Did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role in a cage?

hewwo? hewwo??? its my birthday, can i get some boosts?? uwu

It looks like another programming student has become a regular at the shop. His screen often looks lisp-y.


I have got to check tildeverse. Haven't logged in in a while because I had misplaced my credentials.

@codingquark I love love love building up those internal links between process and result! It's such a satisfying thing to notice!

I could tell while drinking that the Moka was prepared on high flame stove because it was slightly burnt. That's crazy.

Happy Birthday to YOOOOU, @JordiGH - don't forget to mange some pastel!!

Had a cappuccino because it was raining. Since it was delivered food, it wasn't excellent. But I had fun.

I used to run a personal gnusocial instance. I ran it for a year and nobody talked to me - this was a couple of years ago. So I deleted it. Now I'm here!

The URL used to be gnusocial.codingquark.com ha ha.

This week’s weather in Paris:

Monday: Lovely summer weather ☀️
Tuesday: But... that’s above body temperature?
Wednesday: Wait, no. What are you doing??
Thursday: Actually raining fire, probably.
Friday: The apocalypse has come! The ruins of the old world shall be washed away!

There was a power cut during the process. But fortunately it was still downloading the packages. Resumed safely.

The upgrade has begun. >2000 packages are to be upgraded.

You know what time it is? It is time to clean up the packages and remove all the crap I have installed.

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