Of course Mac OS X's Calendar interprets "IST" as Irish Standard Time and not Indian Standard Time. The fool is me for expecting different.

I got the urge to start singing "Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto" the moment I landed in Tokyo and I'm pretty sure that's extremely culturally insensitive

A recent Learned League question asked for the name of the infamous Leni Riefenstahl film which documented the second Nazi Party Congress. Some brilliant wrong answers shared on the forums:
- Das Jackboot
- 2 Fascist 2 Fuhrerious
- Dude, Wehrmacht Car?

\[r=\sqrt{1+\alpha\cos2\theta}.\] All these curves enclose the same area.

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The quality of a Fourier approximation of a closed curve \(\gamma:\mathbb S^1\to\mathbb R^2\) depends heavily on its parametrization. Below: a square approximated with 1, 2, and 3 nonzero Fourier modes.

Fun fact: The hairy ball theorem doesn't apply to black holes because black holes have no hair Show more

Spam texts in India are amazing.

The economic inequality in New Delhi is so stark and so geographically adjacent
It's like a modern metropolis and an impoverished village got into a teleporter accident

What I want for next SIGGRAPH is a paper that takes all these "CNNs for physics-based animation" methods and tells you what low-, mid-, and high-level physical structures they're actually learning from the data.

Guy at the airport with a T-shirt that says

"Love is in the air?
Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide etc. are in the air"

I bet he gets a lot of dates.

Little-known fact: Escalators are named after their inventor, Dr S. Skeletor.

Counterintuitive consequence: In the limit, an infinitely strong damper is a constraint, and then the system is conservative.

Replace the spring with a damper, so that the system is no longer conservative, and your effort is essentially going to waste. Moderately counterintuitive fact: It's still true that the stronger the damping force, the less work you do.

Take a spring attached to an immovable point, and pull on it with a constant force f for a sufficiently long time t. Mildly counterintuitive fact: The stiffer the spring, the less work you do on the system.

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