If you are looking (or know someone looking) for a PhD position in applied mathematics for neural network architecture, check out:
Promising project!

Nothing like Blades in the dark on a winter evening 🍵

@lambdalille@twitter.com @EpitechLille@twitter.com On attend toujours un équivalent Ocaml par @vdwxv@twitter.com (dès qu'il est réveillé)

Merci @lambdalille@twitter.com & @EpitechLille@twitter.com pour l'accueil toujours au top, et aux participants pour leurs questions et retours.
Les slides sont à
Un exemple de proto de nombres duaux est à:

Some people know what's the @AtomEditor@twitter.com's way to move the screen up or down, equivalent to scrolling?
(equivalent to @code@twitter.com Ctrl-Up / Ctrl-Down)

I just gave Stylish a try for the github dark theme. My sore eyes thank thou, dear developers

I don't often work with graphs, but when I do, I make sure it's gorgeous

Should papers include state machine diagrams instead of pseudo-code for the description of algorithms

More than one year after the conference and the legendary mashup by @DJKrazyBen@twitter.com, back at Brussels comic strip museum for a more quiet visit

Trying to use vim for an extended period of time makes me understand why people like ergonomic keyboards, your hands keep close and in an awkward position

Part 7 and 8 of the hash map from scratch in are out
In these, we setup benchmarks with BenchmarkTools.jl, which is the perfect way to show how slow our implementation is compared to Base.Dict

Come try this @kaggle@twitter.com challenge they said, lots of fun they said. And here we are on a Saturday, rebuilding a Branch and Bound for a Benders-flavoured model 👷

I dug back this tutorial by @AntoineProuvost@twitter.com @geradinfo@twitter.com for an improvised git workshop at @TeamINOCS@twitter.com. 2 obs:
1. Teaching git to discrete maths people is interesting, some things are quicker to explain and make more sense to them.
2. There is always a trick you forgot on git

Currently trying to use vim more and not a fan, but @jonhoo@twitter.com's stream on his desktop setup is great to pick up new tools (on editor, desktop, browser)

Project: github.com/mattn/twty, one of the few clients distributed as a single binary

Trying out twty from the command line, tweeting there is a productivity paradox

Part 6 of the hash map series should be coming soon, with an interface bug (trickier to catch than implementation bug), and the github, travis and codecov setup. In the meantime, the repository is now available:

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