Breaking news in the algorithmic/arithmetic world!

Integer multiplication in time O(n · log n). [1]

It means you can multiply two n-bits integer using roughly n log n operations. It's a *very* important problem because a lot of mathematical software rely on efficient integer multiplication.

It breaks the last best known algorithm [2] (Schönhage–Strassen), that was in O(n · log n · log log n)


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We saw the cutest thing today when we were in the metro.

We walked past a woman who was feeling her way around with her walking stick. As we were waiting by the turnstiles for our bus, we see another blind man waiting at the turnstiles. When he hears a walking stick swinging around, he taps his on the ground three times. The woman tapped hers three times in response and then both their faces lit up.

They ran to each other, embraced, felt their faces, and kissed.

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J'ai toujours bien aimé Tchebychev pour ces travaux mathématiques bien sûr mais surtout par ce qu'il nous a laissé une grande liberté pour orthographier son nom 😂


#maths #mathematics

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#followfriday #maths #engagers

These nice folks have engaged with me, most likely on a maths topic. Simply starting to follow me, or reacting on followfriday posts counts just as well.


Y'all are so cool! Thank you!

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Why is 14.03 pi day anyway. What kind of sick joke is that

Discovery of the day:

A Brazilian number \(n\) is an integer whose base–\(b\) representation has all the same digits for some \(1< b < n−1\).

Extracted from [1].

[1] Brazilian Primes Which Are Also Sophie Germain Primes,

Mob Psycho 100 II, Episodes 2 to 10 Show more

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This particular thread on /r/math blew up: a Deputy is asking a question on behalf of an inmate who did a little personal investigation into some number theory

People really like the idea of the Deputy encouraging the inmate to dig deeper into the , and keeping him mentally stimulated + educated while in prison

MobPsycho100 II, Episode 1 Show more

I wanted to wait for the entire show to be out to watch it, but I was hyped after watching a scene on youtube...

season II, here I go!

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Timothy Browning has discovered that

This settles all but one case of which two-digit numbers can be represented as a sum of three cubes. The remaining case is \(n=42\).

For more, see (where I found out about this) or (new article I wrote once I found out).

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With the introduction of polls on some Mastodon instances, I decided to start the 1st Inofficial Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2019

It's a knockout tournament where 32 programming languages compete against each other, and you decide the winner of each round by voting.

Sadly only a select few instances support polls so far and you won't see them on Fedilab just yet. Check the website!

Today's matchups:

PHP v Bash
Object Pascal v D

Spread the toot, let's make this a fun one!

Hello @christianp, maybe we could add mathstodon to the data of the bot @fedvice (it gives suggestions of instances based on tags)? Sounds a nice feature to me 🙂!

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