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You, a tech startup with millions in angel finance: made an app to turn handwritten maths into TeX.

Me, just the worst kind of smart alec: convinced a pen to turn TeX into handwritten maths

It's back! David Cushing and I reviewed an integer sequence, and along the way we accidentally reviewed like half a dozen others.

rashly decided to do-release-upgrade on the server that hosts my websites, because I have a spare hour.
You can't say in general when a program will halt, but I can say with certainty that it'll take longer than that! :turing:

I don't know who needs to hear this, but sharpen your kitchen knives. It makes cutting stuff easier.

I went to bed stressed last night, mainly about the feeling that there are thousands of people using the software I make ( and I'm effectively the only developer, so whenever I make a change I'm responsible for things going wrong.

The project really needs more people involved in development, but nobody's offering. We've got someone joining soon who will help, but even two people is not enough!

I made a new LaTeX package for drawing dice, customdice.

The basic commands include \dice{5} for a standard dice face, and \textdice{A} for a face with letter A. You can customise the colours and size, and what’s written on the faces can be (in principle) any LaTeX code or TikZ code.

More information and how to get it in this blog post:

Official customdice page on CTAN:

Is it a legitimate paper title or is it made up?

(I’m currently scoring 16/20.)

Calculation of π, from rain falling on two wooden plate sensors, one circular and one square: the number of raindrops that landed on each plate during a storm was counted with an Arduino and π was calculated as the ratio [source & credits:]

Why doesn't infinity, the biggest number, simply eat all the other numbers?

Does anyone have any experience with off-site backups of personal data? We have roughly 1TB of stuff that I'd like to have a copy of elsewhere.
I can't think of the combination of words to search for ot get services at this scale.
Does a service exist on the same order of magnitude of cost as buying a 1tb external disk and leaving it in my mum's loft?

This came about because I and some other disabled people who do maths talks got tired of missing out on opportunities to do outreach because it involves travelling.

If you're interested in taking part, either dm me or email

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To give some idea of what I'm looking for, I'll use myself as an example.
I count myself disabled at least four ways: I'm colourblind, autistic, dyspraxic, and have Ehlers-Danlos.
I might talk about:
1) use of colour in mathematical communication; how red chalk makes chalk-and-talks inaccessible
2) how ambiguously-worded maths problems have stymied me in the past, and how to write them more clearly
3) the word problem in group theory, which is just something I'm interested in

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I'm organising a series of online public maths talks through Newcastle Uni's School of Maths, Stats and Physics, to be delivered by disabled presenters, taking place this December.
Talks can be any mathy topic, or about your experience as a disabled mathematician.
I need speakers: dm me if interested!

There's no angle from which a dodecahedron looks like a regular solid.

"average person proves 3 theorems a year" factoid actualy just statistical error. average person proves 0 theorems per year. Carl Gauss, who lives in cave & proves over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

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