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🚀 Unser IP-Lookup Service geht an den Start

Wir haben Neuigkeiten für euch: Ab sofort bieten wir einen IP-Lookup Service an, der euch eure IP-Adresse ausgibt.

Verwenden lässt sich das ganze unter

Ebenso lässt sich spezifisch auf eine IP-Version prüfen:
IPv4 ->
IPv6 ->

Endlich Schluss mit werbe- oder trackingverseuchten Webseiten nur zum IP-Adresslookup.

Darf gerne ausprobiert werden, viel Spaß!

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Why did nobody tell me about Consent-O-Matic? It's a browser extension that automatically clicks on GDPR consent dialogs to indicate that you do not consent to your data being shared. Available for all major browsers.

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kinder, podcast, frage 

Kennt jemand gute gaming podcasts für Kinder und Jugendliche? (Muss nicht rein gaming sein, aber halt auch.)

Kindv1 fand auf eigene Faust einen, der mir etwas fragwürdig scheint: von anderen Kindern/Jugendlichen (yay!), die begeistert von pay-to-win games erzählen, lootboxen "live" öffnen (nay!).

cc @monoxyd

New blogpost about an idea how to sample uniformly from the set of non-isomorphic connected graphs using metropolis-hastings. Do you think it could work or at least be modified to work?

I have been using for a month now - first for play then for work. It has one job - which is queing commands - and does it well imo

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Am Montag geht’s los! Wir haben die letzten Wochen an einem ganz besonderen Projekt gearbeitet: Wir wollen mit Euch zusammen die nächste open-source-Sorte möglich machen! 🎉

Dabei geht es um eine neue Roggen-Population, die noch keinen Namen hat, aber uns allen gehören soll. Ihr Saatgut wollen wir als Gemeingut schützen. 🌱

Warum wir uns genau diese Sorte ausgesucht haben, wie ihr mitmachen könnt und alle weiteren Details erfahrt ihr am Montag, wenn unsere Aktion online geht.


I've been playing with text2image networks again after 4 months or so. I was quite happy with the results @vgan @maltimore

It looks like the extension is a nice way to encrypt files and directories via nautilus.

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After two (generally happy) years with my xfce setup, I changed the file manager from Thunar to Nautilus. I would not consider myself new to linux but I could not figure out how to safely remove external hard drives using Thunar and ended up with a broken external drive as a result.

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Alice Yuan Zhang is a garden and web artist who just passed by to pick up #OpenSourceSeeds for an art project to be ready and demonstrated next Weekend (25.-27.2.) at the Living Solidarity Days at #Moos in #Berlin:

On that occasion she also showed me her project from last year: An "Open Garden" (in contrast to walled gardens) with a "public development", streaming on solar power and accesibility through the #Beaker browser: #solarpunk

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In 2021 german publishers and shops widely started to use a cookieless tracking technology.

It's based on your e-mail and login information, so you should know about it. Especially as you are even tracked without login.

How identity providers work

The authors of this website on bohemian matrices (semi-)automatically generated a list of conjectures with the help of the OEIS
I solved one of them and wrote a short blog post about it:

I am a bit addicted to feeding my installation with prompts. So far the most satisfying pattern for me is 'signature <artist name>'. Any tips for improving image quality and/or for text prompts are appreciated :)
@vgan @Quasimondo

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