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trying to crowdfund grad school 

Shelved yesterday's giant calculation as obviously pointless; (one-liner eyeroll). Started a new and entirely different giant calculation...

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"wait, what do you mean sin() is broken???"

I mean that sin() is literally straight-up fucking broken

gaze upon their works, ye mighty, and slap your forehead:

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Today's abomination is entitled "why you should learn and use matrix notation instead of representing everything in your vector space as a sum",

My 'dark web' is articles noone without years of experience would ever think to enter the keywords for.

Actual use is slightly subtler - object does exist, and is unique, but did it exist in any of these places, it would have to exist in each of them by symmetry, contradicting uniqueness, so wherever it is isn't in this class of places.

I don't think I've actually used this proof technique in practice before...

If an object is unique if existent, and its construction if existent places it equivalently in multiple distinct places, such that if there's an it in one, there must be in each of them .. it doesn't exist.

(does anyone have a better phrasing for this?)

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The meaning of 'whole number' is not universally agreed upon. If you use it, take care to say exactly which integers you mean by it.

Leinster, paraphrased: Don't worry about understanding all the examples, you aren't expected to have the background, just read enough of them to have a jist of the idea.

Also Leinster: Buries half the important concepts in the examples, can't actually be read without understanding them.

Good news - I'm slightly employed for next semester. It's not enough to pay the bills, that's for sure. But it's something.

ah, page 9 and the phrase "its tentacles extend" has occurred; I was right

prof: "Let 8 stand for \(\delta\) since we weren't using it anyway."
book: "Let 1 denote a set with ..."

math i -- Numbers mean numbers of things!
math ii -- Letters mean numbers of things!
math iii -- Letters mean things of kinds!
math iv -- Numbers mean things of kinds...
math v -- Cthulhu

Didn't make what I was supposed to make this week, because I got jammed up on one of the assumptions being unproven.

But I think I have a proof of that assumption now, so yay?

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math, weird 

I had a really bad idea yesterday... (number theory) 

Oh, and bought a vacuum cleaner, because my old one is dying. Staubfrei auch! :)

Today I looked up procedures for a bunch of things I thought were due tomorrow ...

and found that none of them have fixed due dates, certainly not of tomorrow, nor can any of them be accomplished by an automated procedure, nor by anything I can do today.

I'm free! Free! .. to work! Back to the equations it is...

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anatomical health psa 

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