@nimius thanks, I hadn't seen that. So it sits in between the keyboard and whatever field you're typing into? I think this solves a different problem to the one I'm thinking about: since it just produces unicode characters, it'd be limited to single-line expressions. I'd like to be able to produce all sorts of math typesetting: arrays, systems of equations, proper fractions.

@mathr yes, that's a good point, and that thought crossed my mind when I wrote the bit about how \over is more like how mathematicians speak. I think there's a big overlap! Generic speech recognition software would probably do similar things with inserting unpredictable punctuation or messing with spacing

I've done some thinking about how you type mathematical notation on a mobile device, where you basically only have the alphabet and a couple of punctuation characters available on the keyboard.

Your thoughts, please!


It feels like every other number I come across is divisible by two.
Really makes you think.

A little late to this meme; someone probably already did this one

Back in the office for only the second time since lockdown. My desk calendar is frozen in time, a little inadvertent monument to covid.

This is the closest thing to my field I could come up with... maybe it would be even better if we could change the image, but thanks for sharing!

I've just found my old mathsjam ideas file, and it had a link to Gurmeet's Delightful Puzzles page: gurmeet.net/puzzles/
They are indeed delightful!

ugly parser hack 

From an old Donald Knuth paper, discovered a scheme for implementing operator precedence that was used in the first Fortran compiler:

Just do a search-and-replace of + with )))+(((, of * with ))*((, etc., then put ((())) around the whole thing. More parens = lower precedence operator. Since this is purely textual preprocessing, the compiler doesn't need to know about operator precedence after that. Surprisingly, it actually works!


UK maths pals: The Man Who Knew Infinity, the Ramanujan biopic, is on iPlayer for the next 25 days

I just misread "thanks for any insights" as "thanks for my insights" and now I have a new email signature

Made it! The tunnels felt much shorter than I expected.

Got the kinesiology tape in the way, and also popped into wilkos to get some trouser clips and a phone holder for my handlebar. Resisted the temptation to pop into Maccy D's, but might not on the way back!

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