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Them: We're marking this email from a person you've known for 20 years as untrusworthy because they work for a different employer.

Me: You don't understand trust at all, do you?

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One of the finer things in life is aliasing sudo to "please" 😛😊

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To prevent people reusing plugs that are deemed unsafe, it’s recommended to Fuck Them Right Up before disposal

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Carbonisés lors de l'éruption du Vésuve, des papyrus romains ont gardé leurs secrets pendant près de 2.000 ans. Des scientifiques tentent de déchiffrer ces documents "fragiles comme des ailes de papillon" à l'aide d'un accélérateur de particules #AFP

Fortran al dente,
with a light sauce of seg fault.
Can't open window.

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Je vous envoie

un demi-verre de lait

une demi-heure de sieste
par tacite reconduction

un demi-sourire
pour la moitié de la journée

mais un plein sac de grosses graines
pour bloquer le sablier

et de grandes bottes de pluie
pour ploufer dans les flaques


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Windows for Science?
Really? An IT degree?
Give me Linux please.

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Silly statistics,
citations are the brown leaves.
Still, top ten not bad.

Waiting to confirm.
He says yes, then no, then yes.
Result still in the sun.

They broke it again.
They never check work or code.
At least nights are warm.

One research project,
code in seven languages.
Was not my idea.

Grey morning, new bug.
Fix it before it's spotted.
Get the answer right.

Two nasty bugs dead!
Warm feet by the red heatsink,
burning compute time.

Cold feet and crashing
Bayesian analysis.
Turn on the heater.


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