@jsiehler does saying "symmetry" and then leaving the room count as computing it?

@pkra I can stop it happening by adding `font-variant-ligatures: none` to the CSS, so might just leave it there

@pkra weird! I've just got the latest version from github and it still has the bug. There's an issue from 2014 at github.com/theleagueof/junctio. So they must have fixed it but not updated GitHub?

Exciting unintended typography! Using the League of Moveable Type's Junction font, the word "office" looks like "offfice", I guess because it applies an ff ligature and then an fi ligature.

between 1996 and 2015, the only Irish county names given to children born in the UK were:

Cavan (572)
Clare (1062)
Kerry (38)
Tyrone (1445)

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Naming Your Child After Irish Counties

Clare: lovely
Kerry: also fine
Mayo: audacious

oh wow, firefox developer tools has a tool to simulate colour vision deficiency and contrast loss! developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do
Very handy!

@virtuosew really well, thanks! No time for questions at the end, but the kids were really engaged throughout. Almost worth the massive covid risk

@petrilaarne wikipedia says in Sweden a ✓ is often used for "incorrect". No mention of % though - that's interesting! It feels like a tricky symbol to draw, which matters when you're doing a lot of marking!

@christianp I don't know any other symbols, but in Chinese user interfaces, the colour red often stands for correct / success / OK. In the West, we're used to green for OK and red for errors.

Pals, I've just been told that in Japan they don't use ✓ for "correct", they use 〇.
What other symbols for "correct" and "incorrect" are used around the world?

Just for a laugh,
Let G be a graph,
With points called P
And edges called E.
Now draw a line
(just anywhere's fine)
And split up P,
Some for you, some me.
Now look at E,
And how it links P.
If every line
Connects yours to mine,
That graph called G?
Bipartite. QED!

weirdly, the custom element code I copied from MDN didn't work in Chrome, for <undisclosed reasons>. I've found a way of making it work now

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The talk went really well last time, so I didn't want to change too much. One thing I'm really struck by now is that every character in the story, including me, is a white man. I'm not sure what to do about that.

I'll tell the kids that the story took place in a time when you pretty much had to be a well-off white man to dedicate time to maths and have me end up knowing about it.

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