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Tokyo. I am in you. Not that you will probably notice one more tourist.

Programmer friends: Many of us have deeply-ingrained habits of making fun of whichever languages, tools, OSes, etc we don't personally use. Please don't. I highly recommend reading Aurynn Shaw's essay on "Contempt Culture", which I have to revisit myself periodically: blog.aurynn.com/2015/12/16-con

It seems to me that this is really web 1.0 without the comic sans, but I approve. https://brutalist-web.design

I'm building virtualbox [1] images for students to use, and the lack of effective version control is making me crazy. I mean, boot the damn thing and see if an edit is there in a file? What is this, the 1970s?

I've been playing with keeping images in git-annex, but there's no real getting around the fact that these images are giant opaque blobs.

[1]: not my choice of VM, but *shrug*, I've used worse software.

woke up to the news of our paper comparing the B, Dash, and TLA+ declarative modelling languages being accepted at the MoDRE'18 workshop

great start to the weekend :)

I get to battle GnuPG today. My primary key needs its expiration date extended.

I've taken the week off from work.

exact citation styles are so ? ? ????

it's 2018. if there's either a doi or author+title in there you can find the full text. nothing else matters in practice, as long as it's not a complete mess

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Gary Bernhardt re-wrote an email by Linus Torvalds in a way that made it less insulting. Both the result and how he got there is a very readable and nice. Highly recommended: destroyallsoftware.com/blog/20

I need to rave about .

One of my colleagues has deep knowledge about calculations but doesn't write code, in any language. She was giving me instructions on how to perform a calculation, which I kept getting wrong. Frustrated, I just show her my Python code. She instantly recognises the error and tells me how to fix the code. This is the first time I show her Python.

Can *your* programming language do this?

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Britpol, but actually USpol could do with some of this.

utterly exhausted, and just found out this insane push I'm on for the past 5 days, and which I thought was just about over, is going to go on twice as long as I thought

plz send moral support