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how difficult is juggling, unicycle, wirewalking, violin with feet? much easier than you think. you over estimate because you've never really tried. Perception of Difficulty Levels of Human Feats.

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I'm not lost, I know exactly where I am. I'm just temporarily uncertain of where everything else is.

My main (@feonixrift) doesn't seem to be federating atm. I'm still around though.

Reading sans login before I recalled I had an alt was a fascinating form of digital disembodiment.

Math encyclopedias frustrate me.

Kernel is explained succinctly. Cokernel is explained via an explosive mass of category theory. I'm sure it's very nice category theory. But I just want a cokernel.

A perfect view in the math library at Bunsenstraße, Göttingen.

I am told it actually says gender theory and means genus theory. *headdesk*

„Geschlechtertheorie" - Uglier theory? Really? The last one wasn't bad enough?

& I will be confused all alone… I'm the only one taking the exam. This is the end of the road.

It's lonely out here. But it's beautiful.

Now the real work can begin.

My other profs: There is no way we can reach current research with a course at this level.

Prof M: Oh and here's an easy corrollary that hasn't been published yet.

(All 2 remaining of) us: F…

Last lecture was today… Now comes the month of confusion. I'm gonna miss it though!

(The answer, as best I can tell, is that it's not writing; it's a map.)

Math tendencies at Göttingen: Instead of being written in a line, equations start from a finite number of points and then branch out in all available directions across the board with symbols being turned and inverted at whim according to the apparent direction of travel.

Good: Diagram chases look trivial after you've tried following a diagram circus that just needs another trapeze.

Bad: Seriously, wtf?! That is not writing. Also the size of a comprehensible thought depends on the blackboard.

Sometines I have a really hard time telling 0 and 1 apart.

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Quite unexpected, but it looks like Apple's Keynote 8.1 (presentation) application now supports formula-setting using LaTeX and MathML.

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If all lines on the Cartesian plane can be defined by a vector [s p] where S is the slope (zero for a horizontal line, +/- infinity for a vertical line) and P is the position (perpendicular to the slope, intersects with origin if 0), that means that a line can be described with the same number of scalars as a point. Does that suggest that they are somehow equivalent?

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Points in space referred to as L₁, L₂, L₃, L₄, and L₅, are actually R₁, R₂, R₃, R₄, and R₅ in right-hand-drive countries.

Yeah I'm really precise today. =/

[image: handwritten 3(2) implies nothing is anything]

Revising notes, I come to despise the indefinite article in all its forms.

"It" - which of twenty things?
"The condition" - we have several.
"Annihilates." - annihilates what?
"be an extension." - extension of?

Say what you are talking about for goodness sake. (Harder to do than it looks.)

Does anyone have a favorite reference on -adic numbers?

I need them a /lot/ but missed the raw intro material, so I'm flying in the dark off of low grade resources like wikipedia at the moment. Looking for something to fill the gap between "this is the metric" and beginning Iwasawa theory.