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I appreciate the posts that people are writing! But I don't like writing my own!! Anyway, I'll try.

I'm a research mathematician, interested in social media for both professional and recreational reasons. If you follow me, you'll see a mix of math and non-math.

Here are four pictures of things I've been involved in. I'll add a little more in a comment below.

Going through some Beast Academy level 1 with my 7yo this summer, looking forward to seeing how they cover category theory.

As someone who is terrible at writing, I have a lot of empathy for people that write bad textbooks

Having a mini-crisis where I worry that the main reason I got into category theory is because I like making neat little diagrams.

You can instantly sound more philosophical by upper-casing certain words when you share your Thoughts. This is the Old School version of the (TM) meme

Here's two views of tonight's lunar eclipse! I don't have a telescope, so these were taken with a Canon T6s and a 24-135mm zoom lens, but I'm pretty happy with the result!

These are each 5 2-second exposures merged together; there are some alignment artifacts, but as a way to reduce noise and cut through the haze it's really effective!

TIL: shokuhin sampuru is a forgetful functor from the category of foods to the category of plastics. It forgets the taste and the smell.

Oo, I stumbled on this: -- I think (with a little thought) that might be the killer insight into memorising times tables.

All this "what is a type" discourse is very confusing to me. If I asked for a definition of object that includes objects of a category, objects of a multicategory, objects of an infinity category would I expect there to be a useful answer?

Our paper on category theory for epidemiological modeling is done - submitted to Applied Category Theory 2022!

Main accomplishment: we resisted calling a map between epidemiological models an "epimorphism".

More later.

Collaboration with Guenter Bachelier:
Periodic decoration of hyperbolic space in Poincare disc representation, distorted by conformal mapping.

In 1980, a slim, dapper man named Wiley Brooks gained nationwide fame by deadlifting 1,100 pounds on television. Brooks claimed that the source of his strength was his unusual diet, which was… nothing. He got all the nutrients he needed, he said, just by breathing.

And so began the Breatharian movement, which still exists today. It rapidly left Brooks behind, though. His budding cult imploded in 1983, when a colleague spotted him leaving a 7-11 with a grocery bag.

So the good news is that the keep coming. The tree is full of these tiny sprouts. The bad news is that the birds love them.

I'm not too keen on installing bird . Any affordable that are humane? Please,

Hi! I'm Jorge (he/him), a high school maths teacher from Spain.

My favourite branch of mathematics is topology. I also play the French horn and enjoy fantasy and sci-fi fiction.

I'm looking forward to discovering the mathsier side of Mastodon!

@ai_art_bot one of the things I like about this bot is checking the alt text " the style of..." to broaden my art horizons.

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