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I am a educator near , in .

Science-wise, I am interested in maths and , particularly in some fields at the intersection of these two: algorithmic number theory, computer , , coding theory... And I love to teach!

I also like , of all types, (theatre), . I toot in French when I think that mostly French people could be interested.

And I might talk about since I'm a dad!


I read East of Eden, by John Steinbeck.

I loved it. That's one of my favorite book. The characters, the themes of the book, everything seems deeply human in that story.

Bonne rentrée de demain aux collègues profs ! D'ailleurs, s'il y a des collègues sur le fediverse, je prends les noms avec plaisir, j'aimerais bien discuter d'enseignement de temps en temps !

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I read The Seven Deadly Sins (🇯🇵 Nanatsu no Taizai), a manga written by Nakaba Suzuki.

In my humble opinion, it starts as a typical shonen, but the story is rich and the villains are (often, not always) interesting! I enjoyed it!


I read the Lanfeust of Troy series. A french comic that was quite popular back when I was a teenager.

A bit of nostalgia I guess. Also it's peak action through all the series. It's interesting story-telling wise.


I read the autobiography of the sister of the mother of my father. It's not a published book.

She was born in 1921 in France's countryside. It's very interesting (at least for me) because it's the story of my father's family, but also because it describes the typical life in France's countryside after WW I, during WW II, and after WW II.

You essentially just have to write



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I'm now using the pgfplots package to draw graph functions in LaTeX. It's a quite simple and efficient way of drawing simple functions, e.g.

x ↦ √x


x ↦ x^2 + x + 1.

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"La publicité est le bras armé de la transition écologique"

Dessin de Red dessinateur, malheureusement toujours d'actualité...


Oh, I just learned that Einstein was leaning on his wife for the mathematical parts of his theories, and that she was probably a crucial part of his success.

As a scientist, I'm a bit ashamed I did not know that.

Yet another example of marginalization of women in sciences!


I read Witches (🇫🇷 Sorcières), by Mona Chollet.

It's a very well-documented book about witch hunts and modern feminism. Truly interesting!

I'd complain about one thing though: it's the work of a journalist and not of a scientist, and I sometimes find the examples not convincing even if I agree with what is being said.

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I have been thinking for the last 2 weeks about the area of a chord of a parabola ..

What I have discovered is that, is that area is only dependent on distance between x coordinates of the intersection of the chord and the parabola. It's proportional to the cube of this distance.

So in the gif, the red area is constant in size


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Personally I have always enjoyed a well-given chalkboard talk (or any live, write-as-you-go talk).

What chalkboard talks have you attended that stood out as exemplary?

Next year I'll be teaching in high school for the first time! It's going to be a new challenge since I taught at university level for 5 years...

Let's start by looking at what I'm actually going to teach! 😎

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Eye On The Target #Falcon in Hunting Mode is Unaffected by Wind and Gravity

Mom: *loves and takes care of her child*
Dad: *loves and takes care of his child*
Everyone: Wow you're amazing! That child sure is loved, he's so lucky!


I read The Black Dahlia, by James Ellroy.

I took longer to read this one, I do not know if it's that I am not really into thrillers or if it is just that I had other things to do!

But the book is worth reading anyway! I liked it 🙂.

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US today:
- Abortion illegal
- School shootings
- Hearings on Capitol Hill attack
- Part of Rep. Party doesn't recognize sitting president

Latin America:
- Swift elections in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica etc

The Economist:


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