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trying to crowdfund grad school 

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What happens when both your UX and ergonomics teams are asleep when your "enterprise class" app gets pushed to production

So, that 1,i,0 triangle that's going around, that I forgot to save an image of...

It's fine if you just accept that you're outside a Euclidean context. Take the region of the complex plane around 0, map the unit circle onto a single point to form a sphere; now a triangle (via great circles on that sphere) with smaller than magnitude 1 sides looks triangular, with a right angle where you expect, but the third side length reaches 0 as you increase the other two to 1 and i respectively.

Slowly pulling homelife together well enough to return to a decent pace of work - if I can even remember how any of what I was working on went. Fortunately this should make it easier to detect points of insufficient explanation in my previous draft?

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covid19 local mood 

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covid19 morbid

'New work on the conceptual structure of mathematics, from Euclid to the Four Color Theorem, based on a quantitative analysis of human and @CoqLang

I look forward to seeing the preprint on this.

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weird, math, probably fictional, scary story, boost OK 

❤️ to everyone having a hard time focusing, finding themselves conducting a large amount of impromptu math communication, and discovering just how hard it is to express what we thought were basic concepts.

still out here; hard to find the concentration to write.

productivity during covid19, morbid 

Working on revisions... :) Almost didn't think I'd ever get to say that.

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Today I learned that many/most color laser printers layer an array of yellow microdots on top of documents 🔬

This Machine Identification Code encodes a print date and a serial number unique to the machine. It only became public knowledge in 2004, ~20 year after deployment 😑

The Technical University of Dresden released a tool 2 years ago to layer on _even more dots_ to render the MIC unreadable and aid whistleblowers publishing

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(quietly assuming that the people who keep the server farms running are still going in to work)

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I think floppies, minidiscs, magneto-optical discs look cool even today because the 90's was an era where everything was going digital but still partially mechanical.

So you had all the digital awesomeness with the mechanical tactileness - which I'm missing today now that nearly everything is solid state.

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COVID, tangentially 

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So I do maintenance and collect rent for the apartment building I live in, in exchange for free or reduced rent. A lot of tenants work in service or in schools, which means they're not going to be able to pay rent next month.

I'd like someone to volunteer as my point-of-contact I can reach out to for advice about how to delay and inhibit my boss from evicting people, as much as I can.

Volunteers? (Experienced folk only, Americans preferred.)

(Boosts encouraged.)

Good research meetings do happen. :) There's light at the end of the tunnel, and with a little pressure folks will help you see it.

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