I really enjoy writing long-form text. Expressing a lot in text is limited bandwidth issue. Expanding those horizons is fun. Currently looking for quick ways to doodle and attach to posts (on Basecamp).

Our car insurance is due to be renewed in April. This is what my Apple News feed looks like right now.

Apple protects your privacy my ass.


System updates in 2020.

45,3 MiB electron-8.2.0-3-x86_64
38,2 MiB electron4-4.2.12-4-x86_64
38,9 MiB electron6-6.1.9-3-x86_64
45,0 MiB electron7-7.1.14-2-x86_64

What a world we live in...

Any "icon creators" here? A new FOSS app will hit @fdroidorg soon, but the author is no "graphical guy" and thus needs your help for a good icon.

So: Icon designers, please join in – everyone else is welcome to boost, as usual 😃



I'm looking for a free, open source and self hosting friendly project management tool. I'm thinking something flexible like Trello. To be used by a group of loosely connected queers to organize tasks.

Got some tips? How do you organize tasks within volunteer groups?

If my RPi's SD card has failed this time, yet again, I'm getting a proper computer to run my sever.

My neighbors (3 of them) have gathered outside - kids, parents everyone - to play cricket together. These guys are fucked and going to fuck others.

As I, as usual, watch tech startups immediately, reflexively outsourcing biz-critical capabilities to Github, Trello, Slack, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Salesforce, et al., I'm struck by the fact that, in 2 years time, almost all of them will, without a shred of irony, be bemoaning the lack of support for small, plucky local NZ companies like theirs by NZ gov't and other NZ businesses...

Sitting in the balcony, looking at the moon, jamming on IRC.

I have 3 screens: 2 laptops and a phone. All have a mech keyboard attached.

Ok, my next desktop will have 64GB of RAM, so I can browse the web smoothly. This is getting ridiculous.

Today's allergy tip - don't pull down your mask to sneeze. That's literally the opposite of the point.

This toot is from a CLI, and boy do I LOVE this!

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