:chalkdust_scorpion: Does form going into the play-offs predict your success? Pietro crunches numbers from the football league in this blog from the archives chalkdustmagazine.com/blog/the

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:chalkdust_scorpion: Hot water can sometimes freeze faster than cold water. But why? @OliverSouthwick explores the Mpemba paradox in this article from issue 02 chalkdustmagazine.com/features

:chalkdust_scorpion: In this blog from our archives, Atheeta talks about different species trying to outcompete one another! chalkdustmagazine.com/blog/evo

:chalkdust_scorpion: Do aliens exist? Eleanor takes a look at the equation that claims to offer an answer in this blog from the archives: chalkdustmagazine.com/blog/the

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:chalkdust_scorpion: Back in issue 2 we interviewed Fields medalist Artur Avila. His home city of Rio de Janeiro also hosted the 2018 ceremony chalkdustmagazine.com/intervie

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:chalkdust_scorpion: In this blog from our archives, Mart explores why it is so hard to pull two interleaved books apart! chalkdustmagazine.com/blog/why

:chalkdust_scorpion: Let's take a look back at one of our previous summer projects where we consider how a gravity model can be used to examine human migration! chalkdustmagazine.com/blog/mat

:chalkdust_scorpion: Do you think you spend longer than you need to playing Pac-Man? If yes, check out @mscroggs's article from issue 01 about the shortest path to do a level. chalkdustmagazine.com/features

:chalkdust_scorpion: Ever wondered how beer is made? Check out the mathematics of fermenation in this blog from our archives: chalkdustmagazine.com/blog/the

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