Is a very important detail in this abstracts page easy to spot?

thorium, epub, accessibility 

Great to see image "zoom" come to Thorium 2.0.

But the behavior is a bit weird:

Hey, I'm looking for someone to take over one of my jobs, so I can concentrate better on @interpeer.

You should...

- be EU based, NL-based a preference.
- know C/C++/Python
- know basics of network programming: sockets, endianness, datagram vs. stream, etc.
- know Linux networking/routing a bit.

The software runs on small ARM boards (ca. Raspberry Pi 1 power). You'll build and flash images, etc. You'll attach extension boards, and interface the software to firmware.

DM me/boosts appreciated.

Okay Bubble. Queer freundliche Bücher im Alter von 6-10 Jahre.
Was kennt ihr da so?

attribute selector ideas 

Can I haz an attribute selector equivalent to URL parsing features (pathname, hash, searchparams)?

This idea was brought to you by "a[href^="#${id}"] ain't cutting it".

accessibilty vs print 

Ugh, trying not to get drawn into another stupid "this print tradition needs some ARIA roles" debate.

Nobody likes pull quotes, they're almost always crap on the web.

TeX in real world production 

\newcommand{\mynorm}[1]{\left\lceil\mkern-5mu \left\lceil#1 \right\rceil\mkern-5mu \right\rceil}

slow clap

I just published "I don't care how you web dev; I just need more better web apps"

Anyway, I'm trying to rethink my approach to social media discourse with an eye towards being more constructive. Which of course led me to write a super-long overly wordy blog post 😄

freemium, - 

"Get rid of ads with our premium service right now for 0,00" is nice and all.

But maybe still tell me how much it eventually costs?

TeX in real world production 

authors: this fancy equation of 25 subcases and takes up most of the page. It's important and there is no other way I can communicate this content.

also authors: let's reduce the font size on this table below readable levels to make it fit at the end of the page.

Digitalisierung, Bonn 

Wenn schlicht "keine Termine buchbar" angibt (für die Erneuerung eines Reisepasses, ohne Termindruck).

Selbsterkenntnis ist ja bekanntlich der erste Schritt.

Aber zur Besserung braucht es doch noch eventuell, irgendwann Weitere...

TeX in real world production 

How not to align multi-line expressions:

T^{\prime\prime}(t)-\lambda a^{2}T(t)=0,
X^{\prime\prime}(x)-\lambda X(x)=0

I call this "alignment by accident"

gnome, file opening dialog focus 

First Firefox and now VS code is failing to focus the file opening dialog (ubuntu 22.04). I thought it was a flatpack issue but it can't be.

Does anyone know what's going on there? Any fixes?

@ordnung There's an open, but very buried issue for a feature like this over here:

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