previous toot from this amazing article about a gloriously unreleased Atari 2600 game written by Carol Shaw that was originally intended as a cologne tie-in:

(romchip is Extremely My Jam, btw)

As a budding number theorist, are there more topic specific or less culturally intense online communities than mathoverflow that I should consider joining?

Many have asked: no, we don’t have any Black Friday discounts nor will we have Cyber Monday offers. SDF isn’t that kind of club. :)

@AdamAtSea Hey, bub, I'm still recovering from the Great War. But at least those Krauts won't be trouble any time soon.

This handsome sailor is my Dad, he was also a Buford. He was a Patriot, a great Dad and to this day still my Hero. He crossed the Pacific 13 times and returned safely each time. Today is a day that meant very much to him so I honor him today as well as my late brother who served in the army in Viet Nam as well as another brother, also a sailor who is attending a Veterans Day breakfast at my son's school today . And last but not least every NA Knight/Dame/Producer who is a Vet.

spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

OH: "given that browsers do so much, they might as well implement TeX"

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