I ordered some shirts online but when I received an email from Evri saying they were on the way I noticed the first line of delivery address was missing so the delivery was sure to fail. I went to the Evri website but they don't allow you to change the delivery address. However they do allow you to designate a neighbour to accept delivery if you are out. So I just set myself up as my neighbour. Just because two labels are different it doesn't mean they cannot refer to the same object!

When Bertrand Russell announced his first child, a friend said, “Congratulations, Bertie! Is it a girl or a boy?”

Russell said, “Yes, of course. What else could it be?”

- A (probably apocryphal) logic joke from the Futility Closet futilitycloset.com/2019/03/23/

'President for Life' can be compatible with democracy but only if 'Life' is treated as a free variable that the people get to chose the value of.

The term 'President for Life' should be regarded a death sentence rather than a job title.

Earlier today I spent 2 hours trying to find a bug in some simple code I had just written. At one point I was doubting my sanity. Eventually I found that I had made a simple error in the data I was using to test the code and that the code itself was OK.

After 4 decades of programming I can still make beginner's mistakes but my experience gets me to the solution eventually whereas a beginner would have given up long before.

"Ehrenfest tells me many details from Niels Bohr's Gedankenküche [though kitchen]". From a postcard sent by Albert Einstein to Max Planck in 1919 as quoted in "Subtle is the Lord ..." by Abraham Pais.

I do like the idea of a 'thought kitchen'.

Whenever I read or hear of someone using the term 'web stack' or 'technology stack' I think of Walt Disney's 'Pyramid of Pachyderms': youtube.com/watch?v=bDveEH0N3S.

When I was being taught calculus (back in the 70's) one of the students absolutely refused to accept the use of inifinity in the epsilon-delta presentation and the teacher got quite annoyed at this. I have often though since then that the teacher would have done better to explain it in terms of generalised decimal expansions. I didn't know that the young Newton would have also explained it this way.

"It is fairly well known that Newton's original 1665 version of the calculus was different from the one we learn today; its essence was the manipulation of power series, which Newton likened to the manipulation of decimal expansions in arithmetic." - From the Preface of Visual Complex Analysis by Tristan Needham.


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