Anyone interested in a mastodon instance focused on India? I have seen that many Indian users on Twitter have to go through vicious trolling.

The philosophy is to have a hate-speech free version of Twitter for Indians, free of fake news and IT Cells. We'll have bots to follow Modi, Gandhi, Kejriwal, etc. and some news websites. The servers could be crowdfunded.

Boost to show support, comment to discuss.

once upon a time I got interviewed on The Setup ( but that was ages ago.

today I got an email from someone asking if I'd be interested in sharing what's changed since then, so I posted

it's a bit self-indulgent but kind of fun to look back on I guess. part of me was surprised anyone was interested, but here it is anyway.

With 2018 being almost over, I've decided to build some absolutely inofficial Fediverse charts.

If you want to take part, simply reply to this toot and tell us about your game, movie, or album release of the year and I'll collect the data and build some funny graphs at the end of the year. Deal? 😊

If you think more categories should be included, feel free to respond with whatever it was you liked best this year, and I'll try to group all responses.

Boosts appreciated!

Today, 2 guys came to my office asking "do you guys make software? We want these small printers working with things other than 'computers' (probably they meant windows). Can you help us?"

I think this will how cyberpunk will look like!

I wish we could help them, but I don't have resources to help them out right now :(

Soon we are going to have holograms everywhere. What will you do then? Are you prepared for the cyberpunk world? Have you gathered enough neon lights?

I have been traveling a lot lately. I think it is time I buy a . please?

I don't want to carry much weight, as I mostly visit hilly places.
I don't use a smart phone.
I have captured less than 10 images on a camera in my life. Well, more than that, but you get the gist.
I understand the theory of lenses and sensors.

Please help, and boost!

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Anyone looking for a remote job with elixir? Send me a DM. (not pleroma related)

Any suggestions to host my emails? I have thought of running my own email service (for a single user), but it seems a daunting task.

I need IMAP/POP and custom domain supported. I don't mind paying.

An ethical option will be preffered. I don't care about pgp security features, as I send/receive encrypted emails when needed.

While building wall, they should also build doors. Otherwise, you know, how will they themselves get out!!1!

Everyone is on wireless bandwagon and I'm like "Imma make a room like Lain!"

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