Seeking book recommendation 

ICYMI: In February 2020, the #FreedomBox project will turn 10 years old. To celebrate, we're having a #hackathon!

WHEN: SAT, November 16, 2019
WHERE: New York City

Eben Moglen will also be delivering a speech at the hackathon!

Register today:

About 5 years ago I started poking the Toronto fire service computer-aided dispatch system¹ every 2 minutes. (The data feed refreshes every 5; Nyquist; and cron has minute-level granularity.) Roughly 525,600*5/2 ~=1.3 million data points. (Thanks, Rent!)

A day or two ago² I started polling the Toronto police service data feed.

Haven't put the sets online yet nor done any deep analyses but I think it could end up being super interesting.


I have more screenshots of my #lispgamejam game but I realized if I keep posting them there will be nothing left to see when you actually play it. the jam ends in under 12 hours so you can see it all soon!

Yesterday I watched some 20min of Matrix Revolutions and got bored of all the Zion shit.

Will be searching for something preferably sci-fi.

May deviate a little in terms of genre.

Real-time comm for $WORK does make it hard to focus. And doesn't allow one to be off the clock post work hours due to mobiles.

Boy they were not lying when they said he's persistent.



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