They got a bit antsy and restless after about 35-40 minutes, so we switched to a different nim variant (n piles, take any number of stones), and then played the function machine game for the last 10 minutes.

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It went pretty well! The kids enjoyed nim (1 pile of 10 stones, take 1,2, or 3 stones), and I drew a moustache on my finger to hold up to my philtrum when I was playing the optimal strategy, to distinguish from when I was just playing for practice to learn the rules. They didn't quite solve it, but they were really close!

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About to lead another math circle with the 6-year-old group. This time bringing a handful of ideas for nim-like games, Set, and a counting question: how many ways can you form N pebbles into rectangles? Not sure the order I'll do the activities or which subset we'll have time for...and they also loved the function machine game so we might try that again.

Lava lamps? Ha, I have a toddler with stickers.

Using this awful power against conservative legislators and their families might help with abortion and privacy law at the same time:

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Are there any law-tech firms hoping to get involved in abortion issues?

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The only way tech can help is by streamlining inconvenience for the rich and powerful on behalf of the people. Like FairShake is doing for forced arbitration

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I really need to learn neovim (and lua) from the ground up.

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I feel WAY too proud of myself for debugging an issue in neovim with python-lsp-server, which was not using my preferred formatter (yapf) and silently using autopep8 instead.

Problem 1: config schema missing from the docs
Problem 2: undocumented configs control the formatter

For me, the most useful app for parenting a toddler is the timer.

A lovely father's day gift 🥰

Made from a photograph of the first time he walked outside.

Some questions I keep having:

- How to sensibly organize crates
- Which of the many container & string options to choose from
- The finer points of borrowing

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Who on this site would be willing to give me some feedback on some Rust code I wrote, particularly in regards to idiom and style?

Does anyone know of a good book that covers the central results in algebraic lattices?

Something that would have nice proofs of LLL, nearest plane, various geometric/algorithmic results, etc., but I don't need the cryptosystems.

I facilitated a math circle for 6-year-olds yesterday. It went well! We spent most of the time counting the # of ways to stack colored blocks (3 black, 2 blue; later 3 black, 3 blue). One kid quickly got the idea of rotation to match two configs. There were a lot of nice conjectures in re how 8 black, 1 blue would compare to 3 black, 2 blue.

For the last ten minutes we played the functions game and one kid who was not invested for the previous 45 minutes suddenly went ape shit with excitement.

But this story has a happy ending because the change was not supposed to break ALL the tests, so I got a nice lead and I think it's going to finally get me out of this hellhole^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H wonderland

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I am four months and sixty self-authored comments deep into a debugging thread, and my prose is starting to get mystical.

"When I made the change, a spark ignited in the soul of the machine, and tests cried out in anguish as they all failed at once."

*Hovers hand over power cable*

"If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine"

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