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The wonderous world of chords-related GitHub repositories

Ein U-Boot aus ner Ikea-Frischhaltebox und Lego. Ohne zu bohren. Sehr geil.

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Thanks for boosting so I'm reminded that I over-edited the parenthetical remark.

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mobile browsers 

FFS can we sort out vh units and browser UI disappearing on scroll please? If you have to make my content jump around at least have the courtesy to do it consistently.

mathematics, role model 

Dona Strauss is a mathematical role model of mine and just as amazing in person. What I didn't know was that she left South Africa in protest of Apartheid. Or that she got fired from Dartmouth after anti-war protests. So plain "role model" will do from now on.

(For me, she's also a typical example the discriminatory age limit of the Fields' medal - her research took off in her 40s, "surprisingly" right when her children were older.)

Seriously pause season 19 of "Forlorn White People in Medieval Times" and go watch "Hidden Figures"

It's like 2 hours you got time

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Mathématicien(ne)s travaillant en universités françaises: est-ce que vous faites des évaluations sur ordinateur? Quels systèmes utilisez-vous?

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TeX in real world production 

It might just be me but it seems wrong to define notation in a footnote. Even if it's only used in one definition.

Maybe I don't get IBL but somehow I'd want to be more precise, especially when defining "integrable".

I'm possibly biased because it's also a footnote inside an equation and it identified a few bugs. 😇

abstraction +- 

The bliss of abstraction: fix an issue by fixing one location.

The horror of abstraction: break everything by a typo in one location.

TeX v Word 

TFW a bug report to a TeX engine has to refer to Word for rendering reference. 😦 Yay unicode.

👉 Your curated weekly resources:
- custom shape divider tool
- user interviews cheatsheet & user journey map template
- how to build task flows
- accessibility
- typography
- HTML5 boilerplate
- 2 great reads on empathy
- some CSS tutorials, etc.

"I'm still not sure why the people of ancient Rome who invented vi decided to name their text editor after the number 6?"

This article is hilarious!

wikimedia de +- (German)

Cool program but financial support sounds super vague. So I guess privileged people only?

font subsetting 

Dang, combining characterset and pyftsubset is so easy. Maybe too easy?

Feels like magic.

Ein Seitenbesuch und mindestens fünf Konzerne haben Metadaten von dir? Kein Problem bei #Blinkist. Anhand dieses Beispiels zeige ich dir, wie unscheinbar und schnell große Konzerne an (Meta)Daten von dir kommen. Außerdem erfährst du, mit wie vielen Drittanbietern Blinkist Daten teilt, wieviele Tracker in der App enthalten sind und was du gegen das Tracking unternehmen kannst.

#VerkaufMichNicht #NoTracking #GAFAM #CloudFirewall

OSS +/- 

TFW you see a project

- a few dozen commits
- with out a release in 3 years
+ It's from a highly respected person
+ used in notable dependencies
- it's about Unicode code points.


Did you hear about the mathematician that was afraid of negative numbers????

She will stop at nothing to avoid them.

And to think some people have the impudence to ask what's the point of divisibility tricks!

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