New Tools for Self-Construction:

Self-constructing spaceships in Conway's Game of Life are getting smaller, more visually clear (not just looking like a line) and more varied. And there's a hint of a "metacell" that can simulate Life or other cellular automata, with empty space as its off state, so you could start any simulation with finitely many live cells. The key to all this is new software to find glider salvos that build constellations of still lifes.

Metacells exist.
Conway's Game of Life implemented in Conway's Game of Life:
*head asplodes*

@y6nH Sure, but those ones require you to populate the whole space with metacells if you want to accurately simulate something that lasts indefinitely. The new hinted-at metacells use blank space as their quiescent state, so you don't have to set them up anywhere but where the live cells are.

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