Today, May 12th, was chosen as a day to globally celebrate women in mathematics . It was the birthday of Maryam (1977-2017), the first and only woman to win the .

covid (+?) 

Second boosted. Weirdly the shoulder opposite where I was stabbed is sore. Oh wait. The dog really didn't want to go home quickly.

A "hybrid" course at #CHI2022 in which the instructor and all registered (paying) attendees were remote. Someone was guarding the door to make sure nobody snuck in to watch the Zoom session being projected to the completely empty room.

University Life, Irony is like Bronzy, but harder. 

My employer is offering training on "Virtual Fatigue: Prevention and Practical Tips to Reduce its Impacts". You guessed it, said training is on Zoom.

University life, unintentional nazi reference. 

I do a double-take every time I log on to to check my account balance or look at a student transcript.

How do you like to watch video / TV / movies in languages other than your native one?

Actual length of body is about 1-2 cm. Antenna and limbs go out a fair distance beyond that.

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Pederson shrimp. I /think/ this is a female "pregnant" with a load of fertilized eggs.
These shrimp are famous for living in anemones (and not being stung) and for cleaning the parasites off the skin of fish who come and hang out at a "cleaning station".

GPT-3 poetry / undergrad philosophy lectures. 

<bremner> the qualia of being a bat, on the other hand
<judybot> is a completely different thing: a glimmery spark of light in the darkness of space, a tiny pinprick.

I suppose it makes sense that I make a glaring spelling error when talking about technical flaws.

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I almost through this away, there was very little dynamic range or color in the raw image, and the focus is not great. A little fiddling with and it is a good example (IMHO) of why technical issues are not everything in photography.

NBPol, gender 

The small college town I live in has a relatively high fraction (for Canada) of trans and non-binary people according to Stats Canada [1]. Before all of fedi moves here, read the second part about availability of health services. It's not Texas level hostile, but it isn't great.


Musk Social, USPOL 

How long before DJT is back on Twitter? Should we have a betting pool?

Belize, Sea Slug 

Lighthouse reef atoll, Belize, April 2022. From a night dive.


I understand there are some pragmatic reasons for this, but it is still remarkable that a card-carrying fascist conceded their election loss more graciously than the 45th president of the USA.

just discovered a lorem ipsum generator that uses Québec's unique agglutinative religion-based swears



Perversely the "grab me if you need help" regulator (mouthpiece) is yellow by tradition. High visibility I guess.

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I was thinking [1], often in a technological context green means safe, but not always. The exception I thought of so far is oxygen regulators for divers, which are indeed safety gear on the surface, but will kill you below about 10m depth [2]. So not to be blindly trusted. Are there other interesting exceptions?

[2]: I didn't work out the exact oxygen toxicity risk, but, anyway, it involves humans, so the answer is complicated.

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