Great. Popups are making Wikipedia unusable.

Things I really said on video today "One little trick for solving satisfiability problems".

I was initially distressed to learn I narrowly missed being classified as a baby boomer. But then I got over it and cranked Hendrix.

I have a 1TB seagate barracuda 7200 RPM spinning rust drive that is a bit noisy for running all the time in a desktop, but might make sense as an external backup drive. Otherwise it's going to continue to be a literal paperweight.

So I think I might need to buy a SATA PCIx adapter to add an extra SSD to my main desktop. It's a Dell 9020 mini-tower running Debian testing. Any suggestions? It doesn't have to have deal with any particularly heavy load, support RAID, or anything fancy. Marvell 9215 based controllers seem like they might fit?

I'm currently writing examples to go with Chapter 27 of Cormen et al 3rd edition. It's much uglier than the + examples I used to be able to write before gcc dropped cilk support. OpenMP is probably faster, but that isn't really the point. I hope releases soon. The fact that is not loading is not very encouraging.

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"We've simulated the outcomes in the remaining 4 swing states and there 15 ways for B to win and only 1 way for T to win.". So uh, way to make "T needs to win all 4 remaining swing states" sound all complicated and probabilistic. Sigh. Leaving aside whether that's a completely accurate summary of the race; reasonable seeming people can apparently disagree about "calling" states.

My submission to OEIS has been approved. :)

I feel slightly like a real mathematician! Even if it's just cataloguing someone else's work.

Me, an expert programmer: I'll just modify this assignment a little to make the hypothetical cheaters work a bit harder.

Python: "NameError: name 'NotImplimentedError' is not defined"



Hi peeps. I want to try to debug a bug report on . All my computers run Debian Linux (mostly testing). What's the laziest way to get a test environment for OpenBSD up and running? I have a working libvirt/kvm install, and if I must I can fire up virtualbox.

Cool trick of the day. Use org-babel for the code samples on Monday's quiz. Not only can I edit them with indentation and highlighting, but I can combine them all ("tangle" them) into a single file to distribute to the students.

OK, so my threshhold for cool is low at this point of the semester, but still, it's a nice use of so-called "literate programming".

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I secretly like keeping 2m away from everyone.

90 minutes bottom-crawling to find this amazing subject! Worth every minute. Sea-horses (this is a long-snouted seahorse, Hippocampus guttulatus) are very hard to photograph because they're so shy: to get these photos, besides shooting with a long lens, I had to hold my breath and inch forward little by little, snap, then backfin slowly away. Otherwise the seahorse will turn away from the camera and blanch in colour.

@christianp I bet at least part of the problem is the bare k n the range. If I write 1..{k}, then it stops accepting expressions, which fixes one of the issues.

btw, if your not christian, and wondering what the heck, this is

and numbas is pretty cool.

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@christianp I used the following JME formula as the minimum and maximum allowed value in a number entry field.
I had two students get answers rejected for k=3.

1. 4.6666
2. 1/3*(1+4+9)

I guess it's all just floating point error, but (2) is a bit more puzzling
since (1+4+9)/3 is fine.

Do I need to specify some slop in my upper and lower bounds?

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