Recently got Faber-Castell 9000 art set. I like the finish of the graphite. Happy!

For best GitHub Issue, I nominate: Let's take a moment and all reflect on how doing this for all of our submissions would make the open source world a better place. :flan_hearts:

tfw Mozilla goes in on crypto nonsense, and the original creators of the Firefox browser call them out on their bullshit.

Keeping warm by going through Elena Chernyshova's photos of the arctic city of Norilsk, which is in darkness for 45 days a year.

On @tomasino 's suggestion, I've started /listening/ to Project Hail Mary instead of reading it ^_^

Would it make sense to build vacuum "tubes" to escape atmosphere from Earth's surface? Won't need all the fuel etc and we can have some 500 such sites.

Perhaps we don't know how to build and sustain such structures? Perhaps the engineering challenges are just too big?

I find desktops really cool and fun. Laptop is when I "just want a computer". Desktop is when I want "THEM COMPUTER!!!"

I've ordered that book "How to scam people" like 3 months ago and still haven't received it 😠

Alright, time to resume monitor search. Shall buy in 15 days.

I love the optimism of the stage coach time tables. "Four days from London to York (if God permits)"

I want to get this spectacle frame 😅. Who makes these? Please help!

Hopefully they're talking about the number *after* corrective mechanisms.

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