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Christian Lawson-Perfect

Update: I like JupyterLab a lot! Way better than the old Jupyter/IPython interface

Although I long ago dropped out of research , I really love asking working mathematicians to explain whatever it is they are interested in. I have enough general knowledge that they can usually simplify things enough for me to get the gist of their work. Plus, they're usually really enthusiastic about explaining what they do, because most strangers they meet cannot or will not follow!

Great fun to see them light up and have them tell me the metaphors they've developed for their art.

What is "one month after January 31"?

- February 28
- March 3
- February
- ??

Current status: error only occurs when a breakpoint is not set

Current status: print screen key on new computer doesn't work.

Spotted a book with a nice title in the School library: "Plane answers to complex questions".
Can't work out if "complex" is punning on anything good though.

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@TheKinrar looking at the logic for the sign_up controller, the problem might be that I previously tried to sign up with an incorrect email address. An error message saying that would be good, and resending email to the new address would be better

@TheKinrar I'm trying to add to and I get "Something went wrong" on the sign-up page. I've got a contact email set, as far as I can tell, so any idea what else is wrong?

I've just discovered that Pearson have renamed "MyMathLab" to "MyLab Math".

I eagerly await "MathMyLab".

@pkra please help! I'm giving a 10 minute talk on accessibility of maths on Thursday. Do you have anything I can crib from?

Dismal Arithmetic
Article by David Applegate and Marc LeBrun and N. J. A. Sloane
In collections: Unusual arithmetic, Easily explained
Dismal arithmetic is just like the arithmetic you learned in school, only simpler: there are no carries, when you add digits you just take the largest, and when you multiply digits you take the smallest. This paper...
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

Seeing two used rockets landing in perfect synchronisation is beautiful!
Really inspirational works of engineering. Congratulations to everyone in the SpaceX team.
In case you missed it live—video of the two rocket boosters that carried a ship into space, safely arriving home.