Me, a computer scientist: Why yes, I am working on a perl script to generate input to an emacs-lisp program to generate PDF that calls emacs to evaluate racket snippets, why do you ask?

So people, are Shearwater dive computers as great as the internet claims? Thinking about a Perdix AI, although it's probably more computer than this warm water rec diver will ever need. There don't seem to be many active display computers that are not also way more technical than I'll need in the forseeable future,

Now wondering if I can use "Jet-lag" as an excuse for symptoms of aging and malaise for the rest of the year...

So jet-lagged from 14h time change from Japan (or 10h time change, if you want to make it sound less impressive), went to sleep at 9PM on new years eve. On the other hand, first one in my house to greet 2020. The dog was happy to have breakfast at 5AM, then went back to sleep.

I started playing with simplescreenrecorder [1], and for some reason I find the preview feature mildly hilarious.

[1]: Which hasn't annoyed me in the first ten minutes.

To everyone who still makes text-based tutorials, thank you!

I'd much rather follow a text tutorial than wait 15+ minutes for a video tutorial to load.

Your work is very much underappreciated. Thanks again! 💜


rant, infosec, have you tried turning it off and on? 

rant, infosec, have you tried turning it off and on? 

TFW one of the things I just wrote in my research proposal a few days ago, turns out to be already done, sortof by accident.

software hot take :fire: 

Um. Today I received an email (an unkind term would be spam), from "acquisitions editor for women’s, gender, and sexuality studies at Canadian Scholars/Women’s Press." I mean, I sometimes write my pronouns on conferences badges, but I don't think I'm quite ready to write a book on gender studies. If some of you are, I'm sure would love to hear from you.

Don't tell them I said so, but sometimes my students impress the heck out of me.

prof whinging 

TIL "discourse particle". Not about fedi-politics, except as describing our foul language.

CANPOL, prof. whinging, repeat's 5 Reasons Publishing in Open Source Code is a good idea in general #allthingsopen

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