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trying to crowdfund grad school 

I'll be cleaning this up over the weeks to come, but in addition to looking for standard funding sources, I'm opening the tip jar.

I'm a math grad student, persistently cashflow-negative, trying to hold up the finances through my masters thesis before I can get into a phd (hence paid) position.

I plan to be more vocal with what I do, and contribute in other ways, but... Patronage of the sciences is a thing, right?

I have no . I aim to recover to the point of putting things back in order to begin having progress. This counts.

Looking at the calendar... Looking for my hours. Tell me there are a solid 40 in here somewhere. But stop lying.

No progress in ages. Soon, soon... after all the other things. Personal life hijacked the ship.

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@cwebber I guess another way to put it is: "Anything is a number if you're brave enough".

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Reviewer 2 erklärt beim Frühstück Boolesche Algebra:
"Möchtest du Milch oder Wasser trinken"

this week:

- feelers out for non-academia jobs, looking into some options.

- I think I might have attended ? Hard to recall.

- got org-roam working. This is still not an adequate notes setup. I know people with working systems but have not been able to understand their configs yet...

- watch repair, parts are in but I await glue.

- too much health and family health going on for me to expect better of myself.

- almost finished watching

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We launched a new group to promote the translation of the scientific literature variable-variability.blogspot.

Why does a barely literature climatologist start an initiative to translate more scientific articles? 😎

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I will repeat this toot, but for 2021.... we ain't over this pandemic yet. Even if you're lucky enough to live somewhere with readily available vaccinations, many others won't be, so don't put them at risk by incentivising travel to F2F conferences.

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Being a physicist whose office e-mail address is out there in a departmental directory, I get plenty of crackpot e-mail. Today's was the first to rhapsodize over Hagoromo chalk, though. To paraphrase: Ha ha, not even the best chalk in the world can stop you from writing fallacies like i^2 = -1.

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Archipelago #2
Metallic ink on black art paper

Available now at

Took a few tries to get the ink to distribute cleanly but I've very happy with how it came out.

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Kontakt von mir ist auf Jobsuche:

Fachinformatiker AE, 2 Jahre Erfahrung in Frontend (Typenscript & React).

Will in die Softwareentwicklung, hat Lust auf z.B. Rust weil ihm die Sprache Spaß macht.

Voll remote gewünscht.

Habt ihr Hinweise oder eure Firma sucht?

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I need a job. While I'm applying to PhD positions, I can't wait around for that.

Nothing makes the reality that I have to do this hit hard quite like paying out 10k of bills...

Recent M.Sc. in Mathematics (Number Theory). I can do mathematics, software engineering, etc. I write English passably, and can limp by in German.

Goettingen or remote... I'll move if I must but it'd be a heavy burden at this point. USA citizen in Germany, Czech citizenship in the works but not yet in the bag. This is 2021, surely remote is possible.

Temporary or freelance work also a possibility. :boost_ok:

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Cantor's diagonal argument for non-denumerability boils down to "Every function from the natural numbers to the reals fails to be surjective."

Is there an equally lovely but underappreciated argument that does "Every function from the real numbers to the natural numbers fails to be injective?" If not, why is that direction more difficult?

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h/t to @bgcarlisle for dropping the word of the decade, "techbrorobourous", portmanteaus don't get any better than this my friends

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Countably infinite means a sequence you could imagine the count from Sesame Street laughing about after each number.

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this week:

- been sick, so any progress is good progress, and so is no progress.

- finished and sent off the application.

- half cleared the backlog of tasks (bills, dishes) I couldn't think about while working on it, but fell asleep.

- attempted to attend , but fell asleep.

- attempted to watch some of the style videos done by Timothy Gowers ( ), but fell asleep.

- meant to send an email, but fell asleep.

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Me: "look, our historians, at least the professional ones, are highly empirical"
Also me: "no, no, wait, just don't take 'university position' as equivalent to 'professional historian', half of the pros don't have positions. Some don't even have degrees. And in the actual universities we sometimes get people who think Sanskrit came from Ukraine. We're very sorry about this."

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Several years ago, I figured out that it is possible to make *cast* records, using a quick setting resin.

These cast records, when they work, sound just as good as the originals.

"When they work" is important, because they almost never work.

I know why they weren't working, and it's a whole combination of reasons, but 100% of those reasons will be addressed at the Maker Space.

It's not a perfect process, even now. It takes 20 minutes or more per disk, but it works.

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