Ravelry; ableism; knit/crochet community; link to petition 

Someone has set up a petition to ask Ravelry to actually comply with the ADA as they are an American company. Please sign and boost this across the fediverse.


#knit #knitting #crochet #crocheting #ravelry #accessibility #ableism #fibrearts #fiberarts

I knew that the new cardboard desk was bound to have a hitch.
Paper cut.

Wanted: POC consultants for sci-fi story :boost_ok:​ 

I'm currently working on a sci-fi story set in the far future, and it's my goal to create a world that does not feel white US/Euro-centric. I'd like to pay a few folks for some input as consultants. Mostly, describing how they see their culture developing in the future scenario I describe and being available for future questions. Feel free to ask questions here or via DM and please pass this along to folks who may be interested!

A #DIY / #Sewing question.

Can anyone recommend a really good brand of iron on fabric repair sheets?

I've had some, such as Prym and Hemline, come off in the next wash. So I'm looking for something that will stay on permanently. Any suggestions?

There's Sussex, and Essex. And there used to be Wessex.
So why isn't there a Nossex?

Would anyone like to tell me why I've just found 20 metres of cotton twill I don't remember buying?

Hemstitching is soothing, but I'd stopped doomscrolling earlier, I wouldn't have needed soothing!

I'm not really sure how to promote myself. If you've enjoyed my work, and have ever felt the urge to throw some coin at me, I now have a Patreon.

I reveal the filename of the individual story and sometimes have additional notes/thoughts about them too. It's all completely free there, if you wish to check it out. I haven't thought of anything to actually place behind a subscription.

Here's the link, thanks for your time and interest!

Also, auto-corrupt just offered me "Clovis" for "Covid", and while that makes me happy, I've not written about post-Roman Europe in months, so....


Is anyone else getting really anxious about lockdown easing, because there's to much to do, and they want to keep everyone safe while they're doing it?

so today the #tdf starts. the Tour De Fleece #tdf20

it's an virtual #spinning along organised around #ravelry, usually alongside the Tour de France (they're spinning, we're spinning; them on bikes, us on spinning wheels)

this year it's different, because the Tour de France is postponed, but the #fiberart sticks to the original dates, because: why not, why wait.

start: 27.06.2020
finish: 19.07.2020


#Fiberarts folx / #Fibrearts folks,

#Ravelry is offering a survery about their new look.

Please fill it out, especially if you are #Disabled or a #Spoonie.

#Crochet #Knitting

hey ik a lot of people don't just intuitively know how to write image descriptions and alt texts so here's a resource! if anyone has any other resources re: image description and accessibility in tech feel free to add!


If you're looking for a goodreads replacement that isn't owned by amazon, and maybe instead run & founded by a Black woman, then Nadia Odunayo has a treat for you! Her new platform The StoryGraph is still in beta but it already seems fully featured, looks & feels great–it has a really clean clear look, filters, half-star rating options, the works! Check it out! beta.thestorygraph.com/

Query esp for badly off/marginalised writers:

We're a volunteer/hobbyist group and don't have resources to pay for articles, but we're looking into fundraising to give creators who need it a pot to draw from when writing for us. We're not yet sure if it's possible & what shape this might take.

So if you can only write (whether or not you'd ever write for us) if reimbursed, what sort of payment levels would make that possible for 1000-2000wd pieces? Private responses welcome.

Please boost!

does anybody know about Wire? i'm looking for encrypted messenger apps that don't just encrypt your SMS and calls.

i need one i can connect to ppl over the internet with so i don't cost my fiancé in the UK and my friend in Aus a shit ton of money just to have a group chat lol.

Once more for the people in the back:

Put content warnings on your politics posts. I come to Mastodon specifically to avoid the horrible things in the news.

I don't care how urgently you want me to see it. In fact, adding a content warning will make me *more* likely to care, because it will give me time to brace myself.

How would I create text files, which I can later prove to be untampered with?

Can I somehow sign them / make hashes / etc?

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Question about the word 'boycott' 

Any #Soviet #history buffs out there? I'm translating a text from German that mentions peasants using a "Getreideboycott" in 1927 to put pressure on the Bolsheviks. Does anyone know what this action involved? Getreide is grain; were they refusing to harvest grain, or sell or supply it?

More generally, sporting boycotts aside, can anyone name an example of a boycott carried out by withdrawing a product rather than labour or purchasing power?

Boosts welcome.

Little beastie I found at the Jerónimos monastery in Belem, Lisbon. Painted in gouache.

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