@christianp I remember a conference talk on the proof that braid groups are linear. The presenter explained that his proof would use "forks and noodles," and went on to clarify that "noodles" are embedded arcs that represent certain cohomology classes, and "forks" are, "...um, what you use to detect noodles."

Mathematicians: the first step in solving a problem is to write your problem out in the simplest terms you can.

Also mathematicians:

Sigh, searching for some resources on something, and search engine suggested straight up transphobic hate on the first page. I'm fine, but it just saddens me that hate optimizes so well.

Wow, I just typed xrange in a Python file like it was 2.7 all over again. What the hell....

Apparently Signal Desktop doesn't recognize links to toots as links due to the @ character?

This is my favorite line of the talk, on why one would make a language:

When we write code, we are restructuring our thoughts to fit the language of the computer.

When we design our own languages, we rewire the computer to match the structure of our thoughts.

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Today, I had the honor of joining Simon Devitt as a guest on the meQuanics podcast, in which we discussed everything from statistics of quantum systems to reproducible science. Give it a listen and join in the discussion! ♥

Testing \(\operatorname{zero}\), \(\operatorname{succ} \operatorname{zero}\), \(\operatorname{succ} \operatorname{succ} \operatorname{zero}\), …


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