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Hallo, new Mastodon users! Here on we've got a couple of mathematical emoji: :gauss: and :lovelace:. I'd love to add some more. If you can make a PNG image the same size as those, send it to me and I'll add it. Faces of famous mathematicians are an easy place to start; could we have some shapes, polyhedra, or other mathographics too?

428. THE GARDENER AND THE COOK. A correspondent, signing himself "Simple Simon," suggested that I should give a special catch puzzle in the issue of _The Weekly Dispatch_ for All Fools' Day, 1900. So I gave the following, and it caused considerable amusement; for out of a very large body of competitors,
many quite expert, not a single person solved it, though it ran for nearly a month.

"The illustration is a fancy sketch of my correspondent, 'Simple Simon,' (1/4)

What's written: WLOG

My brain: without loss of generality

Also my brain: wuh-log

Related idea:

A browser extension that changes the label for all dropdown menus to "gender"

why the fuck did they call it arson when crime brûlée was right there

Your idiot colleagues: store whiteboard pens on end to get all the ink out.
You, an intellectual: store them flat to make sure the solvent mixes properly.
Me, a bona fide genius:

This year's "GCSE exam hard" story doesn't seem to pick out an individual question for condemnation:
Is this progress?

Math communication is difficult and rarely well-done.

Crikey, just noticed that is approaching the 1.5 million games played mark.
There are some stats to play with at

Death of Proof (The Pleasures of Failure I):

The tale of Horgan's surface, a nonexistent minimal surface whose existence was incorrectly predicted by numerical experiments, named sarcastically after a journalist who incautiously suggested proof was dead. See also and; via Carnival of Mathematics 170,

Thanks to @evelynjlamb's newsletter, I've discovered Missing Numbers, a blog by Alice Powell-Smith about numbers the government should be tracking but isn't.

(don't worry, I have a second backup too, after *last time*)

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