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Losing my mind reading an article about how AI can "solve" climate change. As if ExxonMobil execs are sitting around going "gosh we WISH we could do something about climate change but we just haven't found the right tech yet."

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life hack:

you can just say "websearch" instead of "google"

there is more than one search engine

don't internalize the brands' language

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Remember, it's okay to turn off the news for a bit.

completely not respecting the dead - Koch bros 

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für die nächste #RebellionWave ab dem 7. Oktober brauchen wir auch finanzielle Unterstützung für Flyer, Poster, Farbe, Anschaffungen für Aktionen und viele mehr!

Hier der Link zu unserer Crowdfunding Kampagne:

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meine Eltern haben heute beim Räumen eine Badische Zeitung vom 2. Juli 1988 gefunden... 😳

I used nextcloud for this before but it seems to be overkill now.

I installed syncthing today. I can recommend it for my simple use-case which is synchronizing files between my phones and my computer.

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You can now follow remote profiles on Pixelfed instances that have enabled the feature.

1. Search the full url (ie:

2. Click the follow button on the results page

3. You will start seeing posts from that account on your home timeline


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"Dude, suckin' at something is the first step to being sorta good at something." - Jake the Dog, Adventure Time

Finally, I got an idea how a type checker can be a proof verification system from this presentation:

My Agda installation is set up and the hello world is running. Can't wait to learn more about interactive theorem proving and dependent types :)

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Eindrucksvolle Bilder: wir stoppen den Klimawandel, wo er entsteht - in Europas größter CO2-Quelle


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Me at 9 am: Going to bed late was a bad idea, I should really not do that

Me at 9 pm: I should really start getting ready for bed now so I don't end up not sleeping

Me at 2 am: Oops

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Ouch. My girlfriend tried to install wine on Ubuntu to run the Adobe Reader, and now the entire system is unusable. I mean, probably some expert could've still saved it, but I've been using and programming on Linux since 6.5 years so if I couldn't figure it out, it must've been pretty badly broken. Quite disappointing, ubuntu.

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