I totally just walked into the math cafe and asked if there was a logician in the house.

/r/scheme reached 6.001 subscribers. 😸

Bhutan has a $200-250 per day, per head fee for tourists. Guess which nationality it’s designed to keep out?

I don’t blame them.

So, I want to buy a new monitor.

My current monitor is 27", 1440p and I don't want it to be smaller. I guess I'm looking at something between 27" and 30". Probably 4k.

I want it to have HDR support as well as support Freesync. Price is not really a critical issue.

Any suggestions as to what I should get?

Oh, great, and this whole mechanism is part of base-files. You can't just delete a package to get rid of it, since it's a core, essential package.

is placing ads in its motd when you ssh in.

The way it fetches this ad is by doing

USER_AGENT="curl/$curl_ver $lsb $platform $cpu $uptime cloud_id/$cloud_id"

curl -A "$USER_AGENT" ...

In other words, Ubuntu is sending Canonical tracking information so it can serve you an ad.

This doesn't exactly run every time you log in (it caches the ad in /var/cache), but still... phoning home for a frickin ad?

I'm still sad about this, and do not want it to happen ever again.


#IRC of #mozilla will be shut down. Bye bye to all the other 4190 users.

Ah, dekstop Linux. Because why name an application by what it actually does, when you can instead steal & squat on another name that means something completely different?

— Brought to you by my new microblogging app, GNOME Blockchain

Opened a very big single line file in and my wm is

You can guess what has happened. I should not have done this.

I think that in 10 years time, Py2 will declare that WE are the ones that are obsolete.

The key to doing things is to make it easy enough. The key to getting people to do the right thing is to make the right thing the easiest thing to do.

Zen master Mumon:

Has a dog Buddha-nature?
This is the most serious question of all.
If you say yes or no,
You lose your own Buddha-nature.

Would you agree that meaning is an automatic byproduct of our recognition of any isomorphism?

Typographical rules for manipulating numerals are actually arithmetical rules for operating on numbers.

Collecting video games isn't much of a hobby, it's more of an obsession 😂

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