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Hallo, new Mastodon users! Here on we've got a couple of mathematical emoji: :gauss: and :lovelace:. I'd love to add some more. If you can make a PNG image the same size as those, send it to me and I'll add it. Faces of famous mathematicians are an easy place to start; could we have some shapes, polyhedra, or other mathographics too?

hello call me ezlo and my pronounds are he/him. i want to re-learn math from the bottom-up, ive been reading gelfand. in your opinion, what are some good resources in learning math?

Hello! I'm a college teacher. I'm also interested in and , and the intersection of all three of these things with .

Looking forward to getting in on the ground floor of

hi mathstodon! i'm devin. i'm a math phd student (with under a month to go until my defense!), so this instance seemed like a nice fit. i study neural networks and some math biology, but i also really like combinatorics, as well as many things that are not math. let's follow each other if you want!!

Working on getting this construction set available to purchase.

I'm interested most seriously in math--analysis more than algebra, learning lately about combinatorial/incidence geometry (e.g. the Erdős distinct-distance problem)--and programming--mostly in Haskell, although I'm curious about C and systems-level things as well. On the amateur plane I like classical music and read haphazardly in the s-f/litfic/poetry space. I try to learn from the example of people who're more knowledgeable or skillful than I am.

Would you recommend a video documentary/story on a mathematician? Thanks!

We're ordering chocolate bars for our conference goody bags. Unfortunately, they're 2×5 blocks, so the infinite chocolate trick doesn't work with them. How annoying!

I will never complain about the way mathematicians name things again: chemists have it way worse.

Earlier on, a butterfly flew alongside me and I was like

Is this a meme?

Math encyclopedias frustrate me.

Kernel is explained succinctly. Cokernel is explained via an explosive mass of category theory. I'm sure it's very nice category theory. But I just want a cokernel.

Matt Parker did a recent that nicely explains the newfangled scutoid, and why the shape is a big deal:

Respect. Nothing says mathematician like losing something you've been given just half an hour ago.

reminder that this is a real place that exists and honestly it's a much better pun name than the endless English chip shops called "The Codfather"

Math Counterexamples
Web page by Jean-Pierre Merx
In collection: Lists and catalogues
I initiated this website because for years I have been passionated about Mathematics as a hobby and also by “strange objects”. Mathematical counterexamples combine both topics. The first counterexample I was exposed with is the one of an unbounded positive continuous function with a convergent...
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

New entry!
On Some Regular Toroids
Article by Lajos Szilassi
In collections: Easily explained, Things to make and do
As it is known, in a regular polyhedron every face has the same number of edges and every vertex has the same number of edges, as well. A polyhedron is called topologically regular if further conditions (e.g. on the angle of the faces or the edges)...
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

I dare you to make a polyhedron out of triangles with an odd number of faces! 8>

Is the number of edges in a triangular polyhedron exactly 3/2 times the number of triangles?! :DD