OK keyboard nerds, what should I buy for the office? I just got cherry mx browns (Rosewill RK 9000) at home, which makes me realize just how bad this Dell keyboard is. Convenient shipping to Canada would be a plus.

Is there a way to see e.g. every second post from a prolific bot/human/alien/pet ? I'm sortof mildly curious, but I don't really want to scroll back though a solid wall of postings from the same entity in the morning.

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Meh. Old home computer needs to be put down. It's become incontinent, blind, and it's in constant pain from the arthritis. Unfortunately one of the things that isn't working right is USB3, so currently running backups on USB2. So slow.

tiny horseshoe crab from cape may

boost so he can get big and strong like his prehistoric DNA dictates

I'm fine with French-English bilingualism, but bilingual URLs are dump. Who the hell can remember nserc-crsng.gc.ca?

Yes, I know about search-engines, tyvm.

The yellow stingrays are much smaller than their southern stingray cousins, and much more likely to be found in a reef, As you can see they still like a nice patch of sand.

Good morning! Here is a photo I took of an Amsterdam canal with a pinhole camera.

Pitch: self-driving cars but they're on rails and carry hundreds of people and have an operator and they're called "trains" instead.

@pixelfed I was just trying out pixelfed.social and it seems like there's a pretty low limit on the resolution of uploaded photos. Is that correct?

The long sharp looking things are the spines that give this spiny lobster his name.

@snailix Do you know what this thing is? It's about a meter long, about 1cm in diameter and moving pretty fast through the water by spiralling its body. The fast moving (and night time) is excuse for a pretty terrible picture. .

I know modcloth is now owned by walmart, but this dress has both and and it's testing my resolve. Anyone have alternative nerdy dress recommendations?


@Elizabeth_Fitz Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed Akata Witch, which I listened to (audiobook) based on your review of Akata Warrior. It's true there are certain parallels with the Harry Potter universe, but that was only occasionaly distracting for me.

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