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this result will surprise literally nobody but it's still important

"Reviewer bias in single- versus double-blind peer review"


spoilerssss: " ... single-blind reviewers are significantly more likely than their double-blind counterparts to recommend for acceptance papers from famous authors, top universities, and top companies. The estimated odds multipliers are tangible, at 1.63, 1.58, and 2.10, respectively."


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Intuitive illustrations of possible control flows of a computer program. From Herman Goldstine and John von Neumann, _Planning and Coding of Problems for an Electronic Computing Instrument_, Part II, Volume 1 (1947).

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If anyone here's looking for an #opensource project to contribute too, please, please, please consider supporting one of the many great screen readers that help #blind and #visuallyimpaired users enjoy a more open - and less money restricted) computing experience. Orca in particular: the Linux screen reader that is a great tool that gets less attention than it deserves. Also TalkBack for Android (Google's been making it awesome with updates, but the opensource version is years out of date).

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Hi All,

I'm Ron. I work in a public library in Iowa and a MLIS student at Valdosta State (online). I would describe myself as a generalist. I bake bread, tinker with Linux, and watch TV in my free time.

Right now I'm interested in the idea of creating a Digital Community Archive at my public library. Kind of like a history archive, but also current stuff. I would really like to help rebuild my community which has been hollowing out my whole life.


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if I'd got a mathematical object named after me before I double-barrelled my surname, maths would've become a little bit more case-sensitive than before ("Perfect doodad" ≠ "perfect doodad")

Are there any objects named after similarly surnamed people? Like, a Normal subgroup?

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For the crowd that only browses the web on weekdays: I wrote a bit over the weekend about the decline of the Mac.

“Seams, Stitches, And The Decline Of The Mac” baldurbjarnason.com/2018/11/03

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"I'm a human.
I'm not a robot.
Remember me."

(login screen poetry, via Twitter: twitter.com/pmrpr/status/10590)

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