This is a bit hacked-together, but I’m still proud of it! I didn’t want to make a backtracking sudoku-solver, I wanted one that worked with probabilities. So I made one.

Good morning! I’m Colin, it’s Monday, and I’m a mathematician* — what can I help you with this week?

* I am also a mathematician on other days.

Good morning! My name is Colin and I am a mathematician. What can I help you with this week?

Good morning! My name is Colin and I’m a mathematician. What can I help you with this week?

(Here is a round-up of the kind of help I can offer: )

I haven't (I appreciate it's a cool and useful thing, but I struggle as much to make sense of graphical conversations as I do textual ones. Or spoken ones, for that matter. Perhaps my problem is just that everybody else is out of touch with reality ;-) )

Would another pair of eyes on the SVG discrepancy help? (Feel free to email if mathstodon isn't the place for this.)

Hello, everyone! I should use Mastodon more, shouldn't I? I mean, I completely forgot to share these lovely Fibonacci-inspired spirals last week.


Let \(S = \sum_{r=1}^n r^2\).

Then \(S = \\
\cdots \\

Also, \(S = \\
\cdots \\

And \(S = \\
\cdots \\

So \(S+S+S = \\
\cdots \\

i.e., \(3S = (2n+1) \times \frac{n(n+1)}{2}\) or \(S = \frac{1}{6} n(n+1)(2n+1)\) (via Jeremy Kun)

“Why isn’t the new year on winter solstice?”

The answer, honestly, is that the Romans had no fucking idea how to run a calendar.

Having trouble with - don't know where to turn for help.

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A young man defeats several martial arts masters by inventing a martial art that depends solely on his infallibly good luck. He names it Bullshitsu.
#writingprompts #writing

If any tooters want to get an article in issue 06 of Chalkdust, get writing!

Is \( \sum_{r=100}^{0} r \):

a) 5050
b) 0
c) -5050
d) other

I have an Opinion, but I don't want to share it until I know whether it's controversial (or worse yet, Wrong.)

@ColinTheMathmo I would consider a delay in email a feature, not a bug. People seem to confuse email with instant messaging. Email is supposed to be asynchronous. I guess some instant messaging tools are also supposed to be asynch, but apparently everything should be like SMS.

Is there an easy way to turn off the 'bloop' notifications? I can't see it in the settings.

Let \(C_1\) and \(C_2\) be circles that intersect at right angles, having \(P_1\) and \(P_2\) as their centres. Then the circle with diameter \( \vec{P_1 P_2} \) has a quarter of the area of the sum of the areas of \( C_1 \) and \( C_2 \).


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