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My initials are ejk, like \(e^{jkz}\), I’m mostly just a backward traveling wave.

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(I also want to recognize how privileged I am and to iterate that my doctor told me to do it; the US should be doing better to send excess doses elsewhere.)

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Immunocompromised, so I got a 3rd vaccine dose. Feels like my armpits want to escape my body, my knees are filled with sawdust, and my brain is muffled.

Send cat pics, please


I stepped on a dead rat today. I was just walking along, then suddenly there was a surprising squishy, slippery feeling under my foot. 🤢
It feels like an analogy for how the pandemic has been going the last month.

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I've set up a site called My aim is to collect ambiguous, inconsistent, or just plain unpleasant conventions in mathematical notation.

It's a wiki, so you can edit it. Please add in any examples that come to mind!

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It's only oregano if it's from the state of Oregon. Otherwise it's just sparkling herb.

It’s a gooey mess, but strawberry rhubarb pie is the ultimate pie.

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Annoyed by those #Spotify exclusive podcasts that cannot be added or listened to in regular #podcast aggregators/apps? You might want to take a look at this handy #FreeSoftware service converting Spotify podcasts into regular #RSS feeds:


Mini apple pies for mini holidays at home! It’s basically 1:1 or 2:1 crust:filling ratio, and absolutely delightful.

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What I learned this year: successfully manufacturing PCBs is hard. You’d think we’d have all that figured out by now

“Excessive warning messages have been generated, subsequent ones will be suppressed.” Story of my research life.

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