Chronical of Higher Education: How Higher Ed Can Stop Affirmative Action for Rich White People
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Me, first thing this morning: Oh, that's cool, someone cited a paper of mine in a (practical sounding) remote sensing paper.

Also Me, 10 minutes later: Oh dear. Clearly they just wanted a generic reference for a machine learning technique, which my paper is not. 🤦

I reported my first upstream bug in Python last Friday, and it was fixed in git today. So next Python 3.8 release candidate we'll all be able to breath a sigh of relief and go back to using set_content("") on email messages. Because really, we get so many content free emails, Python should help us send them.

In a complete turn of events, I got to know am speaking at Pycon Africa. Am humbled and honored to join Pycon Africa. But hmm I pity the chair of this conference ... well I guess I have a talk to prepare for 😎


Ok, Kanye for President of the USA is only slightly less ridiculous than the incumbent. However, I fully endorse replacing the current debate format with freestyle raps.

Nerd worlds collide 

╭─ convex:software/upstream/notmuch/test
╰─ (git)-[pokemon]-% git push gitolite pokemon

Not counting repeats, I count 3 kinds of nerdishness here.

I'm not actually a pokemon go player, but I'm engaged in trying to stamp out uncaught exceptions.

"Laughing doesn't mean you are not taking things seriously: you might for example, be a hyena". Alexandra Petri.

politics, race, tech vocabulary 

found a proposal for "allowlist" and "denylist", which would take a bit of getting used to as verbs, but are probably fine.

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Apropos of nothing in particular, today I learned how to block people on Mastodon. Remember kids, free speech rights don't mean anyone has to read your BS.

politics, race, tech vocabulary 

At the risk of trying too hard, what are good words to use in place of "blacklist" and "whitelist". "blocklist" is actually a reasonable word, although maybe edit distance 1 is too cute. "banlist" is a potential alternative. "privilege-list" in place of "whitelist" has advantage of trolling certain people, but doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. poslist and neglist sound a bit dystopian, but are short and clear.

The annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing is happening online this week, and all the research talks are being made public on YouTube. You can find them through this playlist:

Dear DHL

The USA is not on the way from Hong Kong to Canada.

@christianp It seems like there is no tag for Numbas 5.0 on github. I'm guessing it is one of the June 11 commits, but dunno?

Err. My bad, General Gordan Granger. Happy Juneteenth anyway!

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"The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free."

- Tweet from General Gordon

CANPOL. Guns. 

Fellow Canadian: Grumbles that some class of guns is newly classified as forbidden in a particularly Kafkaesque way; it would be illegal to remove them from your house to take them to a police station. Also, Indigenous Canadians are granted an exception to hunt with these assault rifles.

Me: On the other hand, you are not in danger of the police breaking into your house and shooting you, which seems to a be problem for Indigenous Canadians. Probably a good tradeoff

FC: agreed.

First World Problems 

Supposed to hit 35C here (before humidity adjustments) today and the air conditioning is out. Not planning a super productive day.

I communicate with 2 people using Google Hangouts. I would like one less proprietary messaging application in my life. I do like that it doesn't rely on a running instance on an apple / android phone. Suggestions welcome.

I'm conflicted. On the one hand a good cause, on the other hand I don't really play games, and I don't like installing non-free software on my computer(s). But maybe you don't have these issues and would like

While (obviously?) less important than systematic racism, it is interesting for me to re-examine my mental classifications, and why I think it's OK for books to be non-free (although not DRMed), but not games. And what about streaming TV? Complexity.

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