Given the closure of the p-adic numbers is isomorphic to the complex numbers, is there notation and use for its one point compactification?

I passed? I passed! *made of tiredness*

Yet tempted to go back to studying because I almost got how that one piece worked?!

It's a good class when I want to just keep going after the end.

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Handwriting - notebook from M's class. (Cover and random pages of mathy stuff)

This notebook was my second brain for a while; I know nearly every page of it down to typos and contradictions. And now I have to switch again, back to the computer world.

If a tool is a part of your body you can put down, what is a part of your mind?





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+eleventy this solution;

I'd been slacking on academic reading and consuming mostly compsci articles because they tended to be available in (readable) blog form.

It's amazing to me how much faster I read in a good interface. Now arxiv.org/abs/1610.09366 is a quick skim rather than a slog. Fantastic!

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@feonixrift I remember there's an Arxiv-to-Modern-HTML webpage somewhere, but my memory sucks...

Ah: arxiv-vanity.com How's this?

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How to reformat from #arxiv for #ebook reader or small screen phone?

I read a /lot/ of math #pdf (and should be reading more) on screens badly suited to the #LaTeX defaults, and would dearly like to reduce eye strain. But most converters such as #calibre choke on equations.

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I possibly can't apply for scholarships because I still have exams from the summer which don't happen until after the deadline. =/

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I'm getting confused again on local/global principles. :/

Is local meaning locally compact, or p-adic p-part, or mod p, or ... what's a p-part anyway? This is not fantastic.

So then I notice that the background reference to the main reference to the stuff the prof riffed off of with minimal explanation ... notes its expected level as 3rd yr grad students by usa standards.

Uh... I'm finishing my first year. No wonder I'm a smidge swamped.

I feel so much better about a long list of "let"s if I write them as a cast of characters at the beginning of a play.

If you run out of books, the intro chapter to a phd thesis by a prior student of whoever is being confusing is a good bet.

Never try to understand the first or last chapter of a book.

Instead, find another book where that material occurs in the middle.

"You have these short statements of class field theory that you can always use, even if you forgot the proofs, or if you forgot them so well because the teacher forgot to tell you."

Two pages of 'Let …' later
yup I'm lost.

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how difficult is juggling, unicycle, wirewalking, violin with feet? much easier than you think. you over estimate because you've never really tried. Perception of Difficulty Levels of Human Feats. xaharts.org/jj/juggling.html

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I'm not lost, I know exactly where I am. I'm just temporarily uncertain of where everything else is.

My main (@feonixrift) doesn't seem to be federating atm. I'm still around though.

Reading sans login before I recalled I had an alt was a fascinating form of digital disembodiment.

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