my fucking linux teacher just fucking pulled out the
"what you call linux, witch is called a linux distribution, is in fact gnu/linux, or as i started to call it...

and i was in the first row, looking at him like don't you fucking dare.

Just high-fived my cat's rear paw while she was licking her butt, as one does, and I don't think such a combination of exasperation and long-suffering patience has ever been shoehorned into a single look by any other creature on this planet

Just released Site.js version 12.10.4

This is mainly a technical debt release with a major refactoring to use @small-tech/https instead of and It also consolidates settings into a single directory under ~/.small-tech/site.js and improves the uninstaller. Also has a couple of improvements on (*shudder*) Windows.

#SmallTech #SiteJS #PersonalWeb

If you think a single person is just too small to make a difference, you should read up on Jadav Payeng, the "Forest Man of India".

When he was 16 he started planting trees on a deforested sandbar. He made it a habit of planting at least one tree every single day - over the course of the last four decades.

His forest now encompasses an area of about 1,360 acres / 550 hectares and is home to not only over one hundred elephants, but also monkeys, tigers and deer.

Be the change you desire!

To all #Rust programmers on #Linux that want to use the kernel's new pidfd feature to asynchronously await on many child processes from the same thread -- reliably -- I've released the [pidfd] crate, which achieves precisely that.

Note, however, that Linux 5.3 is the minimum requirement to use this crate. Linux 5.4 is required to get the exit status from terminated processes (use the `waitid` feature).

Testing would be highly welcome!


I remember how my father first taught me the concept of 0.


we know Beethoven and Einstein because they were geniuses AND they studied. If you are a genius and you study, you learn how to best express your genius

I once asked a student how his cat was and he answered, "my cat is bad."

Worldbuildy; Solar Collective 

I suspect most hackers^Winfosec professionals can't program. Observe:

$ theharvester -b -d # errors out
$ theharvester -d -b google # works

Discovered from

LaTeX has a package for putting hats on symbols ... such as dunce caps, top hats, etc.

Seen via birdsite:

Computer advice:

<JordiGH> Save memory by loading less data!
<JordiGH> Speed up your program by running fewer instructions!
<JordiGH> Reduce download times by reducing download sizes!
<rocx> save power by not turning on the computer!
<premysl> Save yourself by not touching the computer!

For those of you who keep saying they've never failed at object permanence, I have one concept for you: Boltzmann Brain.

The first database management system (DBMS) came on-line in 1968. IBM's IMS was built to keep track of the supplies and parts inventory for the Saturn V and Apollo space exploration projects.

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