It's exhausting to read a paper that uses mathematical conventions that are quite different from your preferences.

Perhaps this is a weird way to put it, but I argue that constant dissatisfaction is what propels the world. If everyone were satisfied, there'd be no drive or need to pursue anything.

Yet another thing I've found in my experience is that people who tend to say "'nuff said" are more often than not poor storytellers.

After a decade+ of ridicule and dismissal, it's no longer possible to deny that broadband is a human right, nor is it possible to deny that private monopolists suck at safeguarding this right.

To understand how badly broadband monopolists failed, just look at the bankruptcy docs from Frontier. The company chose not to make a $800m profit providing 100gb fiber to its customers because making long-term investments would hurt its stock price.


I wrote up an example showing how to solve a differential equation using continued fractions: That being said, I'm still not certain if this can be systematized into an algorithm for holonomic ODEs.

Let us remind all novice geometers that there is a marked difference between a ruler and a straightedge.

It's been my experience that people who say sentences that start with "In no world..." often haven't seen much of the world, at all.

I don't exactly miss the computers of the '90s and earlier. What I do miss is that people who wrote programs (usually?) had to be clever and parsimonious about memory use, since there was precious little of it. Nowadays, it seems even the tiniest app can be quite the memory hog.

Today I cooked macaroni in dashi broth. It was wonderful. Umami sources are truly an amazing cooking tool.

I am having a hard time relating with the people who complain about getting bored out of their cranium during quarantine. If anything, it's given me more stuff to do, chores or otherwise.

I redid one of Kitaoka Akiyoshi's illusions in Mathematica a few days ago (picture might cause a little dizziness in sensitive individuals):

For better or for worse, I don't think I've ever run out of things to do since 1999.

Finding a place with affordable rent is becoming even more difficult lately.

I really hate those popular science books that demonstrate how big or small a given number is by writing out all the zeroes in it. Damn those people forcing me to count instead of using scientific notation!

The Japanese language can be delightfully indirect. "The moon is beautiful, isn't it?" effectively says "I love you", and "Would you marry me" is figuratively spoken as "Will you make my miso soup everyday?"

Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live -- John F Woods

Someday, I hope to have enough money so that I am free to pick the problems I solve, instead of other people picking problems on my behalf.

Some day, I hope to have the luxury of time to implement all the other functions in , but I gotta work hard in the meantime.

Now, this one's a domain coloring plot for Ramanujan's \(L\)-series associated with his \(\tau\) function done in Mathematica. This took **two** days.

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