if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

We finally have a name for this expanding mechanism! Now I'm working on the rest of the box design, the instructions booklet and the website.

What? No, no, you can't sell a 31 pack. Five is the largest prime numbered pack you can do. What is this for, so you can pair it with a 30-pack and do very strictly monthly shops?

@henryseg interesting question. What's the binary version of factorial?

The configuration with the biggest expansion factor is probably diamond structure.

It can be put together to make various geometric structures, such as the dodecahedron.

Working on getting this construction set available to purchase.

In the spirit of getting carried away, here is the Making of "The Making of "Peace for Triple Piano"", which describes the making of "The Making of "Peace for Triple Piano"", which describes the making of "Peace for Triple Piano". youtu.be/PDkbk4OILSw

A non-spherical, circular version of “Peace for Triple Piano”, an exploration of symmetry through time and space, with @vihartvihart. youtu.be/g3X0d5NUjjA

The "Making of" video Vi Hart and I made for our space-time symmetry video, "Peace for Triple Piano". youtube.com/watch?v=x1zJoU6Lus

New video with Vi Hart: an exploration of symmetries through space and time, involving a spherical camera, the map z->z³, a piano, Dona nobis pacem, three copies of Vi and two copies of me.

I have been playing at generating snowflakes using cellular automata.

Just in time for Christmas (if they're into this kind of thing), a new kind of expanding mechanism! shpws.me/Pi30 . More info: youtu.be/bEVHVzrQ_PM

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