Erratum: looking at my source (logicomix), Hilbert said "In mathemathics, there is no ignorabimus", meaning there is no "we shall not know". Leibniz says calculemus.

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The modern computerized-proof world is such a delicious mashup of the arch-rivals Hilbert and Poincare.

Hilbert had a grand dream that when two people disagreed, they could just say "calculamebus" (let us calculate), yet this was married to the "analytic" viewpoint of set theory. Poincare had a disdain for logic, and yet still championed a "synthetic" viewpoint that was key for the development of constructive mathematics!

The modern proof assistant owes a debt to both.

You put it in ~/.TeXmacs/system/bib/, and then type "utcaps" for your bibliography style

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If you are using TeXmacs and want to have arxiv or DOI bibliography entries show up with links, then use this bibliography style:

Tools for graphically editing technical figures (inkscape, IPE, texmacs diagrams, etc.) feel very much like Word, in that there is little support for abstraction of common details, and little support for high-quality automatic alignment. Although I much prefer WYSIWIG, TikZ is simply superior for certain things. There needs to be something like TeXmacs, which is visual but still is very high-level.

Me: Mathstodon is so great because it has LaTeX support!!

Also me: <uses mathstodon in emacs>

If anyone wants a tutorial on how to get the emacs mastodon mode working, feel free to ask me.

OK, the emacs mastodon mode is actually really good. I was not expecting much, but I actually might used this.

Testing sending to mastodon from emacs (and also bridging to twitter)

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oo, i think that only shows up when you use that form of delimiter (or its display version). i was using dollar signs. good to know!

Math preview using \\( and \\) is awesome!!

Hello all! Excited to be escaping twitter. Does anyone know how to set up a script that reads an RSS feed and posts any new entries to mastodon?

Also, for yucks, trying out the LaTeX: $\int_a^b f(x) dx$


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