Sure, in some cases, you are representing something a bit esoteric, but I believe we can move away from systems designed for punch cards

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I still haven't grasped the passion of optimization folks for custom file formats to represent problem instances, I would have gladly spent my Saturday doing something else than Yet Another FileFormat Parser™️

I would have loved to describe this final sprint of the PhD writing process, but I think H.P. Lovecraft and Guy de Maupassant gave good enough descriptions

The Julia manifolds ecosystem is growing rapidly!
Currently watching presenting the work on

I could finally take some time to follow's tutorial on building micro-services, and more generally servers in on top of HTTP.jl
Very much needed to demonstrate Julia's capabilities for web dev where it is not expected

I can assure you however that it distills my whole knowledge of the field

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I have a joke on process engineering but feel too much pressure to tell it

Waiting for job results is often stressful, but it's a double pain at the end of a PhD, with the whole workload of finishing articles, the thesis, the virtual conference fatigue

It's been 0 days since I got bitten once more by \mathcal{A_b} showing up as A_∞ instead of at least a warning

Lille might be the future of France, it's one of the only big cities where we are not being stewed for 3+ months in summer and can keep working as usual

With everyone's permanent connexion, there has been an increasing amount of communication, short deadlines (even more than the usual for academia). I don't have a permanent position and was crawling under emails

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I badly needed it, the continuous focus on research took a toll, stay safe

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I've been away from my computer for an extended weekend. This hadn't happened more than 24 hours in the past 5 months or so, few random thoughts

This is by no mean a congratulation tweet for Europe, some places would be excellent for research if the bureaucracy, lack of fluidity of research funds and language requirements were not repelling very talented people

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For context, this is about the (attempt at) visa freeze in the US

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I think this is a serious time for Europe to step up, look at its own problems, and think about how to bring talents over here, make them stay and feel welcome.

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