teach programing on YouTube makes less than mopping toilet at McDonalds

oh dang oh dang! my cyberdeck writeup got featured on hackaday.com courtesy of @mavica


been a big fan of that site for years!

Xah Talk Show 2019-10-05
shen lisp, monk, Shakespeare Andronicus, Paul Graham and philosophy, nim crystal golang

Is there an index of #Diophantine equations, solved and conjectured? #Mathematics

The real draw of retrocomputing 

Ever wanted to ditch big tech but had no idea how to? Grab your free Librem One account for social, chat and voice or a premium account with mail and VPN and get end-to-end encryption, no tracking, no ads and no data sharing librem.one #purism #libremone #opensource #deletefacebook

For anyone following the diversity questions in our source control management ecosystems, there is some healthy activity in the heptapod development heptapod.net/ which is a friendly fork of gitlab with mercurial support

You can register an account on dev.heptapod.net to follow the project

#mercurial #git #github #bitbucket

Winner will not take all...

Reminder: set hostname

You should set hostname in /etc/rc.conf.  I am mentioning this now because not doing it kept me from running X apps from a DragonFly system on a Windows 10 system with vcxsrv, and I wasted half an hour of my life figuring that out.  Apparently this is a lesson I need to keep relearning.


"The Librem 5 ships with PureOS, a GNU/Linux-based operating system. But the device is sold unlocked and users will be able to install other operating systems." liliputing.com/2019/09/purism- A pure #privacy #foss #opensource #Linux #smartphone alternative to #apple #iphone and #google #android

Finally logged back in here; it's been a while.

Reading a bunch of cyberpunk stuff as a kid got me used to the idea that when I was an adult a bunch of billionaires and multinational corporations were going to try and kill me but I always thought it would be more fun, you know?

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