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I'm Xavier from Spain. I'm math secondary teacher in adults school. I'm interested in non-direct intruction metodologies and activities. Dan Meyer [] has had a great impact on me

I attend to "How to Make Math More Like Video Games" by Raj Shah []. My aim is to transform something like this $\frac{3}{5} - \frac{1}{5}$ to this (picture). I'm thinking how to transform complex operations like $3 \frac{2}{5} - 2 \frac{1}{3}$.

This season, I will students to use completing squares for solving grade and not general formula. This has great advantages: 1) it's more accessible (just multiply by 4a and complete the squares) and 2) quadratic functions associated with it has a real meaning of parameters and 3) finding vertex is easier and has a meaning.

Overall, you have to solve first grade equations to solve second grade. It implies a review of previous topics. Applying the formula has no this.

@Gina Gina and others. Can you please recommend an USB webcam compatible with Linux (preferible Ubuntu 14.04)? Do you know any of them? Is there a list of such devices. I did not find in RYF Thanks in advance,

I need a free software alternative to GSuite for Education ( + Google Classroom). Can someone implement this? @fsfe offers money help to implement projects Perhaps you could apply to it. Yes I know there is but from end-user perspective it's hard to use and there is a lack of groups, sharing files, etc. and overall administration of Android devices (). I was thinking in impementing in python.... As a teacher I could guide you what is important [] is great; a javascript library without dependencies for select multiple items in HTML forms. If you want, check it out. I supported it with $12. Obviosly it is open source:

Does anyone know how to set up a face headset microphone + some bluetooth speaker? In classrooms with face mask some students will not hear me very well. @Gina perhaps know some. Thanks in advance, I also searched for transparent face mask for deaf people but I don't know the level of protection of such masks rather than aproved by Governements. How do you set up for next classes in the season 2020-2021?

I'm Xavier from Spain. I'm math secondary teacher in adults school. I'm interested in non-direct intruction metodologies and activities. Dan Meyer [] has had a great impact on me

Les eines que he emprat en aquest confinament han estat 1) Google Classroom per administrar notes i passar tests als alumnes, 2) Jitsi per fer videoconferències setmanals per a cada curs i 3) Khan Academy per fer tests automàtics.

El proper curs vull substituir el Google Classroom per una eina lliure, possiblement Numbas, INGInious, R/examen o Moodle. Encara que el meu centre vol emprar massivament Google Classroom i la Conselleria d'Educació *obliga* a emprar GClassroom o Teams de Microsoft(!)

Finalment, el COVID-19 ha fet que el professorat (ni l'alumnat) del meu centre no anàs a classe des de dia 13 de març fins dia 22 de juny. Dia 22 de juny el professorat s'ha d'incorporar per fer reunions fins dia 30 de juny. L'alumnat ja no s'incorporarà fins el curs que ve.

El proper curs, que començarà el setembre, la Conselleria d'Educació contempla tres escenaris: presencialitat, semipresencialitat i classes a distància depenent de la situació del coronavirus.

I found Numbas and it's what I need. I'm secondary teacher of maths and this is perfect for COVID-19 homework administration without using non-free software. Thanks a lot @christianp for your effort. @3rik Erik please take note for wiki recommendations against COVID crisis in website.

Des de dilluns 16/3/2020 fins dilluns 30/3/2020 no hi haurà classe a les IB per mor de Coronavirus []. A l'espera de les instruccions de la Conselleria d'educació i com gestionar els contactes amb els alumnes. Com afectarà això als majors de 25 anys i les proves d'accés a la UIB?

Dia 25 de febrer vaig fer les meves al·legacions a l'esbós 2 de la futura llei de l'educació de les Illes Balears.

Primera passa de les Jornades de docents d'adults "Enxarxant els centres d’adults des de la cooperació": enviada la carta a tot el professorat del centres d'adults de les Illes Balears per "captar" a talleristes que vulguin compartir les seves experiències d'aula, de centre o de grup de docents. Adjunt document. Confirmada la ponència de Diego Redondo []

Today I revise lcm, gcf, fraction operations, simplications (secondary equivalent level) with groups. At the end, students should have one word with 16 characters!. I attach images with some instructions (in catalan)

I will participate in Make Math Moments Summit [] on November 16th and 17th. I hope it will be useful.

Who says examens must be individual? Who says probability must be theoretic? Students of 10th grade in adult education, answer in pairs probabilistic questions. See exam questions [and answers] (in catalan) and how they work.

Monday May 13th, students answered the question: what's the probability of one person chosen randomly hits the return of sound in Whitney Houston "I will always love you" and Roxette "She's got the look". Inspiration from El Hormiguero []. You can see the results of times and percentage of interval. We have to count errors. We set error < 5% is hit and otherwise fail (but really it needs more precision)

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