New blog post: Relevant neighbors,

It's triggered by my new arXiv preprint (and SOSA 2022 paper) "Finding Relevant Points for Nearest-Neighbor Classification",, but really the content of the post is more closely related to earlier work by @bremner @patmorin and their coauthors.

We undermine our own advocacy by not leading by example when we can. @mako's seminal essay makes the great point at we cannot allow ourselves to be at the whim of the companies whose tooling we do not control.
By ceding control to proprietary platforms, we set ourselves up for failure when they inevitably fall down or ask for more.

CANPOL, Truth and reconciliation. 

It was a struggle to read to the end of these stories [1] of Wolostoqi and Mi'gmaw children suffering abuse in day and residential schools.
Some of these (then) children were in school at the same time as I was, and are now my neighbours and colleagues. I can't pretend this is "just" history.


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Is there any legit mail from the ".bar" tld? Currently being spam flooded, considering dropping the whole domain.

CANPOL, Truth and reconciliation. 

Specific things I learned.

- Very basic stuff like names of first nations [1]

- Learned about the current state of the language. Seems fairly desperate in terms of fluent speakers [2].

- Learned about the Marshall decision [3]
and the life of Donald Marshall Junior [4].

- Tried (but stalled) [5]

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CANPOL, Truth and reconciliation. 

What I did on my day off (AKA national truth and reconciliation day). I struggled with what to do on this day that was different from other "days off work". I'm a bit pessemistic of the benefits of many of the "official" activities. They generally feel more performative than likely to lead to real change. Late in the day I settled on some self-study activities. It isn't much, but each of these small things at least feels real to me.


If anyone knows any local (Fredericton) charities related to the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, please let me know. Those, where someone can contribute financially.

Do not buy NFT made with my art.
Do not make NFT with my Creative-Commons artworks.
If you respect my art, remember and apply this.

Here is my article about what just happened:

#NFT #NFTCommunity

Silly. Food? 

Them: There was a case in France of labs storing cake in the same fridge as chemicals.

Me, an intellectual: Ah, so the cake is a lye.


Yay, the fake progressive beat the fake moderate.

pet peeves. software politics. 

I kindof hate free software projects being referred to as "products". Not sure if this is just my academic privilege talking.

CANPOL, Truth and Reconciliation Day 

So fellow settlers, what are doing for Truth and Reconciliation Day (Sep. 30) for those whose employers or provinces have declared it a holiday? Generic paid day off work seems a bit grotesque given the context.


Just read a blurb on the CBC about the local election, and the big deal was the local election (and the floor crossing of one of the candidates). Not mentioned was the fact that all 3 candidates are women. So, progress, maybe?

OMG, it's 2021 and we're having a mistaken-email +reply-all storm at work. Not sure if people didn't use email pre-covid, or what happened...

university bureaucracy. IT "service". 

So my genius employers replaced the emergency notification system on campus with a new system that only sends email by default (I previously had signed up for SMS notification). Today there was a threat apparently serious enough to evacuate 4 campuses of two universities, and I only found out by word of mouth. As it happens, I was in my office recovering from other bad IT decisions and unable to read email. Also, email is not real-time communication.

🤦‍♂️, police, diversity and inclusion. 

My hometown just hired a white male ex-cop to be the "inclusive program manager".


I cropped it a bit because I could not get as close as I wanted without stomping in the flower bed. I'm not sure what kind of Bumblebee, it looked a bit like the yellow faced bumblebee identified at


Trying to learn how to shoot macro hand-held. Found a little bee, doing their stuff. Lots of pollination going on, go little bee.

USPOL, CANPOL, cringe 

Whatever you think of the current choices in the Canadian election, Justin Trudeau stealing the "build back better" slogan from the Biden campaign is cringe-worthy.

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