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trying to crowdfund grad school 

I'll be cleaning this up over the weeks to come, but in addition to looking for standard funding sources, I'm opening the tip jar.

I'm a math grad student, persistently cashflow-negative, trying to hold up the finances through my masters thesis before I can get into a phd (hence paid) position.

I plan to be more vocal with what I do, and contribute in other ways, but... Patronage of the sciences is a thing, right?

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I had a bunch of researchy tabs open with papers about algebra and stuff and after coming back from lunch I noticed one tab called "Rice fields" and I thought, "Rice fields? Do I know what Rice fields are? Who is Rice? Why was I looking at this?"
It turns out rice fields are fields where rice grows.

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Looks like it's time to wake this account back up.


no, drink and derive was a good plan.

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i love computers, they are so good at computing:

> 1.2 + 1.2
=> 2.4
> 1.2 + 2.2
=> 3.4000000000000004

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This morning, head on the floor and bum in the air, I achieved enlightenment when I realised that yoga is stimming for neurotypical people

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fun fact: not all the numbers you see are real.

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Ed Hawkins (on the bird site), famous for inventing the climate stripes:
"Today we relaunch #WeatherRescue!

Millions of pages of ship logbooks are full of detailed weather observations which have never been digitised.

Transcribing this data will improve our knowledge of how the climate has changed. Do you have some time to help?"

#ClimateChange #climate #ClimateScience #CitizenScience #EdHawkins #DataRescue #DARE #HistoricalClimateData

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its a moo point. its the sort of argument a cow would make. its moo

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AI safety solution: make an AI care about literally everything a little bit, so it can't trade off everything for marginal returns on its objective function

the result: oh god we gave the robot anxiety

Be someone who, if a dozen of you were put in a room with some spare time, a university would spontaneously sprout around you.

Looks like i figured out how to give zoom talks without frying my head. Finally!!

But my computer still lagged out really hard. That thing just can't handle screen sharing load on zoom at all.

Apparently fine on the receiving end though.

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#2529 Unsolved Math Problems 

After decades of studying the curve and the procedure that generates it, the consensus explanation is "it's just like that."

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Does anyone have a convincing story about why exponentiation isn't commutative?

Like, what happens here:
a + b: repeat "add 1" b times
a × b: repeat "add a" b times
a^b: repeat "times a" b times

Are there other sequences of operations built by repeating the previous one that are all commutative?

I gave myself plenty of time to plan my talk over the span of two months. Naturally I'll be writing last minute slides.

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Hello plz 2 make my #introduction , I'm jonny, @json_dirs on tw*tter, and I'm a neuroscientist, digital infrastructuralist, n writing about decentralized infra for science ❤️ looking for a community interested in a healthy internet, and a place to cut my teeth on masto/AP to see what it can do ❤️❤️❤️

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PSA: Twitch 

go change your passwords and activate 2FA NOW!

2FA everywhere you can.

Please boost.

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the existence of true owls implies the existence of false owls, forming a boolean owlgebra

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More research papers should replace "methodology" sections with "mythology".

And include epic battles.

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