Is boosting a toot like "liking" a toot?

What happens when I want a sad person's sadness heard?

In other words, the book "The Rust Programming Language" is inadequate for those with decent amounts of expertise. It's insufficient, not simply by lack of information, but by pedagogical design. There is no scaffolding to the total concept system of Rust.

Had to switch my router to work on 802.11b on 2.4GHz band because Amazon's Fire TV stick refuses to work with n.

May be I should look into flashing Kodi by rooting.


Cunningham's Law: The best way to get the right answer on the internet is not to ask a question; it's to post the wrong answer.

Acquired and setup UAP-AC-lite with OpenWRT. This should be good till I decide on the rest of the things like a switch and a range extender.

I think I've found someone who can sell me X200. This is going to be extreme fun, soon.

Time to hit up some caffeine and crack some code.

Hey you guys, suggest some text based available in ? If not text based, then something that can be run under terminal will also do, thanks!

Good news: the first #FreedomBox Contributor Invite has been completed! 😍

Now we want help with a new one: "Revise the App Page for #Cockpit."

-Task Area: #Coding
-Effort rating: 2/5
-Skills required: #Python, #Django Views/Templates

Who wants to claim this one? 🤔


PS: this is my first ever use of mathjax on this server. Ironic, huh?

A complete graph of 3 vertices (\(K^3\)) is a triangle. Today, I am satisfied.

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