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@christianp I have heard that his famous “memo for those about to be interrogated" contains this sort of thing, but I have never found an English translation.

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@christianp I don't think Yesenin-Volpin was joking. I remember reading something very interesting about how he was a well-known Soviet dissident, an author of manuals describing resistance techniques, and "take longer and longer to reply" was actually one of them.

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I'm a professional programmer who would love to work in Haskell. If you know of any opportunities, please tell me! My qualifications: Restrictions: Can't relocate away from Philadelphia; won't work with cryptocurrency

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A puzzle problem from James Tanton that I enjoyed: Can the faces of 27 unit cubes be painted red/green/blue is such a way that they can be assembled (in different orientations) to make an all-red cube, an all green-cube, and an all-blue cube? ("All-red cube" means all the exposed faces are red, and all the blue and green faces are hidden.)

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