Heute vor 100 Jahren:

1919 – Die Schriftstellerin Doris Lessing (Das goldene Notiz­buch, Canopus in Argos), Literatur­nobelpreis­trägerin des Jahres 2007, wird geboren.


@nolan You're welcome! Pinafore is for now by far the most accessible way to use Mastodon. I use it on desktop as well as iOS, both iPhone & iPad, too. So thank you again for getting accessibility in right from the start and making sure the new features you add are also accessible.

Since the Domino's case, I have been having some absurd conversations about #a11y with some very silly people. I dramatised one such conversation: heydonworks.com/article/web-ac

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Heute vor 90 Jahren:

1929 – Im kalifornischen Berkeley kommt die Autorin Ursula K. Le Guin zur Welt, die vor allem durch die Science-Fiction-Romane des Hainish-Zyklus und die Fantasy-Romane der Erdsee-Welt Bekanntheit erlangen wird.


TeX in real world production 

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"GraphQL, fads, and tech fanboyism"


A consistent feature of web dev culture, esp., is that nobody likes to actually critically analyse the tools or technologies they use. It's either a love parade or hate-fest.

And when you do get a fair but critical analysis (like Rich Harris's post on why he doesn't use web components) it gets treated like a hate-fest instead of the practical decision-making tool that it is.

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Heute vor 170 Jahren:

1849 – Der Kompo­nist, Pianist und Klavier­päda­goge Frédéric Chopin (Fantaisie-Impromptu, Polonaise As-Dur) stirbt in Paris.


Heute vor 415 Jahren:

1604 – Johannes Kepler beobach­tet die Supernova im Sternbild Schlangen­träger; es ist die bislang letzte entdeckte Super­nova in der Milchstraße.


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the American Mathematical Society just published a free ebook called Living Proof, a collection of mathematicians recounting their often turbulent paths to where they are now. i've read a few of the stories and i think this is an amazing read, not just for scholars of math, but for anyone who is doing something where they simply don't feel "smart enough" to succeed. success is often made up of struggle and failure; this can be difficult to remember in our current times.

link: ams.org/about-us/LivingProof.p

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