Finally got up to the woods. Barely recognised the place.

Lots of interesting species clustered at the interface of the birch meadow and forest.

I also got a silicon carbide stone. I'm laughing at myself for the kinds of things I'm doing these days.

the immediate ancestor of european chess is the perso-arabic game of šaṭranj (شَطْرَنْج), which developed out the indian game of caturaṅga (चतुरङ्ग) probably around the 7th century ce, and crossed into sicily and al-andalus from the maghreb around the 10th century. the name of this game gives the name of chess in the ibero-romance languages eg spanish ajedrez, portuguese xadrez (from old portugues axadrez); typical of arabic loans into ibero-romance, the arabic definite article aš- has been reinterpreted as part of the word. the words in the germanic (english chess, german schach), italian (scacco), gallo-romance (french echeque, catalonian xec), and slavic languages (russian шахматы šakhmaty, polish szachy) instead come from the persian word šâh, 'king', in the expression šâh mât, literally '(the) king (is) amazed' but reinterpreted in arabic to mean 'the king is dead', whence also 'check' and 'checkmate'

Tweaking my flight setup so I can keep more of it set up permanently - I want it to take less effort before doing a casual sim flight.

The water flow sensor works well! Now I gotta check what size will fit with the pipes I've got.

This activity requires understanding of many different "fields" I must say.

@murilove these are 2D Turing Machines called "Turmites". The rules are for the two states and specify, based on the pixel color at the current position, the tuple of which color to write at that pixel, the direction to turn, and the next state.

I guess one of the ways is to salvage from dud stuff :-P

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I wish I had a quicker way of sourcing electronics parts... I can 3D print stuff, I can program stuff quickly. But I have to wait for at least 4 days and usually 7 days to get the parts delivered.

With these easy to use microcontrollers, I feel like I can finally exert my will into the physical world! Unlimited powwwwwwwerrr!

Here is what I suspect:

1. Operating at 3.3V is causing issues
2. The mounting area walls are inside the cone (75deg)
3. The board is dud

Should be able to verify all the points in a week.

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I guess running the JSN-SR04T v3.0 on 3.3V "just won't work".

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You won't believe this but my initial suspicion was that AC power lines were causing bad data signals through the sensor. Doesn't seem to be the case.

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hmm, debugging involves reading data sheets now. I guess I'm learning.

And now I notice that enabling virtio-scsi causes data corruption in the VM. Great.

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If I were to spend a good chunk of money (~US$300) on soldering station, which ones should I look at?

Turned out "alright". I might tune it to reduce stringing, but it's not much, so 🤷🏻‍♂️

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