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My initials are ejk, like \(e^{jkz}\), I’m mostly just a backward traveling wave.

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Anyone seen any job applications that actively try to invite under represented minorities to apply?

Lookin for more than just "removing bias" or having the standard "equal opportunity" disclaimer. Something that says "Hey you, yes you, you should apply!"

What's your favorite equation?
Mine is Euler's identity:

My work finally started to provide free feminine products in the bathrooms. Which is great, but I don’t even think in my biggest emergency I would use the giant “maxithin” pads that have been chilling in unwrapped cardboard boxes since 2002 (and were 100% in the bathroom while asbestos removal was happening). Don’t get me started on cardboard applicators. My work is a bit of an embarrassment sometimes.

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Is my timer trying to tell me the secrets to the universe?

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So apparently these are Lissajous

and they are so pretty

Basically, this is why I love

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I recently taught a class that involved programming arduino zeros on everyone's personal machines. I had mixed success with getting the arduino to interface with Mac laptops. At the moment, I'm blaming the various USB-C-to-USB adapters students used, and will have spare adapters on hand next time - but I'm curious if anyone has any other insights for common Arduino/Mac problems so I have a list of things to check when I teach again.

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\(\operatorname{\hat H}\vert\Psi\rangle=E\vert\Psi〉\) in the streets, \(i \hbar \frac{d}{d t}\vert\Psi(t)\rangle = \hat H\vert\Psi(t)〉 \) in the sheets.

Depending on which profession you’re talking to, 0.001 inches is either a mil, a thou, “why aren’t you using metric?”, or uselessly fucking small.

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This is MPAR ATD, a phased array antenna installed at The National Severe Storms Lab in Norman, OK. Each stitch is an antenna in the array, 4,864 total. Each 8x8 section outlined in black is a stand-alone panel that can be swapped out. Phased arrays are cool 🤓

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I found the companion book for my future memoir: “Fantastic Tubes and Where to Find Them”

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i want to introduce my familiar, Friday! he acts as my emotional support animal and hes very handsome and well behaved. this is my favorite picture of him #catsofmastodon

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