@tpfto yeah, I can't work out which bits of light correspond to which bits of the sink + tap. Would 'nephroidoid' be too ridiculous a name for this kind of thing?

The baby's stomach seems to be able to measure three hours to the second.
Is it too late to apply for the longitude prize?

Our second L-P is finally out. Early reviews describe him as "sleepy" and "cuddly".

I can't imagine what prompted this integer sequence: "Least multiple of n in which the n-th digit from left is 3."

Interactive 3d knot table: prideout.net/knotgl/

One of many interesting visualizations on "the little grasshopper", prideout.net/, by Philip Rideout (author of the svg3d Python library that I linked earlier)

puzzle solution, PostScript source code 

@dudeney_puzzles graphics in PS

% A6 paper
<< /PageSize [297 420] >> setpagedevice

/scaling 30 def

/line {
0 0 moveto
0 1 lineto
} def

/page-center {
currentpagedevice /PageSize get {
2 div
} forall
} def

page-center translate
scaling scaling scale
1 scaling div setlinewidth
6 {
60 rotate
} repeat

6 {
0 1 translate
2 60 mul rotate
-2 60 mul rotate
0 -1 translate
60 rotate
} repeat


@pkra I think so - we have some custom commands and environments for things like Numbas exams, and a few customised builtins.

@pkra I didn't pick it, George did. I think the facts it's in python, and easily extensible, were big pluses.

I love it when I rediscover an integer sequence with an enormous OEIS entry: oeis.org/A008292

@jsiehler I've got a list of emoji from *somewhere*, and I think it includes some modifiers that end up producing duplicates.

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