on the "lossiness" of translation 

Certainly, the subber could have precisely specified that said brother was older or younger, but choices were certainly made.

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on the "lossiness" of translation 

In a Japanese series I was watching while I'm still ill, there was the dialog that was rendered in the subtitles as "my brother took care of me". If I hadn't heard that the character who said the line usedγ€ŒεΌŸγ€, I would not have known if she was older or younger, which would have tied into later developments.

...and since the attachment worked out: this is generated by sounding out a bunch of repeating decimals with period greater than one.

Just testing out if I can attach a sound file to a toot. (This one's also made with Mathematica.)

Somewhat related to the rolling hyperbola in a previous Toot, I did the following demo of a catenary traced by the focus of a rolling parabola quite a while back: shadertoy.com/view/ttf3DS

It took me longer than I'd like to figure out how to (cleanly) roll a hyperbola on a straight line, but it worked out. I should try writing up the math behind this later...

I await the day where a mathematical paper is extensively using emoji.

I was able to find my old code for plotting the Wente torus (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wente_to) in Mathematica again, after losing it in a disk failure. It's really nice to see it again.

(Oops, I accidentally omitted the Toot I was responding to. I was talking about Flintstones chewable vitamins.)

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The really great thing about these red pills is that unlike normal boring-ass unmarked white pills, you don't have to give Customs and TSA a long-winded explanation of what they are.

Seeing the construction "agendas" in anything I'm reading vexes me greatly.

It's nice to get paid to think about other people's problems. However, by the time I'm done with those, I'm often too (mentally) tired to think about my own problems...

The days have been bleeding into each other a lot lately.

Even the supposedly "recent" already feels like forever and a lifetime ago.

More fun with tori. Here's my conception of an ouroboros, by suitably modifying the usual parametric equations of a torus.

Every so often, you find a gem in the cesspool that is YouTube's comment section: "If they don't play this song at my funeral, I ain't attending."

I don't know why I never tried experimenting with Villarceau circles before. Even the simple operation of uniformly spacing them on their corresponding torus makes for a nice woven appearance.

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