I'm trying something kind of new - writing a book summary over a month. To start, I'm going with this simple one. I hope to improve enough to also write analysis of technical books in depth (in chunks) :)

Feedback welcome!


hmm, youtube.com/watch?v=BVo2igbFSP looks close. Perhaps some way to play with objects interactively? Again, not as "hidden 4th dimension where the object will "disappear"".

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All the visualisations I've seen of 4D cube show 3D projection of 4D objects (cube in this case). Are there examples trying to simulate 4th dim in the animation / VR etc?

I wonder if my phone could perform better as a server run from home compared to RPi3/4 🤔

position: 0.3266761253488465 + 0.5112506216997217i
pixel width: 7.635949539793211e-06

ffplay -f lavfi -i life=s=400x300:mold=10:r=30:ratio=0.1:death_color=#C83232:life_color=#00ff00,scale=1200:800:flags=32 # Play Conway's Game of Life using ffmpeg's ffplay. From trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/FancyFilt

Mandelbrot Maps (A Mandelbrot and Julia fractal viewer, aiming to demonstrate their relationship.) - f-droid.org/packages/uk.ac.ed.

This is awesome!

This is what I get for streaming Doom.

Uh, thanks, @saadazim for the fanart.

In last 2 weeks, I soldered 20 PCBs - had to "debug" 13 of them.

I close my eyes and see smooth solder covered pin legs!

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