun.
But when you're making stuff like this for work, you really need to consider basic accessibility problems like this.

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I spotted this Mastermind game made in Geogebra, and it turned out to be a good example to show the difficulties I have due to colour vision deficiency, and how you can design an interface differently to avoid them.

I plan to tell my class that I don't think they are a proper class at all. If they agree, then I'll know they get it.

I have a new sequence: " a(n) is the smallest k such that k! has at least n consecutive zeros immediately after the leading digit in base 10."

The urge when faced with a minor feature request to retreat to the woods and spend the next decade rewriting all your stuff in Elm

Microsoft Word: now that ordinal is a superscript! You're welcome!

Also Word: now everything is superscript! You're completely welcome!

Hypermobility is remembering you don't wear *those* jeans because when you bend your legs they push your knee out of its socket

Does anyone make a desktop printer that isn't subsidised by the cost of replacement ink?
My piece of poop Epson has drained itself of ink the last time, and even knock-off ink is £50!
At the moment I'm looking at Brother laser printers, but even they seem suspiciously cheap. All I really need is black and white. Any suggestions?

Fun reddit thread about 'Junk Theorems'; mathematical statements that are only true because of the way we encode them in terms of set theory.

For example, 'An element of an integer is a topolgical space if and only if that integer is the graph of the successor function'.

uk politics sticker idea 

caption: no king
image: like the "no smoking" symbol but with a crown instead of a cigarette

version with longer caption: king is not permitted anywhere on [this station / hospital property / delete as applicable], including e-king

This is either an argument for or against letting the mathematician prepare the picnic

I've had a much nicer time working through "The Joy of Elixir", which ends with a little web server!

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welp, I tried to compile the code in the tutorial and encountered this problem - - it doesn't work with the version of GHC it automatically installed.

So I've bounced off haskell again!

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