5x6x7 = (20x21)/2
A point on the elliptic curve \(y^2=x^3-4x+1\).

It was astonishingly complicated to derive this example of Poncelet's porism from Cayley's innocent-looking criteria.


A Python API to automatically cast graph-related optimisation problems into ILP instances for Gurobi

Mathematics is a wonderful gift that most people neither understand nor deserve.

** MSRI Special Project:
Behind the Scenes of the Wavelet Revolution

** MSRI is pleased to announce the Celebratio Mathematica release of the correspondence between Ingrid Daubechies and Yves Meyer, a collection of 17 letters spanning the years 1985-2002.

Preparing the maths can be a mess.
Hope the talk will not be one.

Clearly wine for topologists.
Now looking for a genus 2 wine...


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