Just a few days ago, Fr. Liu Maochun, a #catholic priest of Mindong diocese (Fujian - #China) has been kidnapped by members of the Religious Affairs Bureau who arrested and they took him to an unknown location for #communist indoctrination. Please, pray!
twitter.com/Dalu_1989/status/1 #Catholic #Priest

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Re @FatherLococo Fr. Tony Corcoran, SJ, one of the first priests in Siberia when a diocese was est. tells stories of locals seeing a priest after 60 yrs who would go home, and dig up from their fields vestments, sacramentals, etc. that their grandparents saved from churches set afire by KGB. twitter.com/frphartmann/status #Catholic #Priest

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The Interim Computer Museum has a new Retro Computing Challenge: MASTER THE MINICOMPUTER!

Challenge yourself to writing programs on the PiDP-8/i running TSS/8 and win a prize!



wild that the biggest reason VR hasn't hit a stride and might end up dying as a technology is literally because facebook is trying to grab a stranglehold on it and use it to mine biometric data from non-consenting users

A web browser, but it can't parse HTML, and it allows no Javascript

It does, however, render markdown, org-mode, csv, and many other plain-text file formats nicely

when the ipod first came out, i played with a friend's, and decided it was junk.

i was using an "archos", which was much much better at managing a large (more than 20 albums) music collection, and had tactile buttons that i could feel and operate from inside my pocket while i was biking.

when the ipod "won the market", i was like, "i guess they fixed those problems" and bought one. they had not fixed anything. and they never have!

an early lesson in "the most popular product is probably the worst" :)

@adam @Johncdvorak, FYI :)

"Unsplash photos are made to be used freely. Our license reflects that.
- All photos can be downloaded and used for free
- Commercial and non-commercial purposes
- No permission needed (though attribution is appreciated!)"



going to implement lindenmayer systems in postscript for kicks

So apparently some people really hate PDFs. Passionately. And I have no idea why.

Hit me with your anti-PDF arguments, friends. What's the problem?

Is it phones? Is it software? What is it about reading a PDF that is so bad?

Did your laptop come with a bunch of schematics drawings? Mine sure did! :D #mnt #reform

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