If you use #emacs I suggest installing git-timemachine ( gitlab.com/pidu/git-timemachin ) I've wanted this functionality for so long!

Weather forecasting. 

Well, the forecast was essentially correct, today has swung 24C from when I got up this morning.

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Alc, beer festival 

In some ways having a selection of 24 regional beer is preferable to consuming all the samples on one day

Weather forecasting. 

OK, no disrespect to the weather forecasters out there, but if you report it is currently -17C, and that in 90 minutes it will be 1C, shouldn't you also report some kind of explanation / warning for the temperature gradient? Or rethink one of those numbers?

Serious Person> No matter how many videos are there with people petting sharks, I don’t trust them much.

Me, an intellectual> Agreed, I don't trust people much either. Especially people that pet sharks

The robot from NB public health pronounces my second name better than anyone in North America and 90 percent of Ugandans. Robots are taking over for real.

covid, NBPol 

Good news, at the current rate of vaccination, it should take less than 30 years to completely vaccinate New Brunswick. Assuming population holds roughly steady, which might or might not be a reasonable assumption.

[Less snarky version: last week only about 1000 doses were delivered to the province]

This terrible game which @bleeptrack@twitter.com and I made last year is currently annoying a lot of folks on Hacker News! :D Check it out if you haven't seen it yet! Can you solve all three levels? youshallnotpass.glitch.me

NBPOL. University politics. 

It sounds like the society's aims are laudable, but
"Pride of Race, Unity, Dignity and Education" [1] is a terrible initialism.

Anyway, that aside it will be great if they rename a street after Abraham Walker. Seems like a good candidate for renaming the Law building at UNB [3] as well.

[1]: cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswi
[2]: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abraham_
[3]: cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswi

covid mention 

Dear Youtube;

Just because I watched the live COVID19 update for the place where I live does not mean I want you to autoplay COVID19 updates from random jurisdictions.

I'm stuck with this bug involving slurm, PAM (apparently) and cpusets.


If anybody knows about these things (or maybe cgroups), I'd love a hint.

Tired: missing bugs because of inadequate tests
Wired: finding regressions with the test suite
Wish you were retired: debugging the test suite, only to discover there was no actual bug

USPOL, Covid, TIL 

TIL US Covid deaths have just surpassed deaths from all causes in WWII.
Canada is still at less than half of WWII casualties, but still a non-trivial fraction.

:happy dance, giant sigh of relief: The formal (digital) certificate for my Masters just came in. No paperwork glitch, no more stuck in limbo, it's there. It's real. M.Sc. Mathematics, Uni Goettingen, '2020.

Me, an intellectual: wow, all these people must think they are pretty clever entered "click to enter note" into their note field.

Also me: wait a minute...

Scary morning 

I felt slightly more sympathy for my dog who sometimes barks at inanimate objects after I was startled by this human shaped pile of blankets before my morning kovfefe.

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