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My initials are ejk, like \(e^{jkz}\), I’m mostly just a backward traveling wave.

My husband just walking in on me, huddled in a corner of the kitchen, sniffing the fresh donut peaches, holding the small crate like Gollum and his precious.

Earlier this month, I started another big project. It’s a huge lighthouse scene that my late father-in-law started. He also made this super clever scroll-stand, that is a delight to use. This piece has been staring at me for years, and I want to do it justice.

When you find a hidden sticker over the control panel of an appliance you have had for a few years.

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*afternoon Root Beer Float dance* 💃🏼

My local spice store provided me with a good recipe today.

When we were soldering, he never told me to “be careful,” but he would tell me a story: A previous grad student had made a habit of soldering without safety glasses. One day, he heard a “pop!,” then a scream. The solder had fizzled and a piece of molten metal had flown into her eye.”

I always wear safety glasses.

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Before he retired, Mr. Magnet helped me out with getting my experiment operational. He taught me how to set up relays for my interconnect and auto-shut off system so that I would be safe. Together, we got a little shocked, caught a soldering iron on fire, caused some minor water damage, and welded with a torch. His circuit diagrams were works of art.

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#Cat realizes their prey is protected by an invisible forcefield :welp:

Work from home routine:

1. Wake up, eat breakfast, login to work computer

2. Frantically get nothing done. It’s somehow 4pm

3. Wash dishes and go to bed

It’s reached “Can I bake pie in the toaster oven?” degrees outside today. And, yes.

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I know I posted this joke before, but...

Vacuum seal.

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