I got two pairs of trousers turned up and hemmed today. Yay, me!
Oh, and darned a tear in one of them.

As a knitter starting to sew (and embroider), I have a question for y'all experienced sewists: is there something like Ravelry, but for sewing? (or embroidery?)

And where do you like to buy affordable fabric online?

Thank you for any tips/pointers!

#sewing #fiberart

"The old book is, from a chemist's perspective, like a very, very well-steeped tea or a fine day chocolate." (D.G. Haskell)
Well, that explains why there are so many book-sniffers in the world!

So a type of art that I'm less good at is sculpting, because I have difficulty with visual-spatial skills. But I'm sure with practice I'd improve! Are there sculptors here?

hey FiberArts friends, I suggest we improve the quality of the group feed by not including @fiberarts when we respond to a post, unless that response adds useful content.

for example, if there's discussion of fiber arts topics, including responses is fine. but if Bobo posts a nice photo of the slippers they're crocheting, I'll remove @fiberarts from my reply when I tell them how cute the slippers are.

this way the fiberarts feed will be more appealing, and we won't spam each other! make sense?

Dear person who designed my computer tower with the power button on the top of the box,



Skellington whose cat has learned a brand new way to get their complete and undivided attention.

#mastotips #allyship
• Finally, and most importantly, in my mind - Mastodon and the Fediverse as a whole has a racism problem. It's a global platform with many white users - it's gonna happen.

As a result, we've dealt - as a platform - time and time again with white users rolling into the mentions of POC - more specifically, almost always Black users - demanding they CW discussion about the lives and struggles of being oppressed in America. _Do not do this._

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Google complaint 

Ugh When did the Gmail algorithm start sending emails from potential new clients into my JUNK folder!?!? I was wondering why I hadn’t received any emails recently - they used to come straight to my inbox. I wonder how many I missed this year. There were 3 emails from new clients just in 10 days since I starting checking JUNK everyday. And one was from a movie producer(!) based on a recommendation from one of my husband’s history clients - no sliding scale for that one :)

To people posting Wordle and similar results on the public timelines:

Please CW these posts as they don't interact well with screen readers.

In general please CW your posts if they contain more than a couple emojis.

Motorcycle rattles down the street towards me, and I am reminded that the only biker I know once told me he doesn't understand the fuss about Harley Davidsons, because - I quote - " if I wanted to sound like a tractor, I'd buy a Massey Ferguson!"
I'd love to hear from someone who does love Harley Davidsons!

Do you remember how long it took you to learn to write when you were in school, and what that involved? Copying letters over and over and over while your hand and fingers strengthened and got used to the movements?

Drawing/painting/other-forms-of-crafting are no different. You're learning a new skill; give yourself space to grow and be patient while you learn. You might be bad at first but that's fine, you're allowed to be. Keep going. Practice is part of the process. 💪


Hello Lovely Peeps!

A question re Lists: can I put someone on a list, mute them, & yet still see their posts if I check the list? (I can do this on Twitter.)

There is an account I follow, that I *want* to follow, but it posts many long toots (which are hard for me to process in the spur of the moment) & I also miss other posts I also want to see

I'm hoping this will be a work-around 🤞 - but I'm not sure I've set things up properly & I'm not sure it will work, period

Reassurance welcome! 😃

Try to be kind to people on the fediverse. It's not always easy to make yourself clear in text, and there's often misunderstandings which aren't malicious. Just as fediverse reimagines the technical implementation of social networking, you should reimagine the social aspects.


#fediverse newcomers: Welcome to your first collective outrage/sorrow experience! There's some etiquette here for the occasion: the ✨ content warning ✨

If you drop your takes and commiserations under a CW, people can choose to engage with the doomscroll or skip it entirely.

It's not censorship; it's empathy.

#feditips #noxp

It would be super helpful to have a list of emoji sorted by how long the expression is that screen readers read out. I use emoji to differentiate my too-many accounts, and it would be helpful to know how my choice of little pictures may affect people who use screen readers.

Does anyone in the UK have a 5G router for their home broadband? Is it any good? A 12 month contract with Three works out at £16.50 a month (£11 for first 6 months then 22 for 6 months), compared to the £40 I'm paying which includes a landline I never use.
(Boosting this is fine and appreciated, thank you, I'm looking for serious replies).

Twitter newcomers.. if you want to share a toot you find in your timeline with your followers, then a boost is the only way to do so. Unlike twitter which want to show everyone what you Like, a like (or favourite) on the #Fediverse is more personal.

Use Likes as acknowledgment, token of appreciation, sign of agreement, or just to store in your favourites list. It is your interpretation and personal expression.

Use Boost to spread stuff around, encourage discussions, share delightful content.

One or two accounts regularly posting things that don't interest you is manageable, but the more you add, the easier it is to lose the signal in the noise. With no algorithm working to keep you addicted, it's easy to let your Home timeline get overrun. Follow freely, but also be ready to unfollow for basic quality of life reasons. The Federated timeline can be overwhelming, but your Home timeline shouldn't be. You have to tend it like a garden, and a little pruning goes a long way. #feditips

anyone know of any options for minimising grid usage for inner city apartment renters? I did like the idea of charging devices from a solar powered battery pack but not sure how feasible it is for longer term use


Content warning abbreviations can be a bit confusing, so here are the most common ones:

ph = physical health
mh = mental health
pol. = politics
adj. = adjacent
+ = positively framed
~ = neutrally/uncertaintly framed
- = negatively framed
begpost = crowdfunding request
:boost_ok: = Boosts are okay/appreciated
:birdsite: = Twitter, also known as "Birdsite"

If anyone can think of anything else, we'll happily boost it. But most others tend to be self-explanatory.

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