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@Gargron yeah, that too, but I was also surprised that Discord was not mentioned either! if Mastodon fediverse is the modern Twitter replacement, at least in my social circles Discord seems to be the popular modern IRC replacement.

Excellent, the bridge works now!

Apparently the guess no 2 was correct: the exact string '' isn't present in the atom feed entries, but 'masto2tweet' *is*.

Debugging my silly bridge:

Bug candidate 1. IFTTT can't handle at-sign in the atom URL , and encodes it as %40. in turn 404s. If this is the underlying reason, IFTTT won't work at all.

Bug candidate 2. I used "" as a filter in IFTTT. Looking at the atom feed contents, the actual entry in the feed presents the tag as a href element with spans and stuff, so IFTTT might have trouble with str matching. Removed #, let's see...

Only now I noticed that my masto-birdsite crossposter applet has description "This Applet usually runs within a few hours" so idk maybe it works ... but *very slowly*.

I guess I'll check my Twitter feed tomorrow morning and see if it has run.

"What Could Have Entered the Public Domain on January 1, 2018?
Under the law that existed until 1978 . . . Works from 1961"


I don't see anything on my Twitter feed yet though....

...I wonder if IFTTT is only being slow or if this isn't working :S

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I got the idea from , *except*

1. I think it makes more sense to tweet only the url to Mastodon message, not the content like in that Medium post.

2. I mark the Mastodon toots that should be crossposted to birdsite by (as crude control over what gets posted on Twitter).

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This is my first Mastodon message that should be shared to Twitter via ! thumbs up that it works 👍

I found two active Mastodon-Twitter crossposter tools:

However, I don't feel like setting up either of them, so first I'm going to try IFTTT atom-feed to twitter tool...

@Altruest That metaphor sounds very alien to me ... I don't view / as terms of human social relationships. I view them as services on the internet.

And the amazing thing about the / www was the idea that is a *network* of content: that on your website, you could easily add hyperlinks to other content, hosted somewhere else.

As long there's interesting stuff on Twitter, I view tooting Tweets on Mastodon as fundamentally same thing as tooting e.g. blog posts.

I don't have any hate towards Twitter, but as a FOSS / anti-walled garden nerd I like Mastodon and its federated nature more. But as long as Twitter has interesting comics/ML/and other communities who are not moving to Mastodon , I'm probably not going to abandon the bird ship *totally*...

What's your favorite tool for crossposting tweets/toots on Twitter and Mastodon? Currently I do it manually and boy that's confusing.

Today I was curious about the history of mathematical typesetting & historical typefaces used for #mathematics. I found these:

An essay on the #history of mathematical #typography

Is there a perfect maths font?

Daniel Rhatigan's Three typefaces for mathematics (direct link, 8 MB)

"The image, which was captured by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft prior to its fateful descent into Saturn’s atmosphere, shows Enceladus bathed in light from the sun. [..] it’s the hazy mist just below the moon that deserves your attention more than anything else.

That blurry glow is light being caught by powerful geysers of liquid water which the moon spews out of its southern pole. [..]"

keeps on giving us amazing visuals.


One thing I like about Mastodon: When I right-click on a link and select "Copy link location", I actually get the exact true link to e.g., not an unintelligent cryptic url that points who-knows-where and hopefully redirects to after doing who-knows-what.

"Nature asked six prominent sci-fi writers — Lauren Beukes, Kim Stanley Robinson, Ken Liu, Hannu Rajaniemi, Alastair Reynolds and Aliette de Bodard — to reflect on what the genre has to offer at the end of an extraordinary year. "

#sciencefiction #SF #future

@muninn Sorry about the tweetstorm (tootstorm!?!) ... as I said, I think this is an interesting problem to think about ... hope it helps!

(And please do toot something about the results if you can, I'd be very interested to see them.) 😄

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