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You, a tech startup with millions in angel finance: made an app to turn handwritten maths into TeX.

Me, just the worst kind of smart alec: convinced a pen to turn TeX into handwritten maths admin; domain block 

just in case you've seen it exists and were about to ask if we'll block it: we've blocked Trump's new mastodon instance.
Toots from there will not reach here.

and looking through the history, I see it's a classic CLP OEIS submission: I was fiddling around following an aesthetic, and the incredibly patient editors fixed it until it was presentable.

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whoah, I've just noticed that Neil Sloane mentioned one of my integer sequences in a talk at Doron Zeilberger's experimental math class!

If coming up with questions was as hard as answering them, I'd feel a real sense of achievement now

International Tell Someone You Love That Excel Is Not The Right Medium For Forms Day

Make a spanning tree: include/exclude edges of a graph by clicking them or toggling checkboxes.

Label parts of a diagram: move labels next to the corresponding objects

I suppose I should just take a wander round

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Suggestions for mathematical diagrams that you might want to assess a student's interaction with, please. Interaction could be moving objects in the diagram, typing a number or formula in a box, or ticking checkboxes.

So far I've got...

Placing objects on a Venn diagram: drag a point to an appropriate position, or tick boxes representing membership in each of the sets.

Move a point to given coordinates: drag a point on a grid, or type in Cartesian coordinates


Does anyone have a convincing story about why exponentiation isn't commutative?

Like, what happens here:
a + b: repeat "add 1" b times
a × b: repeat "add a" b times
a^b: repeat "times a" b times

Are there other sequences of operations built by repeating the previous one that are all commutative?

The word 'incomprehensibly' has half of the letters of the alphabet in it.

Render onto Caesar the texture map that is Caesar's

Trying to find out what the base of the natural logarithm is called in R.
Unsurprisingly, googling "r e" didn't turn up anything useful

I really regret deleting the code I decided wouldn't work a few days ago.
It was only a page or so, but I don't fancy writing it again

"Well, students, we have now covered all the different notations that can be used to represent partial derivatives. Unfortunately, that leaves us no time in the semester to calculate or apply any of them. Maybe in a later class!"

Don't Let The Other People On The Zoom Call Know Your Shoulder Has Fallen Out Of Its Socket Challenge.

Every Salami has two ends
Article by Bobo Hua and Florentin Münch
In collections: Attention-grabbing titles, Food
A salami is a connected, locally finite, weighted graph with non-negative Ollivier Ricci curvature and at least two ends of infinite volume. We show that every salami has exactly two ends and no vertices with positive curvature. We moreover show that every salami is recurrent and admits...
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

People who say ambiguous equations should just have more symbols in them: what do you do about this?

Getting the pen plotter to draw some big maths notation to go on the wall behind me for video calls.
What should I get it to write?
Might start with a medley of ambiguous notation from

ai generated british food 

I decided to give two neural nets a go at the Great British Bakeoff technical challenges. They did both much better and much worse than I had guessed.

Grown-up maths people who don't need to do exams any more: when's the last time you used interval notation?

I'm talking about things like (1,3] for "the interval between 1 and 3, including 3 but not 1".

Today I learned that Newcastle is roughly at the same latitude as the German-Danish border.
Not sure what to do with this information. Something to do with Otto von Bismarck, but what?

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