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Hallo, new Mastodon users! Here on we've got a couple of mathematical emoji: :gauss: and :lovelace:. I'd love to add some more. If you can make a PNG image the same size as those, send it to me and I'll add it. Faces of famous mathematicians are an easy place to start; could we have some shapes, polyhedra, or other mathographics too?

Further evidence the tiny L-P is a mathematician, at bathtime last night:

* holding a bottle full of water *
"Can you put some water in the jug, please?"
* stands bottle upright in jug, spilling none *

Must learn to speak more precisely __to my 1 year old__

reading Latin like, "superbum? more like super bum amirite"

Choose a random graph with countably infinite vertices by flipping a coin to decide whether to include each edge. Or, construct a graph with binary numbers as vertices, with an edge \(x\)—\(y\) when \(x<y\) and the \(x\)th bit of \(y\) is one. Or, construct a graph on primes congruent to 1 mod 4, with an edge when one is a quadratic residue mod the other. They're all the same graph, the Rado graph (! It has many other amazing properties. Now a Good Article on Wikipedia.

I wrote a bit about a bisection of a triangle's area which, when I read it, made me lower the book and call it a rotten liar. (It wasn't lying.) The thing might be old hat to you, but it startled *me*.

(I have a follow-up post to it scheduled to post later today.)

Learning fixed points and stability might be the happiest moment of this course.
Soon everything’s going to chaos. Literally, chaos.

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The little L-P is a natural mathematician.
We were looking for a kitchen utensil she'd stolen. She went to look under her favourite chair. It wasn't there!
When we did find it, she immediately ran and put it under the chair: now it's a problem we know how to solve! 🤓

It's always good when you put a sequence in the OEIS and the title of the first hit begins "An obvious ..."

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tfw you're taking a big swig of a drink and have to abort because you're approaching a door frame.

machu picchu is now wheelchair accessible, so i think we can safely say that places which are not disability compliant don't really have an excuse anymore for that

I am Dmitrii (Dima) Pasechnik a mathematician and a computer scientist, working full-time (funded by a Horizon 2020 EU project) on developing/maintaining a computer algebra system SageMath ( It is basically a huge Python library pulling in components developed in C/C++/Fortran/Cython/Common Lisp/... (and few obscure domain-specific "maths" languages). And even a literal SageMath programming LaTeX package :-)
(Today I mostly wrote/debugged m4 macros :-( )

The new web Outlook design has separate buttons for Reply and Reply-All. This alone is worth switching for.

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