Further evidence the tiny L-P is a mathematician, at bathtime last night:

* holding a bottle full of water *
"Can you put some water in the jug, please?"
* stands bottle upright in jug, spilling none *

Must learn to speak more precisely __to my 1 year old__

Either the interface of mastodon.el is trippy, or it is taking me some time to adjust.

fuck python. fuck easy_install pip mess. fuck python2 python3. fuck passive aggressive semi-formal i-know-comp-sci Guido. Fuck python comp sci Я us inflexible priests tower community fuck.

🎵 Because unhappy🎶
🎼 Clap along if you feel like a roof without a room🎤

(just kidding)

New rule: we name anything and everything after Euler.

The Euler Hypothesis. The Euler Alternative. Euler principle. The Euler-Euler lemma. Euler's isoeurelian problem.

i love star wars
(i found this in my dad’s old stuff and thought it was kinda cool? 😂)

Huge props to @codingquark for brining oauth2 to mastodon.el.

That enables 2FA. That allows me to finally use the Mastodon emacs client. Many thanks.

On click of a button, you can send an electronic mail across the world!

Here's my new portable computer. The case was finally printed successfully so I was able to make sure all the electronics actually fit. The cables need a lot of wrangling so I might look for some shorter ones. The list of components is on my blog:


This was a fun custom deck to make. I'm happy to have a sturdy little computer with a mechanical keyboard that I can take with me.

@polyplacophora @farlopito @fdroidorg Hi! Thank you for supporting us with a paid account. It means a lot. The process of publishing our app on F-droid has already started. We need to make a few steps before doing this. In the next couple of months it should be done. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

omg i’m gonna try to find a bunch of monsterfucking movies and watch those on valentines

the only two that come to mind are Company of Wolves and Shape of Water so if anyone knows of any others lmk ;w;

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