@SocialCoop I would like to search my own toots for integrating them into anagora.org -- would it be possible to enable at least that level of search for the instance?

I see that search now returns a blank "Searching toots by their content is not enabled on this Mastodon server."

@flancian I tend to keep copies of my own toots for subsequent searches, especially with my charting script so I can then look through conversations.

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@ColinTheMathmo @SocialCoop how do you get the copies? Just fetching copies would be sufficient for my initial purpose.

anagora.org/node/chartodon is lacking a repo URL, is there one I could link? :)

@flancian There is no repo for Chartodon ... I've still never got around to using GitHub, never really had a reason to do so, even though I use git locally all the time. The few times I've interacted with GitHub I've hated it -- probably just lack of familiarity.

With regards saving toots, I just copy/paste the URLs as a matter of course.

I do need to come up to speed with what you're doing with the agora to see if I can help. Just not now.

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@flancian One can run "toot timeline" every 5 minutes or so and filter the output to find one's own toots, thus building a repository of one's toots.

I don't do that yet, but I'm thinking of doing so.

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@flancian "toot" runs from the command line & basically gives complete access to Mastodon from the CLI.


That looks after all the login stuff for me during setup, so all I have to do is run:

$ echo n | toot timeline > x.txt

That gives me my timeline. If that's not enough toots you can get more:

$ ( echo y ; echo y ; echo y ; echo n ) | toot timeline > x.txt

Then I use Python, bash, or AWK to process the (text) output.

Is that what you were asking?

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