github actions - 

TFW you spent a day debuggin an action that was suddenly failing with an unusable error message and today the old code starts working again.

Thanks, GitHub.😤

accessibility, "math" 

One last time repeat after me:

MathML is not accessible.
Not in practice and not in theory.
It cannot be.
It will not ever be.
This does not matter.
We can do better.
We deserve better.

"Files are fraught with peril" by Dan Luu

"In conclusion, computers don't work." Hard to reach any other conclusion after reading this. Didn't realize filesystems were so awful.

linkedin - 

Why "-"?

Because what else.

mathjax question 

So here's a simple idea: a MathJax-related "Office Hour" kind of virtual meeting where people can get together to talk about MathJax, ask questions, exchange ideas, find partners-in-crime etc.

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open access - 

"We found 176 OA journals that, through lack of comprehensive and open archives, vanished from the web between 2000-2019, spanning all major research disciplines and geographic regions of the world."

Publishing ain't as easy as it looks.

Mein Abend verlief gestern weniger erfolgreich als geplant. 🤷‍♀️

mathjax, a11y 

This will be huge: support for alt text and aria-label has landed in SRE

I'll need to find time to write a TeX macro to add an aria-label.


It turns out the devs were just "a bit lazy" (in their own words). The configuration object has a name prop that could be used and you can tweak the export to make that easier.

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#wahl #nrw 

Ah, the risks of emoji fonts. The checkmark renders in three different colors, depending on the device I'm using. I guess I chose a non-party-affiliated color for nothing 😆

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Vorläufiges Endergebnis für den Rat #Bonn:

Grüne @AKDiWa 27,86% (19 Sitze)
CDU 25,74% (17)
SPD 15,56% (10)
BBB 6,91% (5)
Linke 6,22% (4)
FDP 5,27% (4)
Volt 5,07% (3)
AfD 3,24% (2)
Die PARTEI 2,19% (1)
BIG 1,26% (1)
@piratenbonn 0.62%

monday morning, work, + 

TWF you find a shiny new PR in your inbox on Monday morning. One, you've been waiting for for several years. 🎉

I wish people would put as much energy into making their alternatives accessible to Disabled users as they do letting the whole world know why big tech is evil every minute. Big tech can at least label their buttons. Why isn't accessibility a priority for you, but privacy is? #a11y #accessibility

Habt ihr den Warntag mitbekommen? Ich habe davon rein gar nichts gemerkt 😅

Blunt responses to transphobia 

My old college has become embroiled in The Great Washroom Debate, and released some helpful signage to assist people who may find themselves confused in this trying time.

Hallo Menschen!
Ich würde hier gern mal #followerpower mobilisieren. Ist hier zufällig jemand aus der nähe #Köln ? Ich suche eine Wetter unabhängige Beschäftigung für ca 2h mit einem 3 Jahre alten Kind. Es word voraussichtlich Samstag sein. Bitte um altersgerechte Vorschläge. Die Köln Webseite ist leider nicht so hilfreich.

mathjax question 

@pkra I wouldn't know how to make use of what you're talking about. I use MathJax just by inserting the lines I've been given into my HTML headers, then using LaTeX-like stuff in the body.

So the answer is "I have no idea", but I'm replying to try to provide some ideas for you as to what you need to say, and how you need to package it.

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