@cpsdqs As an English man who regularly says "crikey blimey!", it's all too believable

156. THE DISSECTED TRIANGLE. A good puzzle is that which the gentleman in the illustration is showing to his friends. He has simply cut out of paper an equilateral triangle--that is, a triangle with all its three sides of the same length. He proposes that it shall be cut into five pieces in such a way that they will fit together and form either two or three smaller equilateral triangles, using all the material in each case. Can you discover how the cuts should be made?

Wikipedia: all the right facts, not necessarily in the right order.

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You could think of this game as "the Collatz sequence with a running total" - what happens next doesn't just depend on which number you're on now, it also depends on all the numbers you've seen before.

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Think of a number, and keep a running total starting at 0. Each turn, add your number on to the total. Then, if the old total was a multiple of your number, add one to your number. Otherwise, subtract 1.
The game ends when your number is 1.

Which starting numbers eventually get to 1? In the video, it looks like starting at 4 doesn't, but starting at 2 does.

My new sequence, oeis.org/A338807, lists the numbers that eventually reach 1. I'd love to know if there's a pattern!

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I've got a new sequence in the OEIS. It's to do with a really simple number game I made up. Here's a video explaining the rules

@ZevenKorian that looks like three theorems to me, or a theorem and a couple of corollaries, or something like that

@christianp I'm not sure of the precise meaning, but one cannot fail to notice that it is an anagram of "Oil Suit Technocrat," which is probably a significant clue.

@Gargron ah! I suppose that's the problem with these abstract titles - what they mean depends a lot on context

@Gargron today's Solution Architect is asking me questions like "what's your password security policy", so I doubt they're involved in development

Your best guesses about what the job title "Solution Architect" entails, please.

foul language 

@ZevenKorian I'm trying to think if I've ever heard James swear.
Are you aware of alpha61.com/primenumbershittin

@matbesancon how bad is it? Do you have that repository cloned elsewhere? Are the checked-out files OK?

@ColinTheMathmo on a related note, I've just found this nice overview paper on graph colouring theorems: arxiv.org/abs/1611.07462. Have you seen it?

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