- Describe Silicon Valley in one sentence.

- "We started with policy changes that felt simple, reasonable, and principled, and it blew things up culturally in ways we never anticipated."

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The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.
―Karl Marx, Eleven Theses on Feuerbach (1888)

Happy 203rd birthday!

I'm not always very clear on the decisions and directions of and , but the approach of pushing towards a single set of native, adaptive widgets that scale well across various platforms is very impressive and has immense potential.

I'm a fan.

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I'm (very slowly) working on a app for , and holy cow I think the development experience is amazing.

Assuming you don't do any platform-specific shenanigans and have consistent versions of GTK on the phone and your machine, it's very likely that you can build & test the app on your desktop — natively. No emulators, no VMs.

Yay, free software!

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My ebook reader is mostly charged.

Charged enough for me to start loading it with books at least.

I'd like suggestions for fiction or nonfiction stories, please.

Ideally, things that are self published, CC licenced, or in the public domain.

I read a lot of science fiction, humor, and adventure stories. I like pulps and stuff. I've been reading a lot of creative non-fiction recently, and historical novellas.

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Goodbye Michael Collins, Gemini 10 and Apollo 11.

Fair winds and a following sea.

Ad Astra.

If you've ever made a cup of coffee in an AeroPress, this (and the other parts within this series) might be relevant to your interests:


tl;dr — The regular AeroPress recipe from the instruction manual is actually decent, most things people swear on (rinsing the paper, pre-heating) are questionably useful, you can get really far by keeping it really simple.

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Never trust a computer you can't reach with a sledgehammer.

Roadburn Redux is on! It's all online, it's free, and it's an opportunity to listen to some amazing voices in modern heavy, experimental and leftfield music, including some never-heard-before commissioned stuff:


For some reason, I keep thinking that the Mastodon web client renders Markdown in toots, and I keep getting disappointed.

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I really needed something like `jq`, but for XML (i.e. XPath). A quick look at the Debian repos told me they provide `xmlstarlet`, and it's exactly that.

E.g., to extract all URLs from an Internet Archive collection RSS feed:

`xmlstarlet sel -t -v "/rss/channel/item/enclosure/@url" collection.rss`

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seven nines sounds fancy and shit but you only get three seconds to yourself every year at that rate. you deserve better. we all deserve better. say no to seven nines.

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people get obsessed with the nines which leaves some good opportunities to pick up some of the other numbers at a discount is all I am saying. shop around.

> empty the prisons
> take power from the police and give it to the neighbourhoods that they terrorise.
> end the forever wars and all other forms of imperialism.
> tax the rich until they're impoverished.


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I think for april fools fatboy slim should rename to slimboy fat and release a new song titled "at a later date, in a different location"

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Service message: remember, today's April 1st. Don't forget to double check everything you read on the internet.

Also remember, tomorrow will be April 2nd, it'll still be necessary to double check everything you read on the internet.
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Richard Stallman announcing his return to the FSF's Board of Directors


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Nostalgia inducing thread exploring Duke Nukem design and engine quirks.
RT @Foone
Did you ever notice that the theater in level 1 of Duke Nukem 3D has a big hallway off the lobby, and when you go through there, it's a bathroom? Just the one.

It's a doorless unisex public bathroom with urinals. Weird.

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my LaTeX \todo macro prints "Exercise to the reader" in a box

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