it's my birthday today; as a treat here's what we're gonna do

I'll send the first five people who show receipts for at least $200 donated to Rosehip Medic Collective in PDX or Don't Shoot PDX one of these weird handmade mechanical keyboards I build.

Installed numpy on phone. That's the kind of power we got these days.

Augochlora sweat bee! Aka my insect photography white whale

They’re so small and beautiful and I will continue to try and get pictures of them

Here are the laptops I'm looking at for purchase:

ThinkPad T490(s)
Dell XPS 13
HP spectre 360
MBP 13

You guys got alternatives, preferences, stories et el for me?

Light weight, small screen & lots of compute are important to me.


well that isn't suspicious at all...

I think I have a nascent botnet here. every few days a new change to the set of apps, a new change to which hosts they call out to.

TIL that CERN has a project called Methodical Accelerator Design that uses LuaJIT to help design particle accelerators!

I've been looking for a small footprint laptop with good performance. Purism just did that, fuck XPS 13 etc, getting this! Though it is going to be nearly impossible to get it here anytime soon.

Purism Launches Librem 14 Security-Focused Linux Laptop

"The 14-inch laptop runs PureOS, uses a 10th-gen Core i7, and can be pre-ordered for $1,199"

Learn more here:

#linux #freedom #privacy #security

re: android malware 

But while I can block the sites it's trying to pull from, thus probably mitigating the entire thing, it remains that I have a compromised rom. And I'm pretty not ok with that.

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Guten Morgen liebes Mastodon.

Gestern war ein guter Tag. Meine Frau möchte endlich #WhatsApp los werden. Was für eine Freude!

Hearing my own voice crack sour on a call tells me things about myself I'd never see in the mirror alone.

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