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In 2021 german publishers and shops widely started to use a cookieless tracking technology.

It's based on your e-mail and login information, so you should know about it. Especially as you are even tracked without login.

How identity providers work

The authors of this website on bohemian matrices (semi-)automatically generated a list of conjectures with the help of the OEIS
I solved one of them and wrote a short blog post about it:

I am a bit addicted to feeding my installation with prompts. So far the most satisfying pattern for me is 'signature <artist name>'. Any tips for improving image quality and/or for text prompts are appreciated :)
@vgan @Quasimondo

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Which frontend do you use for OpenStreetMap on the desktop?

I've only tried the website and Gnome maps, both of which I found to have usability issues (specifically the search function could be (much) better).


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Habe gerade auf ein #samsung Galaxy S4 mini (LTE) aus dem Jahr 2013 #lineageos 18.1 aka #android 11 aufgespielt.

Keine Probleme, Gerät funktioniert super. Security-Paches 05/21 jetzt drauf.

Vor ca. 4 Jahren mal den Akku gewechselt. Sonst alles prima.

Ich bin hierfür:
- bei jedem Gerät muss sich der Bootloader entsperren lassen
- jedes Gerät muss einen wechselbaren Akku haben

Dann halten diese Geräte auch viele Jahre. Umwelt- und Ressourcenschutz praktisch gelebt.

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RT @LarsJohanL West Texas, storm chaser Laura Rowe captured the picture of a lifetime May 17, 2021.

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I chant integer sequences as lullabies. Soporific for baby, brain exercise for me.
Here's a sequence that I came up with for this afternoon's nap:


What's next?

I did some creative coding the other day. I'm quite happy with the results :) 1/2

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You do...

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Recyclebot is an open-source waste plastic extruder that creates 3-D printer filament from waste plastic and natural polymers. #recycling #opensource #climate #sustainability

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Wenn Du aus #Berlin kommst und #dwenteignen unterstützen möchtest, kannst Du über den folgenden Link von Zuhause aus unterschreiben:

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I'm not an employee, but a co-owner of a cooperative. As such, I track my hours.

A 5 hour workday is normal for me, with 7.5 hours being exceptional.

So yes, I think a 25-hour week is exactly what we should be pushing for.

Knowledge work, don properly, is *hard* and mentally draining - as it working on screens.

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I have been thinking about how different people interpret data differently. And made this xkcd style graphic to illustrate this.


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