Considering a framework laptop as my main computer. My thinkcentre works great but not being able to use it around the house is a bit annoying. I know there are cheaper / used options but I'd really like to support a company doing good things for right to repair.

Any framework owners like to chime in on their experience so far? In particular, what have you NOT liked about it?

Boosts welcome!

Time to setup a VM and prepare a first draft of emacsconf demo ^_^

I had a proposal accepted to #emacsconf where I hope to communicate in 10 minutes how I experience Emacs as a learning environment through my years as a Montessori guide.

#emacs users out there, if you have particular questions about the topic, please let me know! I'm likely to try and keep it anecdotal, vs getting into the abstract philosophy. But I'm interested in the pedagogical aspects of free software, and Emacs (thus Lisp) in particular, I'd love to hear some thoughts from the community

Look what a deep neural network generated:

Input: ¬((a∧(a⇾b))

Output (completion):

Final complete expression, then, is:


Nun heißt es warten und hoffen, dass es klar bleibt. 🤞🤓

Want to share what you read? I would love to see what you read. Here is my goodreads account link:

Foundation #foundation is fantastic series so far, much better then star wars .

I started dissecting the web API of a well-known online dating app and discovered that the API uses internal identifiers associated with a different dating app. Both are owned by the same company. Conway's law strikes again!

I really wish OSS communities would stop defaulting to Discord or Slack. Your software isn’t a lifestyle. I don’t want to live with the goddamn thing. I want a forum I can visit once in a while, not to take out an attention mortgage.

Oh boy, I just learned that "good fences make good neighbours" is a proverb coined by in the poem Mending Wall, used by a simple-minded person who "moves in darkness" and refuses to question the proverb.

Robert Frost didn't coin the proverb to say that people should be building walls. He's mocking people who want to build walls.

What do you guys think of framework laptop? Though there is no escaping Intel Management Engine and other FLOSS-hating things, will you be switching to it this year? Next year? Never?

You can find my Lisp-related hacking online at It tracks the things I accept donations for, so mostly #Scheme and #Emacs hackery.

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