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Task: Set up uwsgi by default in apache
Task Area: #coding
Effort Rating: 1/5 💪
Skills Required: Python 🐍

Check it out:

I'm writing a CBOR wrapper. It's supposedly optional, but does anyone know how to *not* decode semantic tags?

Like, say, in the middle of a Map you have Tag, Byte String, Byte String.
How do you know if the Tag takes up 0, 1, 2, or etc. of those byte strings, given that changes whether they're part of a key or a value?

( @lightdark ? )

I get that not everyone types like I do. I get that speaking is more comfortable for them. I'm glad for interfaces that let me still have async / replay, and still type even when they're using speech. But I really need folks to understand that listening to audio clips is exhausting for me in a way reading text isn't.

So many clients! Even in . Note that already supports it (under dev).

The internet: A global, borderless world of its own where you have to keep explaining to people that you're not an American.

Hey #gemini fans! Cosmic Voyage is now available via gemini. Huzzah!


(Have no idea what I'm talking about? See cosmic.voyage and gemini.circumlunar.space/ to learn more)

#scifi #writing #pubnix #tilde #cosmic #fiction

If you can't think of a word say 'I forgot the English word for it.' Then people will think you're bilingual instead of an idiot.

@Shufei If my school had computer science I would have shook the world! I shared it with the computer club, but they've all been pretty underground since Corona-sensei sent us home.

I'm giving a talk on Sunday on a De España tech podcast called Domingos Negros (Black Sundays) which will have about 100 people! You should listen (it'll be in English)! ^^

as an anarchist, i am opposed to all states. this is why my code fails the test suite, and also why i won’t fix it,,

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"If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it."

-- Zora Neale Hurston

Alright! My is exposed! I now have two: one on home server and one on tilde server.

I will be reading spec soon too :) I was stuck by gopher's simplicity TBH

Do you like #gopher and #gemini? Are you in open revolt against the devilish mainstream internet, renouncing Web 2.0 and all its works?

If you use terminal colours via internet, please hit me up, here or on the textnet. I’m trying to make a central depot for gopher and Gemini colour sites, especially any artists doing ASCII/UTF8/BIG5 &c.


What can I say; I’m a bbs kid. I like CLI text. I like pretty primary colours.

I am in the process of setting up

I also have account on which gives gopherhole among other great things!

I am completely unfamiliar with the way things work in gopher, hence the setup is currently behind LAN. Once I get used to gophermap, user levels etc, I'll expose it.

BTW, I'm using pygopherd on

Source github.com/nic-delhi/AarogyaSe

There is so much . Name-calling, references to derail, foreign money, vested interest, activist agenda

all started by a GitHub account created 3 days back

Looks like a repeat episode of trolling Aadhaar critics.

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Those cameras on phones and the image editing – oh my. It’s a faint rainbow against a grey sky but you can turn up saturation and vibrancy (what is this?) up and up and up until it looks like a glamour fairy strike force from Valhalla making an entrance. Crazy! 🌈

Anyone else really good at #cryptography and #python ?

Would like to learn as much as I can

Right now I am ready this and practicing.


If you tell me C is a really good language to learn #cryptography, I'm ok with that also.

Has anyone been able to install zfs on #guix yet ? I am using #btrfs right now.

Android is a special hell. I've spent almost a whole work day on getting a Play Store APK to pass its traffic through Burp. This involved way too many device images, learning several ways of setting up proxies, debugging the Android emulator, upping my VM game, learning dynamic hooking and finally, toggling a jump instruction in the Smali disassembly to bypass a certificate pinning check. Nothing can stop me now. #infosec

Random #elisp tip suggested by Noam Postavsky on #emacs: To obtain output from a command without shelling out and as a list of strings, try `process-lines` and pass it a program name and any number of arguments.

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