I just got the molecular modeling kit I ordered in the mail. To test it out, I made a buckyball:

The Japanese animated series "Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove it" (or "Rikekoi" for short), which is a romcom about two researchers, recently announced a second season: twitter.com/rikeigakoini/statu . What is perhaps most interesting for the purposes of this Mastodon instance is that their logo for this season incorporates the plot and the polar equation of the cardioid (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardioid), \(r=1-\sin\theta\).

I got my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine today (despite multiple factors that seemed bent on preventing me from getting to the hospital). I'm sure I'll be knocked flat for the next few days, so I tried to do what I can with this project I'm doing involving weird peptides.

The recent @esoterica posting reminded me of this little gem on elliptic functions, for some reason: doi.org/10.1119/1.1285882 . (Note that this is a different Erdรถs altogether!)

Overheard: "A triangle where the side lengths are not Pythagorean? That can't be right!"

Fractional exponents are a radical concept for some people.

Sometimes, asking good questions leads you to be the one having to answer them.

I thought it was time to change my avatar, so here's another one of my experiments with polyhedra:

Ever had that sinking feeling where it turns out your program is broken because the formula in the paper you based it on is what's actually broken?

Addendum: if you are somehow able to find the book Lockhart wrote that expands on this, give it a look as well.

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A recent toot by @JordiGH prompted me to dig up Lockhart's Lament again: maa.org/external_archive/devli . The last time I read it, I was still doing some manner of teaching work. It seems my feelings about this essay haven't changed since then.

0xDE's recent toot on cavatappi-like surfaces reminded me of a helical surface I devised a few years ago that had ridges on it. I thought it might be a good way to test the new surface-styling features of the recently released Mathematica 12.3...

(A similar question could be asked regarding the totient function and the golden ratio.)

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@christianp's question reminded me of something I've always been curious about: has anyone ever came up with a formula that involved both the prime-counting function and the constant associated with the circle? If so, how was the possible notational clash addressed?

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