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How to have doas insult you (with insults straight from deraadt@):

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Success! After wrangling with radeondrm/EFI issues, I finally managed to get 6.3 running on my old iMac with multiple monitors fully supported (thanks to some manual modeline work with cvt and xrandr)

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Update/expansion of my intro last year. I'm now going into fourth year maths rather than theoretical physics, having switched degrees. (That's assuming I pass some exams this week that I deferred due to illness).

I brew beer as a hobby, and code when I have spare time. I enjoy writing science fiction, but I'm a long way away from publishing anything.

I have 111 characters spare so: My favourite equation is \(\int_M \mathrm{d}\omega = \int_{\partial M}\omega\)

Why do I have so many mini-usb cables and barely any micro? I can't even remember the last device I bought that required mini-usb

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The #gameoftrees FAQ summarizes our responses to several questions the internet was asking when the project first became known to the general public:

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I friggin' love this educational video.

It's a -era film explaining . I listen to it over and over to practice my Russian. Repetition and a familiar subject help a lot.

Also, it's out of copyright. Soviet films belong to the people, comrade.

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#Ghidra might be one of the coolest things I've played with lately, kind of bizarre seeing it running on #OpenBSD. The decompiler tool is.. something else. Also, notice RETGUARD prologue/epilogue?

On -current:
$ pkg_add ghidra
$ ghidraRun

Running NSA reverse engineering tool on the Huawei matebook, of course. 😏

Why did I tidy? Now I can't find the tip of my soldering iron.

I have no recollection whatsoever of the last 6 pages I read.

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Looking for staff contact :)

I digged up 13 #OpenBSD developer interviews in manageable format that we did for the 20th project anniversary.

It would be great if was willing to re-publish them (currently there is only pointing at dead links)

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Not a fan of these, but this one certainly has it's charm:

Minimal solution:




Not a fan of these, but this one certainly has it's charm:

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I finally got my Minecraft account back after months, and all I am thinking is

DRM is bullshit and we should all just be investing in Minetest instead 😕

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If you have Facebook "like" buttons embedded on your website, it could make you liable for breaking GDPR privacy laws, even if it's Facebook doing the illegal stuff:

You can protect your site from legal liability (and protect your users' privacy) by removing all Facebook like buttons.

Please tell your employers/organisations about this ruling, it may help convince them that Facebook is toxic (or at least that embedded like buttons are toxic).

#Facebook #DeleteFacebook

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what's the worst wordpress plugin you've ever found
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Hello @PINE64 :D

as is loading many Google/Tracking-Scripts, may i introduce you to

That is an open source, selfhosted alternative to Google Analytics/

Google has already a big monopoly [in the advertisement market]( (Source: ), and in general on the internet.


Sent an "intuitive" explanation via the comment form. Only realised it was you after I clicked the follow on mastodon link. In brief, it's because log10(2) ≈ 0.3, and the fractional part of {0.3 n} is periodic with order 10.

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@j According to "The Meaning of Liff" that's called "Woking", from the verb "To woke". Usually of the kitchen, but now more generally applied.

Woking (ptcpl. vb.): Standing in the kitchen wondering what you came in here for.


Also here:

Walking into a room and forgetting why you're there feels like the mental equivalent of swapping out to disk.

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