looking over my timeline, it seems there's an influx of racists coming to the fediverse. Mathstodon.xyz users, if you see something bad, report it and we'll block accounts or instances as necessary

That feeling when you spend more time sorting out the lighting and equipment than actually doing the stitching.

Or is that just me?

Mary Delany (1700-1788) English 'Bluestocking' and artist, known for her botanical flower collages or 'paper-mosaicks' #womensart t.co/y45G6MngqY

'Sleeping Mud Maid', living sculpture created by UK artist Sue Hill (and partner Pete) at The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall, UK #womensart

#FolkloreThursday t.co/ITav3IOmwN

Ok, so my poll (wandering.shop/@gannet/1020685) and its replies suggest that there’s interest in some sort of monthly yarncraft theme. About half the votes were for “well, it depends,” which makes sense really.

Anyway, within this thread lies a vague proposal, open to changes and modifications. And of course we can change things as we go along!

The most important thing, I think, is to not be craft-specific, aside from limiting this to #FiberArts #FibreArts.

Please boost! More details below.

OK, this is a "boosts needed" post, please boost this if you see it. At least one organisation I'm involved in has a major problem in that it runs online and needs to be able to ballot members, and just about all the easy services for doing so aren't GDPR compliant.

Would anyone be interested in clubbing together to try and run a Euro-side, compliant server of CIVS or a similar e-voting system that could be used by community groups, activist orgs, and so on?

#democracy #cooperatives

I wasn’t around for #yarnuary this year, so I don’t know what y’all got up to.

Would anyone using the #knitting #crochet #FiberArts #FibreArts tags be up for some kind of low-key monthly theme?

Boost, please!

it’s real important to give yourself credit. it’s really hard to do that in a lot of cases for so many reasons but sometimes you just need to stop and look at everything you’ve done, everything you’ve gone through, small things, huge things, things people know, things they don’t, & see that you’re here.

Update on the : what I really need is not to stab myself with the needle!

This photo of Dr Bouman deserves to be one of the classic images in physics. Amazing to capture the first glimpse. Such a genuine response
RT @TamyEmmaPepin@twitter.com
Congratulations to Katie Bouman to whom we owe the first photograph of a black hole ever. Not seeing her name circulate nearly enough in the press.

Amazing work. And here’s to more women in science (getting their credit and being remembered in history) 💥🔥☄️

Katie Bouman, the scientist behind the first image of a black hole. Katie created an algorithm that made the image possible #WomenInSTEM #womensart t.co/anjif88j52

With all the horrible things we have learnt about some men recently, I am taking a moment to be thankful that I have known, and still do know, so many decent and honourable men. Your friendship has enriched my life - thank you.

Twisting my own silk for attaching a slip to a piece of . Somehow, nothing in my education remotely prepared me for this....

#TIL That #Nintendo had a prototype of a knitting machine extension for the famous original console. And it's a shame this has never reached production.

#Ada #Knitendo

Feeling a bit pleased with some £watercolours I finished today, using photos from an excavation in Egypt during the Twenties.

being poor and living/having lived in poverty basically gives you a complex that makes you feel terrible about getting rid of ANYTHING

its the reason i wear socks til they have holes and why my grandma had a trashcan that was 40 years old

Blogging / professional / network question:

How do you leverage your writing and your professional profile with your networks online?

I'm talking to students about this and would LOVE input.

#asking (please boost) #question #blog #OER #networks

My phone is erratically good at weird word suggestions: recent gems include "deliciousness" accurately offered, then "Risk" offered for "Egyptian".
Modern life is...... confusing.

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