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Success! After wrangling with radeondrm/EFI issues, I finally managed to get 6.3 running on my old iMac with multiple monitors fully supported (thanks to some manual modeline work with cvt and xrandr)

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Update/expansion of my intro last year. I'm now going into fourth year maths rather than theoretical physics, having switched degrees. (That's assuming I pass some exams this week that I deferred due to illness).

I brew beer as a hobby, and code when I have spare time. I enjoy writing science fiction, but I'm a long way away from publishing anything.

I have 111 characters spare so: My favourite equation is \(\int_M \mathrm{d}\omega = \int_{\partial M}\omega\)

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Someone mod Neil Breen for Wallace Breen in Half-Life 2...

"Who am I? What am I?"

#HalfLife2 #NeilBreen

Nothing like waiting 6 months for a , and then having it finally ship just three days before a 9-hour flight when it would have been at its most useful. It *might* still arrive before I travel, but it's GLS, so I'm not holding out hope. 😢

"We omit the unenlightening list of counterexamples needed to establish this claim" may be one of the best sentences I have ever written

Seen on IRC "hmm, cmake ... it's nice in terms of billable hours, and that's the best I can say about it"

@futzle @BernhardWerner because each time you instantiate a new array it is considered a different value. arrays and object values are their references not their contents

@futzle @BernhardWerner it’s like allocating two blocks of memory and comparing their pointers: even if you write the same data to both locations, they’re still different locations of memory

Turns out that when you don't have a sword (knife), the pen is pretty great for opening up plastic wrapping that refuses to yield.

@j @fullstackthaumaturge I mean, one of the reasons that I continue to build my own worlds is so that no one can ruin it for me , hehe. Netflix don't have the rights to my own imagination (yet)

I think I can successfully be, uh, cautiously optimistic about this new series

How "the Measure of a Man" should have gone:

RIKER: [...] Its hardware built by a man. And now. And now a man will shut it off.
(A flick of the hidden off switch, and Data slumps across the table)
RIKER: Pinocchio is broken. Its strings have been cut.
PICARD: Objection, your honor.
(Shoots riker with a phaser)
PHILLIPA: Sustained. I hope that was set to stun captain.
PICARD: I would not have shot my first officer if I wasn't ninety percent certain it was.

The hotel room next to me kept me up all last night, and then started blaring music at 8am.

The second pettiest thing I've ever done is start blaring Tom Jones' "What's new pussycat" at 3am right against their room's wall.

The pettiest thing I've ever done is staying up another two hours to do it again at 5am.

I'm not talking about global variables. Those should be namespaced and have descriptive names and documentation.

But local variables that are used throughout a function? Let the usage describe it, not the name. I want to be able to fit 2-3 files split vertically on my screen at once and not have to worry about wrapping and horizontal scrolling.

Even globals, I'm okay with aliasing them locally if they're going to be used repeatedly, for example `const w =;`

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This mini-rant stems from a code review (not mine) recently where a colleague suggested that the parameter in a 5-line equals(Object o) method should be renamed something more descriptive. Now to me, calling a parameter that just refers to *another object* without any real intrinsic meaning "o" is as idiomatic as calling a loop index "i".

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Pet peeve of mine: overly descriptive variable names.

Calling a request "r" is perfectly fine, especially if its used often throughout that function! Relying on idioms can make code more readable, not less. Obviously there are exceptions to this, but I just hate the kneejerk reaction that many people have when they see one or two letter variable names.

If you can't tell, I come from a C/Go/Maths background.

Looks like I might do it again. Had to stay overnight in A&E with a family member recently (delays in Irish healthcare are no joke), and my sleep schedule has been ever so fucked since.

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It's a bad sign when you're awake to see the transition to and from dark mode.

has been down most of today. It's probably just a coincidence that this was my most productive day in weeks...

Vous imaginez un président, un premier ministre de la République française voir tous ses ministres démissionner parce qu'ielle aurait promu quelqu'un sans tenir compte d'accusations sexuelles à son encontre ?

Personally I have always enjoyed a well-given chalkboard talk (or any live, write-as-you-go talk).

What chalkboard talks have you attended that stood out as exemplary?

From lower left to upper right: Mercury (on the horizon), the Moon, Mars, Jupiter. Saturn is out of frame and covered by clouds anyway

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