The University of California cancels its subscriptions to Elsevier journals after failing to agree on open access:

It should be no surprise that, as a signer of, I support this decision.

But this means, among other things, that you shouldn't publish in Elsevier journals if you want UC researchers like me to have easy access to the published versions of your papers.

@11011110 that's super cool! great news!

The circle of power of elsevier and al. will soon be a circle of doom, hopefully!


@11011110 partially agree - I try to avoid publishing in or reviewing for Elsevier journal IP&M myself - but of course we should not forget that authors can and will always provide a (usually final) version of their manuscript on their own site, if they care about being read at all.

I was listening to Rationally Speaking where they had a very reasonable debate between a pro-open-access person and a representative from Elsevier. As expected on that podcast, it didn't degenerate into a flame fest, so I can definitely recommend people listen to it.

The person from Elsevier didn't convince me, but at least he tried.

@11011110 Charging for access to scientific knowledge is easily as detrimental to scientific progress as religion, including the prohibition on dissecting cadavers.

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