Art is my distraction today.

"Ancient Is"

in p5js - generative art on codepen and openprocessing

click to change, "s" to save



I doodled a toy this morning for even/odd codepen challenge:

even and odd vertices are different in color

>mouse L/R is a time factor
>mouse up/down is a radius factor
>press key to pause
>press mouse to mix graph

STEM RPG today resulted in a 10yr old saying that spaghettification should be renamed to "snekification"

Yes - we went into a blackhole.

Katie Steckles and I have a podcast called Mathematical Objects, which releases a short chat on a mathematical topic fortnightly in seasons of 8 episodes.

Today's episode is "A joke" with special guest Bec Hill. We talk about similarities and differences between maths and jokes.

Hopefully you can find it where you normally find podcasts (let me know if not!) or listen/subscribe/etc. via

I hope to upgrade my random threat and thing generator over the summer.

Role playing math in small groups with inventions is often requested. This is a teen group.

The polyhedrons of probability rolled in participants' favor today.

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