@artagnon I think I’ve finally come up with some challenging yet slightly doable problem of finding relationships among characters of a novel. What do you think? They seem to call it “Relationship Extraction” in text mining.

First I’m going to start with some definitions so we’re all on the same page about the terms I’m going to be using - specifically habitable zone, habitable, and inhabited. Sometimes these are used interchangeably, but they all mean very different things.

I’m also going to be heavily focused on *Earth-like* life, because we can’t search for things we don’t know and we’re more likely to not recognize the signals of non-Earth-like life if we detect them.

#SpaceTalkTuesday 2/

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HDR triptych of the three main phases of the lunar eclipse.

Nikon D750 on a 6" f/4 TPO Newtonian

Our local timeline has improved / changed so much that 90% of the time I don’t look at my personal timeline these days! Awesome.

They're medium dark roast. I like the flavour, especially after it cools down a little - like medium hot.

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I mean, it's just words! And the reason I can read all this is because of some random reason that got me to learn English language.

So I read these words and boom! I know shit! Or I start thinking! It influences my thoughts! woo!

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I cannot believe how much fun I have in reading books - novels and technical. I feel it is mad!

Fuck this, I'm reading The Black Cloud (Hoyle) and now I _definitely_ want to get back to setting up my astro-rig.

The book is fun, I'll say at least that.

Of course I should first introduce myself; I'm currently a lowly MSc student at McMaster university, studying certain families of dessins d'enfants and associated categorical equivalents. I keep falling into the rabbit-hole of machine-learning as the topic de jour, as I have unfortunately become known as the departmental expert there, but truly my passions lay in pure maths, and the interaction between the additive and multiplicative structure of the integers (bold, I realize)

Since the phrase is “news will spread like wildfire” has there been work comparing the dynamics of the two?

Microscopic Crystals Reveal Multiple Jurassic Extinctions discovermagazine.com/the-scien by Kate Golembiewski

Ancient, microscopic crystals show a potential link between a series of less well-known mass extinctions and periodic volcanic activity.

Paper: sciencedirect.com/science/arti by Arto Luttinen et al.

One hard to learn processing step in astrophotography is deconvolution, essentially reversing some of the atmospheric scattering of light based on mathematical models of the stars in the picture. But results are great once you tune it in.

After much work and many PoC, I feel comfortable with Apache Flink

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