Ah yes, the summer break. Book club will resume in September 📚

TYPES ‘22 has drawn to an end. Train to Paris in five hours 🚊

Looking forward to my book club tomorrow 📚

TYPES ‘22 is quite fun actually. Small crowd, some good talks. But yeah, normal’ish people compared to me 🙃

Waiting for the train to Nantes to attend TYPES ’22. 🚊

Less than 10 days left to collect signatures for the European Citizen's Initiative on Universal Basic Income

Germany is getting very close to the threshold! Come on!

Contrary to my sensibilities, nobody seems to be open to remote work across borders 😒

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When I moved from the US to Paris, my priorities shifted radically. What I had in the US was a job, and nothing else. In Paris, I have a rich and full intellectual and social life, but can’t seem to convince anyone to employ me 🙃

My insanely productive 1.5-week streak ended this morning, after a 2.5-hour discussion of my paper with my advisor. Looks like I’ve taken on a mountain of work 🌋

Finally re-organized and polished my personal website, after letting it rot for a long time. Design polish is still pending.


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Conflict between a Kitten in the middle and a parent cat who wants to sleep..

🐦🔗: twitter.com/apieceofnature/sta

My personal hell is Sundays, post 15h. Absolutely nothing is open, and the city is dead 😓

Had a wonderful souris d’agneau at my neighborhood brasserie 🐑

Meanwhile, even though inflation in France has ticked up in the last couple of months, the primary concerns are tabac and energy 🤭

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Customers in the US worry about increasing gas prices. Classic.

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Ugh, inflation numbers in the US were released late yesterday. Stocks are all crashing 😓

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