I'm logged in with a password and username. Why are you making me complete a reCaptcha to prove I'm not a robot? If the bots have my passwords, I think we have bigger problems.

It's so easy to spend fifteen minutes doing nothing important, but very hard to spend fifteen minutes doing nothing.

why did the computer science student take 2 hours to order icecream? Show more

Automatic propagation of configuration is a great way to discover that my computers differ in important ways, or how I ended up with no /etc/resolv.conf.

"Price Change
Ticket price changed from C$1,545.17 to C$2,367.17. Because prices change often, we recommend booking now to lock in this price.". Uh, no. Good try though!

Oh, now I it , the "express" only stops 3 times in the 100k inhabitant Schwerin instead of 4. An there I was thinking you didn't understand "express"

swearing. WAPO. Show more

the goal of agile was supposed to be about getting work done more efficiently and being more transparent about what you were doing, not spending half your week in Mass with the Scrum Pope

Maybe my memory is too paranoid. Shred on magnet disks, straight on the partitions, are there obvious weaknesses?

If my server explodes because it can't handle the multiple shred processes am I happy or sad?

Just outside the cs and engineering library. They are single person rooms so I guess it was an easy change.

Great new technique for reducing inbox clutter: realizing those emails all had deadlines of several weeks ago. 😋

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