Spricht hier jemand Finnisch, Norwegisch oder Koreanisch und wäre bereit, für das erste Spiel eines dreiköpfigen Indie-Entwicklerinnenteams etwa 400 Worte zu übersetzen? Die würden sich wahnsinnig freuen! Ich stelle gerne den Kontakt her. #gerneRT

Ahahahaa, thanks @Venn

I can't even… extensions.gnome.org/extension

> iNotch for GNOME Shell
> Add a useless notch to your screen.


TeX in real world production 

.... {}^1
\footnotetext{blub blub}

Thanks no thanks.

whoah, I've just noticed that Neil Sloane mentioned one of my integer sequences in a talk at Doron Zeilberger's experimental math class! oeis.org/A268176/a268176.pdf

If coming up with questions was as hard as answering them, I'd feel a real sense of achievement now


Could anyone please write a reading system that can deal with slightly complex documents?

Pretty please.

And people think it's the proprietary bookstore that prevents the format's success. LOL. What a garbage fire this technology still is after all these years.

TeX in real world production 

authors: we love the consistent layout provided by TeX.

also authors:

m_{A\otimes B}\!=\!(m_A\otimes m_B)

I'm currently talking with yet another #blind person that does not wish to use a #WhiteCane. Because that would mean admitting they cannot navigate without it. And more importantly, because that would mean everyone else could see they're blind.
It is only one among many that I've talked to. So many people that prefer constantly having to ask someone for help, or painfully bumping their leg into things, to being noticed as blind. Because they think having a cane will make people avoid talking to them (and they're not wrong).

Remember this Chrome headless bug that I’ve been obsessing about?

Turns out that this is a known bug in Chrome headless on Linux. To fix it either turn off hinting or subpixel positioning


I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

Suggestions for mathematical diagrams that you might want to assess a student's interaction with, please. Interaction could be moving objects in the diagram, typing a number or formula in a box, or ticking checkboxes.

So far I've got...

Placing objects on a Venn diagram: drag a point to an appropriate position, or tick boxes representing membership in each of the sets.

Move a point to given coordinates: drag a point on a grid, or type in Cartesian coordinates


The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was published 42 years ago today.

Does anyone have a convincing story about why exponentiation isn't commutative?

Like, what happens here:
a + b: repeat "add 1" b times
a × b: repeat "add a" b times
a^b: repeat "times a" b times

Are there other sequences of operations built by repeating the previous one that are all commutative?

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