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that if a finite poset has a unique maximal \(x\), then \(x\) is maximum.

If not, there is a \(y_1||x\). \(y_1\) is not maximal, so there is \(y_2>y_1\); we cannot have \(y_2<x\), else transitivity would give \(y_1<x\), and we cannot have \(y_2>x\) because \(x\) is maximal, so \(y_2||x\). Continuing, we build a chain \(y_1<y_2<\dotsb\) (with \(y_i||x\) for all \(i\)), contradicting finiteness.

(This proof also suggests a construction of an infinite poset without the property.)

“To deal with hyper-planes in a 14-dimensional space, visualize a 3-D space and say 'fourteen' to yourself very loudly. Everyone does it.”


Age riddle:
Triple younger doubled sibling, positive slope

In summer 2019, my department is hosting a workshop on mathematical and statistical perspectives of data science:

If you know anyone who would be interested in attending, please let them know!

"Nate's Silver Guarantee:
We 100% guarantee that these results are
at minimum 50% accuracte per race"

Look, OK, you can't start Christmas festivities in early November because if you do that then Christmas lasts two months. That's a sixth of the time. Any given day is more likely to be Christmas than Wednesday. That's not special.

So I've been exposed to R / SAS / SPSS for several weeks in this stats computation course now, and I reckon R to probably be the most useful pursuing further beyond the course (being completely free definitely helps).

Honestly though, is SAS and SPSS still in hot demand by companies as tools for stats/data work? Seems like Python and R are the more prominent options nowadays.

Quick question...

I've seen somewhere a question about (fib)²+41 always being composite, but my search-fu is failing me.


Any school applicants on masto?

What’s your timeline looking like this year?

Symmetric graphs constructed as the state spaces of rolling dice of different shapes:
It doesn't say so in the post, but Ed Pegg pointed out separately to me that if you do this with a regular octahedron (d8) you get the Nauru graph. A dodecahedron (d12) should get you a nice 5-regular 120-vertex graph (because each face has 10 orientations) – anyone have any idea what's known about this graph?

scientists are just people who didn't want to graduate ever. after a while they're like, "there's no more classes so you're a scientist now"

Inspired by an article in @chalkdustmag, I wrote code to generate Truchet tiles for any even number of sides. Then I looked up which tilings of even-sided polygons exist, and here we are:

When you mark a piece of work named "Mine", and wonder which student thought to write that... Then realise it is your solutions!!!

A = 0
B = 1
C = 10
D = 11

Given a binary number, substitute letters for strings of digits, e.g. 1001 = CAB.

Can you write an algorithm to find the ShortLex minimal letter representation of any number? ShortLex: compare by length, and then alphabetically, e.g. CA<BAA, BC<DA.

We are hiring! The Department of Mathematics at Oklahoma State has two tenure track positions available. Let me know if you have any questions I might be able to answer, and also if you're planning to apply!

From birdsite:

"Help! I need a doctor!"

"What's wrong?"

"He was shot!"

"I have a PhD in topology."

"Can you examine the bullet hole?"

"Still path connected, the homology is trivial."

A few tips on how to speak proper Mathlish from J.S Milne's webpage

Inspired by a line in a textbook about imagining people standing in circles to show set membership, I've made a @glitch simulation of people spontaneously forming a Venn diagram:

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