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Christian Lawson-Perfect

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@TheKinrar looking at the logic for the sign_up controller, the problem might be that I previously tried to sign up with an incorrect email address. An error message saying that would be good, and resending email to the new address would be better

@TheKinrar I'm trying to add to and I get "Something went wrong" on the sign-up page. I've got a contact email set, as far as I can tell, so any idea what else is wrong?

@peter I wouldn't be surprised if that was 99% of the reason for the change

@rtsn is unregistered, so a sufficiently devilish soul could prevent that

I've just discovered that Pearson have renamed "MyMathLab" to "MyLab Math".

I eagerly await "MathMyLab".

@andrewt I'm more impressed that the entire coast-to-coast highway only has one set of roadworks

@pkra yes, that's the kind of thing I was thinking of

@pkra doesn't pulling the page down force a refresh?

@pkra please help! I'm giving a 10 minute talk on accessibility of maths on Thursday. Do you have anything I can crib from?

@pkra if you're talking about it not updating the timeline after it's been suspended for a while, that's not unique to the PWA. Mastodon on my laptop browser needs a refresh after the laptop has hibernated.
My guess is it isn't checking if the socket needs to be reopened.

@_c_perez do it. Make this the hill you're prepared to die on.