@loke yeah, I've been putting this off. I've tried once or twice in the past, and always give up before making anything that works. This time I've got to stick with it, because it's for work!

Today: trying to build an Android app. Currently 10 minutes into waiting for "create a new project" to finish. Something called Gradle is making my whole PC very stuttery

@robertbrook wow! They must have decided it's not worth supporting Ubuntu for average use

@pkra the list of things that should be basic academic training is so long that nobody would ever start their jobs

You can play the game at geogebra.org/m/urrmrv2f.
I'm not saying I expect the author, Alexander Huber, to fix this - I think this was just made for fun.
But when you're making stuff like this for work, you really need to consider basic accessibility problems like this.

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I spotted this Mastermind game made in Geogebra, and it turned out to be a good example to show the difficulties I have due to colour vision deficiency, and how you can design an interface differently to avoid them.

I plan to tell my class that I don't think they are a proper class at all. If they agree, then I'll know they get it.

I have a new sequence: " a(n) is the smallest k such that k! has at least n consecutive zeros immediately after the leading digit in base 10."

@pkra Hah, just checked my work email and they sent me a message yesterday evening!

@JordiGH you think the people who named git and GIMP wouldn't jump at the chance?

@pkra they apparently didn't enjoy my talk last year enough to tell me about this year's conference!

The urge when faced with a minor feature request to retreat to the woods and spend the next decade rewriting all your stuff in Elm

@loke @grob @rysiek not shown: the 5 minutes at the start when it wouldn't display the editing caret, and the Home and End keys didn't move it

Microsoft Word: now that ordinal is a superscript! You're welcome!

Also Word: now everything is superscript! You're completely welcome!

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