Hanlon's razor for identical incorrect exam answers: never attribute to collusion that which is adequately explained by synchronised stupidity.

Cf my students who can smash through predicate calculus questions but can't find their tutorial in a list and click on the zoom link next to it.

Maximinus Thrax is a strong contender here, though. Absolutely sounds like an old friend of Zaphod Beeblebrox.

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They called it a day after Romulus Augustulus because they knew they'd never find an emperor with a sillier name.

'angling for' vs 'fishing for'

There's a common fallacy that runs:
1. a and b are not equal
2. a and b should be equal
∴ b should be changed to the present value of a


Autogolpe sounds like a brand of slurpee sold in German service stations.

Wait - Charybdis was on the Sicilian side of the strait and Scylla was on the Calabrian side? I'm sure the ancient Greeks did this just to mess with me.

Hearing that animal crossing is big at the moment. Excited that history has finally vindicated Doctor Moreau.

Why did Einstein refuse to see 'ghost' at the drive-in? 

Didn't like spooky action at a distance.

I'm open to not cutting off my nose, but only if you can suggest an alternative that'll spite my face even more.

A decent economic system wouldn't force us to choose between the lives of old people and the livelihoods of young people.

And yet a Pole has never held the swede vault world record. Really makes you think.

blue is the violet
red is the rose
sets, unlike doors,
can be open *and* closed

Stupendemys Geographicus would have been a fantastic name for a centurion in an Asterix book.

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