What are the best alternatives to Jupyter Notebook for data science? I couldn't help mentioning @joelgrus@twitter.com's grumpy "why I don't like notebooks" and @usenextjournal@twitter.com

Congratulations to the Journal of non-smooth analysis and optimization for their launch. Open-access, built on top of preprint platforms (arXiv and HAL), authors retain the copyrights, a step in the nice direction for the math. optimization community

F Curtis for the last semi-plenary, Quasi-Newton and other methods for non-convex non-smooth problems

T Kleinert in efficient primal heuristics to compute feasible solutions of bilevel opt with @schmaidt@twitter.com

Univ of Southampton quite present at on bilevel optimization, @StefanoConiglio@twitter.com you're the only one missing

Representing the set on the different layers of a neural network!

Computing lazy sets as fast as you can be thanks to multiple dispatch

Making robots walk with DifferentialEquations.jl & @JuMPjl@twitter.com on @usenextjournal@twitter.com 🤯

Code reviews are way smoother when @benoit_legat@twitter.com shouts next to you instead of over the internet 😂

Just tried @DarkestDungeon@twitter.com, it feels like @thirdreviewer@twitter.com Dungeon Mastering... on a bad day

Computations run with , using @JuMPjl@twitter.com, SCIP and the JuliaPolyhedra packages

New pre-print out! We explore a robust formulation specific to bilevel problems, some promising results and nice perspective for later work

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