Consecutively riding 22km every day for last 3 days. This is going great!

I need to decide if I should procure an electric bicycle to take to office everyday. And the decision needs to made in a week.

I could do ~15km bike ride today. The trail is not as tough as the road to office (which has more numerous and steep ascents) but the wind was in total opposition and hard. I think the strength build-up is going well. 3 - 4 more rides and I should be able to start practising the harder road to office.

I replaced the left-click switch in my #mntreform trackball with a clicky one and I have zero regrets

Hi! My name is Colin and I am a mathematician.

If you’ve got a problem, and no-one else can help, and the A-Team is out buying a “No fools are pitied in this vehicle overnight” sticker, maybe you can hire* me.

* You don’t always have to hire me. Quick stuff? No charge.

I'm clearly no more fit to ride the bike 20km a day anymore. Will have to build the strength again.

Borrowed a hybrid bike from $FRIEND and I'm equipped mostly. I don't have helmet yet, but that should be easy to fix. I practiced 15km yesterday and planning to bike to office today. Today is better because I don't have to work after reaching there.

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I think I will start bicycling to the office. That will be 22km total a day. Shall have to borrow a bike for a week from someone.

My blog and XMPP are up again, in case you've been keeping track.

I've been reading First Contact books the whole year. Average rate has been 1 novel a month. Every recommendation has been fantastic! About to start The Mote in God's Eye, unless someone can suggest more fascinating alternative (of course that's subjective).

Telescope advice for 20% visual and 80% AP? I don't know what to ask, so tell me what I should answer 😭

The reason amateur astronomers don't see UFOs is because.... they're out of focus!

Get it?

Image stacking for astrophotography is no joke! Looks like I'll have to take a course in image processing before I can stack the images I took last night.

Don't get me wrong, I love this shit.

I'm trying something kind of new - writing a book summary over a month. To start, I'm going with this simple one. I hope to improve enough to also write analysis of technical books in depth (in chunks) :)

Feedback welcome!

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