I hate how easy it is to procrastinate by doing other shit that you also need to do.

Hot take: Picard S2 is good in no small part because it was honest in recognizing that modern settings are inherently eschatological.

We are, in many ways, facing existential danger. Too many works are set in a world much like our own, but with that threat surgically removed.

New gift idea for the Rust developers in your life.

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huge find at the flea market

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Netflix privileged bullshit 

Netflix wants to drive out all their employees who aren’t cishet able bodied white men


No, police are what's threatening our communities. Giving them more money only deepens and intensifies those threats.

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We need to fund the police with the resources and training they need to protect our communities.

That’s why we designed the American Rescue Plan not only to beat the pandemic and rebuild our economy — but to restore public safety.

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Bloody hell, how many places can I still have to change my name?

I'm leaving tech to go to the doctor tomorrow and will be back in the office tomorrow.

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I'm leaving tech to;!

Whelp. twitter.com/film_girl/status/1

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As it turns out, not even Rust can prevent you from making stupid mistakes in other languages.

PCI Media Mail, really reliable and cheap, but very high latency and no comics allowed.

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PCI Express implies the existence of
PCI Overnight

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This may be my most niche tweet since "the standard quantum limit is neither standard, quantum, nor a limit."

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It continues to provoke nerd-rage (as per @BenCriger@twitter.com's wonderful neologism) that column-stacking won out over row-stacking. Sigh.

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Every. Single. Time. I. Write. Column-stacking. Code. I. Miss. A. Transpose.

I'm moving to the Seattle area soon to escape anti-trans laws in Oklahoma (they're considering banning all gender-affirming care, and my wife has had actual trans harassment). I have a roommate from Pullman also moving to Seattle.

Does anyone know where I should look to find reasonable (in cost, safety, etc.) housing for 3-4 people?

Other thought: what I wouldn't give for an `einsum!()` macro right about now.

I'm starting to understand the value of the `yeet` keyword proposal.

uspol (-) 

Cool, but um... feels really performative? Like what can the Seattle City Council do versus the Supreme Court? How will this actually help?

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BREAKING: The Seattle City Council has passed a resolution opposing efforts to overturn Roe v. Wade and, among other things, declaring the Council’s intent to fund expanded access to reproductive healthcare.

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