Macaroni is plural. Disagree? The macaronus is on you to prove me wrong.

the category theorist bowed his head solemnly and spoke: "theres actually zero difference between good & bad things. they are equivalent up to isomorphism. obviously. intuitively"

oh never mind, I forgot that the unit tests load a concatenated copy of the code that needs to be remade. 2 tests fail. Oh well!

I just refactored a several-hundred-line thing in JS and it ran first time.

Thanks be to :turing:!

My colleague told me today about this nice looking open book on inductive logic and probability:


Inspired by a line in a textbook about imagining people standing in circles to show set membership, I've made a @glitch simulation of people spontaneously forming a Venn diagram:

Oh my god

So I just passed a joiner's van with "Peter Angus Joinery" written on the side

but due to the spacing and typeface it reads PETER ANGRY with the van door open

I have received a tech support email written entirely in Comic Sans.

@ccppurcell ooh, that's a good bit of trivia! Who exactly would be using 'yard'? Finance type people?

tfw you casually send a script to check 100 times more cases, forgetting its runtime is O(n²)

@btcprox I strongly suspect those are the only ones. I was hoping someone better at integerology could tell me why

"Now, constable," said the defendant's counsel in cross-examination,"
you say that the prisoner was exactly twenty-seven steps ahead of you when you started to run after him?"

"Yes, sir."

"And you swear that he takes eight steps to your five?"

"That is so."

"Then I ask you, constable, as an intelligent man, to explain how you ever caught him, if that is the case?"

"Well, you see, I have got a longer stride. In fact, two of my steps are (1/2)

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