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I'm looking at apparently inadvertent reply-all emails from the members of the "Senate Technology Services Committee". :hopper: save us all.

I can't tell if this octopus is angry with me, or just trying to blend with the sponge beside them.

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Is there a #Fediverse client who can work with thread trees instead of series of columns?

-writing of the day: Use up to 250 words to provide an executive summary. "Your executive summary should at least contain the following sections: overview of the project, the main goal of the project, the specific objectives of the project, the deliverables or the applications that will result from your project, and a concluding statement." Umm. OK so 250 words and 6 sections. Can I write this ?

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Algorithms, Jeff Erickson's open-licensed algorithms text, is finally more-or-less complete and available in prepublication form at (via

Err. I meant above the reach of small children. I have no subconcious urge to electrocute small children. Honest!

On the plus side, it's hanging in the air about the reach of small children.

Apparently it is in . Although the don't seem to really get this.

For scale this truck is in the usual (small) Japanese parking spot.

I found this photo studio looking for a restaurant in the back streets of Shimogamo, a genteel but somewhat less touristic part of Kyoto. I'm guessing the studio is abandoned, but it could just be owned by someone with a unique sense of style. The fading has given a monochrome look, but if you look closely you can see some green as well as the dominant magenta.

Finally got around to reading Fandom for Robots, on @lapis 's recommendation, and now I recommend it to you too:

It's really cute and makes me feel a little less dorky for getting into some fandoms.

For reasons that I probably don't have to explain to most of you hippies, I'd like to replace google hangouts messages for the small number of correspondents that I use it with. What is the least bad alternative? I do like the shared desktop / android messages view.
Ideally the software should be usable without mad haxor skillz.

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Am I a bad person because the phrase "Explain it like I'm 5" annoys me? Possibly. Actual 5 year olds are cool, and fun to explain things to, on the other hand.

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