I chant integer sequences as lullabies. Soporific for baby, brain exercise for me.
Here's a sequence that I came up with for this afternoon's nap:


What's next?

Just in time for , a new 3D printed puzzle. Use the 4th (dimension) to solve it!
Video: youtu.be/LG5HUd0hzzo

@zorkow isaac physics (isaacphysics.org/) are developing something like that, but not open source. I've seen something in the periphery of STACK, but I wasn't too impressed.
I have a paper's worth of thoughts about how it should work, that I should publish one day

"I listen to whatever's on the radio" : Decimal.
"Oh cool, you like this too": Binary.
"You might not have heard of it": Hexadecimal.
"I accompany her overtone singing with my hand-carved lute": HEPTAVINTIMAL


mathjax v3, - 

@pkra yeah, that was where I got stuck, because I really don't want to have to bundle a custom MathJax inside each Numbas package, which would make them several multiples bigger.

mathjax v3, - 

@pkra I should make some time to attend the office hours so I can get some help from Davide. He gave me some good info over email after seeing my post about the TeX plotter

mathjax v3, - 

@pkra I tried to work out how to build Numbas' \var and \simplify commands in, and I think I got it working, but I have no idea if I was putting them in the right place

The baby has just expelled so much gas that I'm worried about his core temperature

mathjax v3, - 

@pkra Friday is my childcare day, so no.

mathjax v3, - 

@pkra or, why does v3 have so many bugs? I have the same problem

accessibility griping 

@pkra I'm not impressed. The "training tool" isn't great either: a few of the activities I tried were multiple-choice questions, with no feedback about why an incorrect answer was incorrect. How does that help me learn?

accessibility griping 

Someone mentioned the Diagram Center's Poet site as a good place to learn how to do image descriptions.

So I was surprised to see a thumbnail of a flow chart describing the process, linking to a bigger JPG file, whose alt text isn't particularly helpful: "decision_tree_flow_chart_thumb"


Recently, I've tried a kind of interactive expert system by using ccg2lambda. If we input some premises and a goal, the system produce some subgoals, and I want to transform that subgoals to readable sentences for human, and then have tried to prove it interactively.


Good morning! My name is Colin and I am a mathematician. What can I help you with this week?

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