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If #funkwhale decides to open to #podcast use, would somebody lemme know please?

Got detoured for the morning by Cassels' Geometry of Numbers.

Maybe not my least productive distraction, but not what I meant to be doing either.

Poor planning means I have to be in two lectures simultaneously this morning. Yeah that'll really work.

:hilbert: "The arithmetical symbols are written diagrams and the geometrical figures are graphic formulas; and no mathematician could spare these graphic formulas, any more than … the use of … analytical signs."

:hilbert: "a mathematical problem … should be to us a guide post on the mazy paths to hidden truths, and ultimately a reminder of our pleasure in the successful solution."

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The dot-matrix form feed was off, so rather than waste a sheet of wide format, have some roots.

end. I accomplished... Enthusiasm.

That's enough for me because now I want to do more!

Still feeling ill. But I read the intro and conclusion from Hilbert's presentation of his problems today. There is a lot of mathematical philosophy in there; it's worth the time to read twice.

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My cousin proposed this cute fun math problem and me and my partner figured it out together:
A husband and wife host a party for four other couples. People shake hands at the party, but no one shakes their own hands or their partner’s hands. When the husband asks everyone how many people’s hands they shook everyone gives a different answer. How many hands does his wife shake?

I switched note strategies from {iPad + memory} or {evince + texstudio} to {kindle + paper} and laid out the last section of my talk at least 5x faster than I had any of the sections before it. (Though I still need to load texstudio to xfer that to slides.)

So, what made the difference? Outlining vs other note strategies, good xref on paper, reading better on eink, having seen enough of the book already? Definitely need to make more comparisons; I want whatever that boost factor is.


Yay I got my LaTeX editing environment back in shape!

So little else has happened aside from schoolwork. But I'm ok with that. Every inch counts.

The gravest condemnation of typesetting in \( \LaTeX \) I can give is that they thought writing their logo that way was neat.

If a means is discovered for rendering used coffee grounds into ink or charcoal, and the fibers of the plant into paper, then the efficiency of mathematics regarding number of input materials will have been maximized.

.. I pulled up a random article off arxiv to check equation rendering behavior and now I want to read it. :(

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