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Sometimes I remember that this exists.


Someone went all out on a speculative biology writing/worldbuilding exercise to create a site for a research group that studies "occlupanids" a.k.a. those plastic bread bag clips, as if they were some family of organism with a multitude of species.

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If you want to try #dlang on #OpenBSD, now you can. The WIP dmd port is in openbsd-wip.

There are some issues. I think some D code asks for way too large of a stack and OpenBSD (rightfully) says no way. Help to remedy this would be much appreciated.

You need a screaming new -current to use it. amd64 only for now.


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Hilbert’s Tenth Again: rjlipton.wordpress.com/2021/03

Matiyasevich famously proved undecidability of Diophantine equations over integers in the 1970s, but the same question over rationals remains open. A new paper by Prunescu makes progress by proving undecidability of exponential equations over rationals. As Richard Lipton explains in this blog post, a key step, parameterization by integers of rational solutions to \(x^y=y^x\), comes from a 30-year-old recreational-mathematics article by Márta Svéd.

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my LaTeX \todo macro prints "Exercise to the reader" in a box

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A large sockpuppet ring has been caught adding citations of Stephen Wolfram's works to Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedi

A typical addition: equivalence of the Riemann hypothesis to a tag system (en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?t), a trivial corollary of Minsky's proof of universality of tag systems.

They've been going at it for years, so it will take significant effort to clean up. Technical information that might point to who did this (e.g. an overenthusiastic fan or corporate publicists) is private.

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Weather forecasting. 

OK, no disrespect to the weather forecasters out there, but if you report it is currently -17C, and that in 90 minutes it will be 1C, shouldn't you also report some kind of explanation / warning for the temperature gradient? Or rethink one of those numbers?

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A friend of mine is looking to acquire a copy of:

"Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis"
by Andrew Paterson

It's number 5 in a series of 5, and the others have been useful for his teaching.

Does anyone, by an amazing coincidence, have a copy?

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ℹ️ It's near a place called Ouddorp on the (former) island of Goeree-Overflakkee (in the extreme south of South Holland).


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And now something positive and beautiful about the so called #Netherlands for a change. 😉

#skating #ice #sea

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Thoughts on the Pythagorean theorem: xenaproject.wordpress.com/2020

Or, what did Euclid actually mean by saying that two squares are equal to a third square? And how does this view relate to type-theoretic foundations?

From the xena automatic theorem-proving project. Both the name and the horrifying illustrations for the blog posts come from the author's daughter. For some heavier going, see xenaproject.wordpress.com/2020 on perfectoid spaces and sphere eversion.

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A quick question ... not scientific, I know it will be full of selection bias, etc., but I'd be interested in people's answers here. If you can take 30 seconds or so I'd be grateful.



I'd also be grateful if people could boost this to get outside my bubble.


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Regards "why now":

The environment has changed.
Previously theoretic risks are now manifest, demonstrated, and cognizable.

Actual riots, insurrection, disruption of government, assaults on law enforcement, damage to government buildings, theft of government property, violence, and deaths, have occurred.

The instigator is unrepentent and non-credible in what are at best tepid disavowals.

The totality of context has changed. If "he has tweeted worse things in the past", the undeniable impact is abundantly clear.

The ban is absolutely warranted. If anything, it is many years too late.

Twitter specifically address these points:

Due to the ongoing tensions in the United States, and an uptick in the global conversation in regards to the people who violently stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, these two Tweets must be read in the context of broader events in the country and the ways in which the President’s statements can be mobilized by different audiences, including to incite violence, as well as in the context of the pattern of behavior from this account in recent weeks. After assessing the language in these Tweets against our Glorification of Violence policy, we have determined that these Tweets are in violation of the Glorification of Violence Policy and the user @realDonaldTrump should be immediately permanently suspended from the service.

From TFA


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fediverse moderation question 

hey, is there an instance out there that has written guidelines/expectations/conduct specifically for their mod team? i've skimmed a handful of instances but i've mostly only seen what users can expect to see for mod actions, if anything at all.

(boosts, please!)

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Facebook gave $50,000 to the Republican Attorneys General Association, who through their 501(c)4 arm Rule of Law Defense Fund helped organize the protest preceding the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol that took place on January 6, 2021.

Other corporate sponsors of domestic terrorism in US include Koch, Comcast, Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, TikTok, 1-800 Contacts, Chevron, NRA, Monsanto, Fox, Uber, Coca Cola, and Google.


#fecebook #uspol #terrorism

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Like, don't get me wrong, I'm chewing on a thread explaining why Big Tech can also go fuck itself because this shit is far too little, too late and about covering their ass if Section 230 really is on the block.

But come on dawg; first it was "it's newsworthy because he's president" now it's "it could happen to you"

Well mate, it DID happen to me for political speech & I still don't give a fuck cause inciting violence against your political enemies is not a fucking free speech issue ya cracker

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Lol at folks worried about free speech because a billionaire reality TV show fascist lost his Twitter account for doing the exact kind of shit that would get literally any random person on Twitter suspended.

Please, sincerely, go fuck yourself because you ain't fooling anyone.


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