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Unity enchances willpower.

Unity in name of Peace, also in name of cooperation, also in name of disarmament, also in name of open borders, also in name of liberation increases the will towards Peace.

We, Humans, need to realize that:

- Accumulation harms more than benefits
- There are many more absolute points/points of view (including and besides your own)
- Things are finite

in order to step away from civilization constructs that exist for millenia

We pay to Steam, Netflix, Amazon prime, Spotify. But not to Wikipedia,, Librivox, Project Gutenberg, for our favourite Linux distro.

The huge asymmetry between corporate and community has not emerged naturally. It is a product of our choices of not supporting community oriented projects.

The short conveniences vs the long-term good. We always chose the former.

In face of surveillance capitalism, we must and must change.

Please make sure to read this carefully before ordering a #PinePhonePro:

The #PinePhone Pro is still very much in development, and thus just won't be your daily driver smartphone upon receiving the device.

Read to get an idea.

I don't want to hamper your excitement, but I also don't want to see you start a rant YouTube channel because you're upset due to not reading this properly. The PPP is really cool, but it's not your new "privacy smartphone" at this point.

Time to mention this again ...

"Logically Policed" ... a short film by Damiano Petrucci.

Winner "Audience Favourite Documentary" at Cineglobe 2015

To everyone, here's wishing you all the best for this season between solstice and perihelion, and hoping that 2022 is better for us all.

Happy Solstihelion !!

According to Wikipedia, Metaverse support persistent 3D virtual environment (
Stop the metaverse !!

Chromebooks suck.... 😝 I have no idea why this type of computer is going forward. I see little benefits for it's user.

I don't like to use services like Protonmail, Signal and Brave, the are kinda sussy ngl. I rather use stuff I trust more like Matrix, XMPP or self-host email

Quero agradecer a @blau_araujo @blau_araujo pelo vídeo intensivão de Bash.

Aprendi muita coisa de Bash que já estava há algum tempo para aprender.

Força Blau!!

Successfully ditched thunderbird email client from my software usage. Now I am using mutt.

If you are at the site are you at-theist or theist? I am confused.... 🤪🤪

I'm happy to see more of my friends using XMPP! :xmpp:

Portuguese Royal Library - located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The library was founded in 1837 by a group of 43 political émigrés from Portugal to promote Portuguese culture in the capital of the Brazilian Empire. Since 1900 it has become public.
The library building was designed in the New Manueline style by the Portuguese architect Rafael da Silva y Castro and was built from 1880 to 1887.
The library has the largest collection of works in Portuguese outside Portugal (350 thousand items).

I have made a program regarding Maths and numerical systems.

Right now, I have the "sum" and "presentation" Maths operations programs and this programs make the operation in *any numerical system* (binary, ternary, quaternary, quinary, ..., any base).

The programs also support numbers of any length, something that most programs do not! And are very efficient either with processing either with memory!

Experiment your numerical system!

And with that, this year's MathsJam Gathering is done. Here's an amazing overview cartoon:

Now. So. Tired.

This year's MathsJam online event is over and it was such a lovely event.

The people were very kind, the activities were many and good ones, the talks were of good value, and the online space was the best.

I want to thank @ColinTheMathmo for everything!

I got zero responses last time I hit up the Fediverse offering paid creative work, but I'm not giving up!

Some #Owncast features being worked on require iconography. And while we could use an icon library or something like Fiverr it'd be nice to work with an illustrator on the Fediverse who focuses on icons to have something that is custom.

This is paid work, so please boost and tell your friends.

Feel free to message me on the fediverse or email me:

What would a number look like if there was no such thing as "the zeros on the left don't count"?
I mean, if zero was not infinite?

Now you can know:

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