Me, that guy making the meeting run long: we should reveal the total number of votes cast in university elections.

Powers that be: But that will make us look terrible. Only about 10% of eligible voters actually vote.

Also me: that's exactly why we should publish those totals.

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oh sure at first boomers were all "stay in school, kids" but now they're all "we didn't mean *that* long"

I didn't bother opening the covers lest I lose my temper. Sexism should have no place in mathematics.

Huh, interesting.

Hilbert :hilbert: named infinite eigenthings "spectrum" and "spectral analysis" without knowing that some day the theory would be applied to actual spectra in optics. I always thought it was the other way around, that physics inspired the terminology!

It seems to be a topic much discussed in the object oriented programming literature/blogosphere, where inheriting a square class from a rectangle class is claimed to be problematic. This mainly seems to have to do with mutating objects, so afaik not something geometers should care about, unless they are also Java programmers 😉

Those self-help books about "trust is hard" are actually about gpg.

Subject: *Invitation - Announcement of the NRC-CIC Cybersecurity Collaboration Consortium / Invitation - Annonce du Consortium de
collaboration sur la cybersécurité du CNRC-CIC

✉*CAUTION:*This email comes from outside of UNB. Do not open any links or attachments unless you recognize the sender and know the content is safe.

I run my own mail server, but for somewhat obvious reasons I don't want the "emergency" mails for that server to go to itself. What's a good choice of not-too-expensive backup mail service? I currently use gmail for this, but I'm not super happy about that (choose your own adventure/reason).

Dear sphinx-doc devs;

I know, I've been (still am) that dev who is convinced some missing feature is wrong headed and/or not worth the trouble. On the other hand, when there are multiple user extensions floating around with names like "fixed_only" and "sane_only", maybe it's time to reconsider how the 'only' directive works in sphinx-doc.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...
rackunit and Racket's submodule syntax are hands down the best test writing experience I've ever had is live! 🎉
This is an interactive tutorial which will teach you how to use git send-email to contribute to open source projects using git's built-in email tools.

I guess I've actually been doing without calling it that.

I've been refactoring code in order to explain it to students in a lecture. It's time-consuming, but quite satisfying. One thing I noticed is the goal
presenting code in little pieces leads me to make different programming choices. I just refactored one 30 line function into two smaller ones, using a local helper function, then pulled the helper function out into its own real function, adding parameters, when I noticed it matched a step of the high level explanation.

Me, a doctor of computer stuff: Damnit, why won't this VPN connect.

Also me: oh damn, the ethernet cable is unplugged.

Dear Software in the Public Interest

If you want to encourage me to vote, tell me what the vote is about without having to dig out my password and login.


I can neither confirm nor deny being responsible for what I just discovered behind my desk.

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