Feeling a bit pleased with some £watercolours I finished today, using photos from an excavation in Egypt during the Twenties.

being poor and living/having lived in poverty basically gives you a complex that makes you feel terrible about getting rid of ANYTHING

its the reason i wear socks til they have holes and why my grandma had a trashcan that was 40 years old

Blogging / professional / network question:

How do you leverage your writing and your professional profile with your networks online?

I'm talking to students about this and would LOVE input.

#asking (please boost) #question #blog #OER #networks

My phone is erratically good at weird word suggestions: recent gems include "deliciousness" accurately offered, then "Risk" offered for "Egyptian".
Modern life is...... confusing.

Time spent doing what you love is not time wasted.
Time spent with people you enjoy and who enjoy you is not time wasted.
Time spent in introspection and recovery is not time wasted.
Time spent thinking about your passions is not time wasted.
Time spent wondering and dreaming is not time wasted.

“Something to make your day a little brighter: Sit Patrick Stewart. Knitting. In Santa jammies. You’re welcome.”


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Alexa Meade, US installation artist best known for her work painting directly onto the human body which makes her subjects appear two-dimensional when photographed #womensart t.co/deQO3bGWwD

The ancient Greek word for "bear" was άρκτος.

The Arctic is named after the animal; it's the place where bears are.

Naturally, when you find a place at the opposite side of the globe from the Arctic and where there are no bears, it's the anti-Arctic - in other words, Antarctica.

So the Arctic is Bears Place, and Antarctica is Not Bears Place.

I am bewildered.
I am working some on a garment, and some of those seeing it suggest hanging it in a gallery instead.
I explicitly started with a garment I wanted to embellish for wear, why do people want me fail to achieve that? Why do they think I will feel it is a compliment to tell me not to wear it?
Colour me confused..

Hey Wandering.shop people I'd like to introduce myself... I am a craftsy person currently living in Berlin/Germany. I like to #knit #spin #cardweaving #handdye but generally love a lot of things ONE does with its hands. A lot of it is connected to my passion: reenecting western slavic life in the Time 1200a.c. this gives my great Joy and a lot opportunities to discover new stuff and handycrafts. From time to time I host the podcast:wollkotze I am looking forward to Meet New peeps

Who considers themselves a composer up in this joint?

would you be willing to offer advice to a teenager looking into becoming a composer?

You know what show I want to watch?

Lifestyles of the Modest and Cozy.

I want to get interior decorating inspiration from the couple that got married in their late 40's, see how they reused some pallets to make a nice indoor garden in their 900 sq ft. home on the edge of their town, how they make their collection of cheap mismatched flat-pack bookshelves look comfortably cluttered but browseable.

“People think that intimacy is about sex. But intimacy is about truth. When you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you stand in front of them and their response is ‘you’re safe with me’ - that’s intimacy.”

— Taylor Jenkins Reid, "The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo"

I am excited that one of my favourite birdsite accounts is now over here too @womensart1

Mastodonians! (and cross-posted Twitizens)

Do you have stationary - cards, paper, envelopes - with your #art on it available? Do pls. tell me where!

Still some of the best advice for programmers:

Don't be clever. Be obvious.

machu picchu is now wheelchair accessible, so i think we can safely say that places which are not disability compliant don't really have an excuse anymore for that

I've just discovered that NPR have plain text pages for those who decline cookies. Suddenly I can just read an article without having to find it in the kaleidescope first!

So I'm researching the proper procedure for giving my #sewing machine a tune-up and it's come to my attention a lot of people are using WD-40 in their machines.

Let me be clear: WD-40 is NOT an acceptable lubricant for anything more critical than a door hinge!

It is a corrosion barrier. It's meant to prevent rust in things like hinges that are exposed to the weather and the like. It does have some ability to lubricate but it is almost never the oil you're looking for.

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