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I am a educator near , in .

Science-wise, I am interested in maths and , particularly in some fields at the intersection of these two: algorithmic number theory, computer , , coding theory... And I love to teach!

I also like , of all types, (theatre), . I toot in French when I think that mostly French people could be interested.

And I might talk about since I'm a dad!

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Hi everyone. I'm a full time full time student in my mid-thirties, I have a background, my hobbies are computer stuff, and tinkering, , casual hiking. Things that are very important to me are , Projects, , and . I came here to reexperience social media after several years of abstinence. And to exchange with like-minded people. I use .

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If we knew how much math goes into writing a video game, we might have paid more attention in math class. If you need a refresher, [Fletcher Dunn] and [Ian Parbery] have their book “3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development” available free online. …

#Book #Teaches #Gaming #Math

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A little late to this meme; someone probably already did this one

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I read Dune (the original novel), by Frank Herbert.

I somehow knew the universe because I read some prequel when I was young.

Well, I found it brilliant, I was totally addicted to it. It feels good to be addicted to something that does not want to sell your data (and maybe your soul).

I'm a bit surprised by the fact that we sometimes forget very basic stuff while learning new complicated stuff.

I'm correcting an exam for fourth-year students where a question was essentially (though, a bit disguised):

"Is the set composed of the elements of the form
(a, b, a+b, c, d, a+c, b+d)
a vector space? What is its dimension?"

and a lot of people does not answer correctly.

I wonder if first of second year students would perform better, but I guess they would!

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@erou important tips I got in my first maths class at uni:
* if you don't know how to solve a problem, the first step is to keep breathing, otherwise you will definitely get nowhere
* find a way to reduce the size of the problem, splitting it up into manageable chunks
* if you are not sure if some technique will help, the best way to find out is to just try it and see how far you get

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@erou Sometimes when you can't solve a problem it's worth going back to the definitions.


* State the definition;
* Give me three simple examples;
* Give me two simple non-examples.


And yes, people ignore this advice.

(Young) Math students of the world, when you don't have any idea of how to solve a problem, you can try to:

- make a drawing in order to better understand what's happening

- try to solve a simpler instance of the problem in order to see if what you are trying to prove is indeed true, why, and what could possibly be wrong in the complicated case

These are very easy advises that essentially nobody follows 🙄

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Thanks for explaining the word “many” to me, it means a lot.


I've finished "Bonjour tristesse" (Hello Sadness in English), by Françoise Sagan.

I loved it.

And in English 🇬🇧 :

1. The Life Before Us, Romain Gary
2. Night on the Galactic Railroad, Kenji Miyazawa
3. Vengeance is mine Inc., Roald Dahl
4. Capitalisme, désir et servitude: Marx et Spinoza, Frédéric Lordon (that one was not translated I think)
5. The Plague, Albert Camus
6. The Death of Ivan Ilyitch + Master and Man, Leo Tolstoy

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What I've read so far:

First in French 🇫🇷 :

1. La vie devant soit, Romain Gary
2. Train de nuit dans la voie lactée, Kenji Miyazawa
3. À moi la vengeance SARL + Madame Bixby et le manteau du colonel, Roald Dahl
4. Capitalisme, désir et servitude: Marx et Spinoza
5. La peste, Albert Camus
6. La mort d'Ivan Ilyitch + Maître et serviteur, Leon Tolstoy

I've read 6 books since the beginning of the year. That's not a lot, but I've had years with less than that 😨.

To keep reading more, I'm going to challenge myself to read 25 books this year! I'll toot with to keep track of the challenge.

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TIL: shokuhin sampuru is a forgetful functor from the category of foods to the category of plastics. It forgets the taste and the smell.

In fact, for a series of videos (in French) published by Arte on YouTube, a map like that was drawn!

That's the map of the country of mathematics!

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There's a river called "Somme" in France, which literally means "Sum", so there are lots of things called after it: the sum valley, the sum bay, etc.

Now I imagine France's map with other maths concepts: the product forest (with its beautiful factorization trees), the Taylor expansion mountains, ...

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One of the most important feature requests we've heard from you is "WHERE THE HECK IS MY #THUNDERBIRD MOBILE APP?"

Here's a straight answer:

YES, we're excited to announce that an Android version of Thunderbird is coming!

We'll have more details to share with you in a few weeks. We'll talk to you about it here, and over on our blog at

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