programming, kruger numbers 

I feel like it is probably not a coincidence that my program is crashing after processing 999 documents.

I have the feeling the laptop battery is not supposed to look like that

covid (+) 

First jab appointment in 2 weeks, about 2 weeks ahead of the previously announced schedule. So now you can probably work out that the Beatles were still performing when I was born.

As an update on the "Hypocrite Commits" scandal, the authors have now withdrawn the paper from the IEEE S&P 2021 symposium.

Withdrawal letter:


Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

I would appreciate it if you boosted this toot. :-)

Install's GNU parallel to check it works in place of moreutils parallel in my test suite. Annoyed by all of the output from the citation request.
Read suggestion to run "parallel --citation".

Lot's of output, followed by "Type: 'will cite' and press enter". Now really annoyed.

> will cite when hell freezes over

Thank you for your support [...]


It is really appreciated. The citation notice is now silenced.

Yes, I feel better. Thanks for asking.

COVID, vaccines, prejudices about countries. 

PM Trudeau: Look, AZ vaccine is fine (gets shot).

Critics: OK, but how do we know this is the stuff from the shoddy US supply, and not the high quality stuff from India.

Me: I did not expect that.

That feeling when you realize you've been listening to an epic fantasy audiobook on shuffle. Where did that previously dead character come from?

@martijnbraam I wanted to mention that I used JumpStart the other day to install on a pinephone and it worked great, no fuss, no muss.


Dear USA;

If you really want the entire world to hate you (more), then refusing to take the vaccines the rest of the world is desperate for seems like a good plan.

Best of luck,

The World.

Laurentian. University Politics. 

I think the fact that they cut the mathematics program before varsity hockey tells you everything you need to know.

Covid, NBPol, SportBall. 

"No travel is recommended in and out of lockdown or Red level areas except when necessary, such as for medical appointments and essential work. This recommendation includes no travel to hockey games or other sporting events in other zones."

Wait, are you saying hockey is not essential work? What kind of un-Canadian monsters are you?

violent metaphors, covid-adjacent. 

A well intentioned epidemiologist writes: "Vaccines are not bulletproof vests" [1].

me, that guy on the internet: Well actually, bulletproof vests won't help you if get shot in the head, so analogy is actually pretty good.


So I was running on , as one does on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and it reported 14.26 person years of development. Somehow that amused me, given the project is only 12 years old, and doesn't have any full time developers. Probably more interesting is that about 30% of the source is tests (yay!) in bash (boo!).

Royal Death 

OK, I get it, Prince Phillip is dead. No further news coverage is needed or wanted.

USPOL, cryptocurrency 

TIL Matt Gaetz is a member of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus.
TIL there is a Congressional Blockchain Caucus.

You're welcome.

Selfie, ec sortof, covid adjacent. 

I will kind of miss this being the socially acceptable way to dress.

NBPol, CanPol, immigration, (+) 

Apparently before 1997, permanent residents (uh, I guess that's resident aliens for you yanks) could vote in municipal elections in New Brunswick. There's currently a campaign to restore that right [1]. It makes sense to to me, and reminds me of the EU model of letting EU citizens vote in local elections.

In true New Brunswick style, it sounds like the previous time the permission for permanent residents was just sloppy regulations.



No matter how bad of day you're having, you probably didn't destroy 15 million covid19 vaccine doses. Unless dear reader you work at . In which case uh, bad day. Better luck next pandemic?

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