TeX in real world production 

When your lists start to include theorems and their proofs, maybe just make it a subsection?

New blog post: "Handling properties in custom element upgrades" nolanlawson.com/2021/08/03/han

This is just a short how-to on a somewhat odd issue I ran into with web components. Nobody said working with web components is perfectly tidy!

TeX in real world production 

TFW the nested refs was an authoring error.

Catastrophe (of nested links in HTML) narrowly avoided....

TeX in real world production 

Fix for mathstodon.xyz users:

$$\begin{align} & \text{The number of elements in larger blocks in $\mathcal{Q}$ than in $\mathcal{P}$ is at} \tag{*}\\ & \text{least the sum $\gamma '$ of the $k{+}1$ smallest blocks in the reduced $\mathcal{P}$.} \end{align}$$

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TeX in real world production 

TeX book: "Text mode for text, math mode for math."


$$\begin{align} & \text{The number of elements in larger blocks in $\mathcal{Q}$ than in $\mathcal{P}$ is at} \tag{*}\\ & \text{least the sum $\gamma '$ of the $k{+}1$ smallest blocks in the reduced $\mathcal{P}$.} \end{align}$$

Has anyone ever got #Signal messenger working on an Android tablet?

pls boost :boost_ok:

Auf die Gefahr, von Mentions geflutet zu werden:
Favoriten für Android-Podcast-Apps?

Gerne mit Begründung 😉

New blog post: "Why it’s okay for web components to use frameworks" nolanlawson.com/2021/08/01/why

I see these debates from time to time, and I thought I'd weigh in on it. Maybe this will damage my reputation as a performance guy, but I just don't think it's a big deal for web components to ship with their own framework.

Es kann nur einen geben! ⚡️

TeX in real world production 

Things you don't often hear from mathematicians:

"Because LaTeX is bad at doing good page breaking, the publisher needs to go through the pdf and latex source carefully to fix things by hand."

And on an open issue tracker no less. (Intentionally not linked.)

The term `angle' in the international system of units
Article by Michael P. Krystek
In collections: History, Notation and conventions
The concept of an angle is one that often causes difficulties in metrology. These are partly caused by a confusing mixture of several mathematical terms, partly by real mathematical difficulties and finally by imprecise terminology. The purpose of this publication is to...
URL: arxiv.org/abs/2101.01023v2
PDF: arxiv.org/pdf/2101.01023v2
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

academic publishing lol 

Remembering that one time when an author wrote in that their 1300p manuscript was ready, everybody went "who you?", and it turned out their contract dated from a time before the imprint was bought and before any of the current staff was hired.

O to be an academic... Of silkworm size or immense...

bonn orange 

Geistesblitz: kommt der Email-Reminder von Bonn Orange zu der Uhrzeit, an der ich den Aktivierungslink geklickt hatte???

Blogging about web dev discourse and Apple 

“Kremlinology and the motivational fallacy when blogging about Apple.”


Updated this with the quote I’m responding to.

“By including subjective snark or assumption on motive in a post, you rile the troops and get them nicely agitated. Which does a great job of establishing your position in your community but makes the post easily dismissable by anybody who isn’t.”

TeX in real world production 

I'm not saying you can't number figures as Fig 1, Fig 2 etc and reset the counter on each chapter.

But if you then have to hack around so that references to other chapters say e.g. "see Fig 2.1" while references within the chapter say e.g., "see Fig 1", then maybe you're not doing your readers a favor.

TeX in real world production 

"If $k = 0$ (mod 360), we ..."

Sigh, no.

Die Römer waren bestimmt nur solange in Köln, weil sie selbst nicht mehr aus der Stadt raus gefunden haben.

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