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That's better: now the symbols don't look like the ghosts of overfull hboxes

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So obliging of my knee to dislocate in order to make space for my baggy trousers when I kneel.

Putting the finishing touches to my history of mathematics in the north-east of England, "E to the Why Aye"

Me: ooh, maybe 1.5MB is too big for an entire package that students need to load to do their exam.

My employer: let's stick a different 1.6MB "hero image" at the top of each of our public-facing pages

Can't not read it as "finitely generated abelian grape"

Idea: a theorem verifier with the mindset of a toddler. When it starts it rejects everything, so you have to show it the two theorems it already knows like a hundred times before it'll admit that some things are, in fact, true

Today I have had a lovely time writing a Numbas extension for graph theory.

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Working on some group theory, I'm writing out words on generators, which I've labelled with letters.
I just noticed that \(e\) has order 2, so

\[ beef = bf \]

It turns out this is real-world maths, after all!

@dudeney_puzzles crikey, Dudeney, you could've just given up on that framing when it became clear it added nothing to the puzzle.
Instead, here we are, three toots of disclaimer in, still nowhere near motivating the puzzle

"titmouse" derives from "tit" — small bird, and "mase" — "tiny, little"

teeny tiny bird

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@esoterica There's an interesting connection of tropical mathematics to computer science, namely to parity and mean-payoff games, which show up in formal verification.

it feels illegal that 78 is divisible by 13

A few days into fiddling, this is the first thing that has really made me go wow!

@christianp new headline "Twitter and Mastodon have over 340 million users!"

Excuse me for reading the first paragraph and assuming the investment in the north would be on the same order of magnitude as the one in the south

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