Guess what and I are doing tonight? 🤩

Come work with us!!✨💖


I've had a blast with my new team the last few months and there is another spot open on the team! Remote for most places in the World. if you are interested in applying 👇🏾. If you want to ask me questions, DMs open.


This is such a great idea, and it is neat to see the project is !! 🥳💖

If you help run/maintain a group for diverse folks in tech, or are looking for ones near you, check out 💪


Check the full announcement here - and of course check out the project!


Today's project is brought to you by "Python packaging is hard" and solved by cibuildwheel: Build Python wheels for all the platforms on CI with minimal configuration. 🎉

Thanks for the tip 💖



Want to make safe conferences for everyone a reality?

Admit that right now it's not possible. You cannot solve the problem if you refuse to admit that one exists.


Chewie is practicing his "if I don't move no one can see me" look

Watched it when it dropped last night, holy shit it was amazing. is really committing to the queer and I love it 💞

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Excited for y'all to see episode tomorrow, directed by the stellar 🏳️‍⚧️, and starring the wonderful 🏳️‍⚧️, 1st out woman guest star EVER in! I'll have a story for coming soon.🖖🏻


One of the most anticipated parts of my new job: watching the Standards of Business Conduct training videos 😂

Supply chain delays suck, but I finally got *AMAZING* swag 💗🏔️🐍

Can confirm, it was lovely 💖🛥️ Went all the way down to south west corner of Mercer Island and back

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Now I can get even more people to play the use-tarot-to-understand-your-friends and-process-trauma-as-villains game 😂

For once a gorgeous weekend day in Seattle, time for a cruise 😍

Hari the Bidrangea is looking good 😊 hopefully will get a chance to bloom this year, the heat wave last year almost killed everything 😭

Finally got the swag for my new job!!🤩

The jean jacket with the retro logo is 😘

As an autistic bisexual woman, I understand all too well the consequences of taking things too literally. That's why this Pride month, I'm partnering with Robert'); DROP TABLE tweets;--

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