TFW you click on a link in Twitter to open in a new tab, and it's blank. So you click again, and hit F5, and it's still blank. One more try each way, and now you have five copies of a 153MB PDF you were curious about, but didn't actually want.

Your shadow shows that light has come nearly 150 x 10^9 m, only to be deprived of reaching the ground in its final metre, thanks to you.

Well, I have now seen Casino Royale (from the 60s) and by god it makes no more sense the third time than it did the previous two.

Q: What does a drowning analytic number theorist say? A: log-log, log-log, log-log ...

Hmm. Never seen a load of over 200 on a Linux box before. No wonder it's a little sluggish.

Anyone who believes in conspiracy theories has clearly never tried to organise a meal for four or more people. -- Source?

And so to bed. Night everyone, see you on the other side.

Which letter in 'Scent' is silent? The 'S'? Or the 'C'?

Attention, a thing we: pay (English), lend (Spanish), make (French), and do (Farsi) --

Just provided incontrovertible, undeniable fact-based feedback on HN and got a downvote.

@bradfonseca How are you getting on in the lockdown? A lot of people are finding "Working from home" isn't what they expected.

But others are (rightly) pointing out that it's "Staying home during a genuine crisis", and that's not the same thing.

Hope you're well, looking forward to your next blog post.

I'm starting to make videos ... perhaps the world *is* ending.

Let me know if you'd like to watch one.

In about half an hour, UK pass, starting at 20:49:40, duration 237 secs, visible, Magnitude -1.2

Some passes of the visible from the UK overnight - I'll tweet/toot warnings closer to the time

Wait, let me rephrase!

Dear #Fediverse, should I learn:

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TFW you've got email from an old friend you've not heard from for ages, and instead it's spam. 8-(

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass ... it's about learning to dance in the rain.

In about half an hour, UK pass, starting at 21:37:57, duration 70 secs, visible, Magnitude -1.0

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