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This is indeed horrifying. But can we also be horrified at the tens of thousands of dead Yemenis for whom these articles didn't get written?

The list of actions that are necessary to defend the security of Israel now includes "fining kiwi teenagers who write letters" as well as "shooting Palestinian teenagers who throw stones."

People like looking for racism on the TV, but not so much in the mirror.
RT @Utopiana@twitter.com My latest column in @EurekaStreet@twitter.com - Our media's vested interest in racism eurekastreet.com.au/article/ou via @eurekastreet@twitter.com

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[Clever Hans II completes his proof of the Riemann hypothesis, puts down the chalk, and flicks his mane. The room around me bursts into applause.]
Me: "Big deal. He only knew when to stop by watching our expressions."

RT @mitdasein@twitter.com: Why is there something instead of nothing, and how can we make it stop?

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Must be a bit of soul searching going on in economics now the efficient-market hypothesis has been categorically disproved.

RT @ebruenig@twitter.com: Every town, every high school has some urban legend about some girl to whom something terrible may have happened, or may not have, depending on who you believe. Over the last three years, I investigated my city's legend. This is what I found. washingtonpost.com/graphics/20

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We now know less about how people respond to cues like bigger plates, but more about how people respond to cues like fancy professorships.
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RT @PostOpinions@twitter.com: Do we as a nation have certain values? @sannewman@twitter.com says "if we care about the girls and boys who will become victims ... we must treat attempted rape as disqualifying for a Supreme Court justice." wapo.st/2DgH4tM

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RT @jtlevy@twitter.com: Adam Smith on why the prospect of a very powerful man losing the chance to become more-powerful still bc of something he did when he was 17 elicits more sympathy than all the people whose lives are ruined by being branded sex offenders for consensual teen sexting.

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RT @daniel_barker@twitter.com: Women are like buses - several thousand tech bros are convinced they can be replaced with robots despite never having been on one.

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RT @scumbelievable@twitter.com: I googled "fat weasel" and I was not disappointed.

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[6 this morning]
My brain: Wake up. If a cronut is a croissant/donut, what would a cronulla be?
Me: How about we talk about this after another hour's sleep?
My brain: No I can't possibly sleep until we get a good answer to this cronulla thing.

You were very happy to steer it rightward while it was politically convenient, Mal. But now that's stopped working you're throwing your toys out of the pram.

Whatever works for him, but I say fuck the ingredients.

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