Lay very long in bed discoursing with Mr. Hill of most things of a man’s life, and how little merit do prevail in the world, but only favour; and that, for myself, chance without merit brought me in; and that diligence only keeps me so.

TFW you realize your clever planning means you have to pay the "valentines day tax" to stay in a crappy airport hotel, alone.

The 12 stages of dealing with CI failures.

1) It's a problem in the test environment
2-8) I'm too busy
9) OK, it's probably my fault, but it's in the test definitions
10-11) Still too busy
12) O Damnit that really is a bug in my software

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TFW you realize that server reboot you shrugged about happened in the middle of your weekly full backup, and left services operating read only on reboot.

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Good news this week that there are about 600 less dead of the plague than the last.

This weekend I wrote some Haskell (a tiny tweek to @joeyh 's ) to conveniently build Debian images for IBM s390x VMs.
My hope is that I can test the images on qemu on my desktop, then spin them up on a real mainframe. So far I just have them booting on my desktop.

@JordiGH I'm thinking of listening to one of the (English) librivox recordings of Don Quixote. Or maybe paying a few bucks for the Smollet translation, read by Simon Vance. ??

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Step 1. Replace all use of 'var' with 'let' in a JavaScript tutorial.

Step 2. Realize you just invented a word "Letiadic"

Step 3. Profit!

What's a good name for the style of booting qemu/kvm when you have to specify the kernel and initrd rather than having a bootloader in the disk image. Something like:

qemu $args \
-kernel boot/vmlinuz \
-initrd boot/initrd.img \
-append "root=/dev/vda1"

Direct booting? External booting? Unpacked booting?

I'm transiting through the USA is a month or so, and I don't really want to take my phone with me. What's a reasonable mp3 player? I just want to listen a few audiobooks / music. I was thinking of maybe running rockbox. My computers all run Debian GNU/Linux, so I don't want to deal with itunes or whatever crappy proprietary client. Well. I'd probably dislike itunes even if I ran Windows.

My Lord did whisper to me alone that things here must break in pieces, nobody minding any thing, but every man his own business of profit or pleasure, and that certainly the kingdom could not stand in this condition long, which I fear and believe is very true.

I wish google spent at least half as much effort on preventing spam being sent from their servers as they do on spam boxing self-hosted email providers...

I was set upon by the poor wretches, whom I did give good words and some money to, and the poor people went away like lambs, and in good earnest are not to be censured if their necessities drive them to bad courses of stealing or the like, while they lack wherewith to live.

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