Ah my train finally left the station, y'all have a good weekend

We learn it's important to cite scientific sources, software is exactly the same, except it is a source you can execute 🎆

Also, your weekly reminder to cite the software you use, it is not a good action, it is basic scientific deontology

📣 Distributions.jl, the backbone of probability distributions in Julia is now registered on @ZENODO_ORG@twitter.com
and finally has a DOI and standardized BibTeX entry

Simple yet powerful explanation for modern city dynamics, work-style mismatches, generational misunderstanding and more

Almost finished reading the excellent "Hedge" from @Nicolas_Colin@twitter.com. One of the biggest mindblows so far might be the "hunter-settler" framework from @Vitolae@twitter.com

"So you liked the tweet, means you can find it back in Liked"
feels exactly like pure maths people saying "so there's a proof of existence, most of the work is done right?"

The types and structure of @JuMPjl@twitter.com & its backend MathOptInterface.jl really help building new bricks on top of solvers.
SCIP.jl now supports indicator constraints: github.com/SCIP-Interfaces/SCI

For those lucky ones going to @JuliaConOrg@twitter.com, we are publishing proceedings this year, get those papers ready 📝

Big apprecation to @overleaf@twitter.com for supporting latexmkrc, this allows for seriously neat templates and metadata insertion

How far can you push the type information and compiler in ? I'm playing with the idea of static lists in this post: matbesancon.github.io/post/201

Conjecture: an academic conversation always gets interesting after the statement: "the publication system is broken"

Finally taking those long-due holidays to Italy, with two guardians limiting my daily working time

summoning circle, hope this works, pretty please

🕯 🕯
🕯 🕯

🕯 Polynomial exact 🕯

🕯 method 🕯
🕯 🕯

For all students interested in open-source & scientific programming, the project has awesome @gsoc projects, go check them and reach out: julialang.org/soc/ideas-page

People: these social media know all about us
Me on Twitter: follow everything PhD-related
Twitter ads: rich huh? Paying too much in taxes? Here is how to optimize your assets

Math. optimization people often ask, why would I care about Julia?
Many reasons, including multiple dispatch which was the perfect tool for so-called big M & others, here is the post on that:

Announcement of the Open Journal on Mathematical Optimization at @roadef@twitter.com

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