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This predates my Mastodon accounts but it ought to be on here so here it is: my interactive blog about the domino computer.

Look, OK, you can't start Christmas festivities in early November because if you do that then Christmas lasts two months. That's a sixth of the time. Any given day is more likely to be Christmas than Wednesday. That's not special.

I have built this game, or perhaps these games. They are isomorphic action games β€” so by playing one, you automatically play the other.

The prototype was for so all in all this is about 2Β½h work β€” 1Β½ if you consider the clocks went back halfway through.

I just had, for the very first time in my life, super-cooled water in a bottle just spontaneously freeze on me.

The kind of stuff you only see in science Youtube videos.

And yes, it is every bit as surprising and awesome as those videos suggest.

I literally cracked the top of the water bottle, and started to pour it into my mug, and it froze from the neck up.

Still shocked at this. Nature's freakin' bizarre.

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What are people even thinking when they let a major news site look like this on a mobile?

(RT from birdsite)

If you start counting from zero your lips won’t touch until you reach 1 million.

Somewhat improbably from the b3ta newsletter, a Sierpinski Triangle-based game:

Move the mouse to set the zoom centre; try to zoom as far as you can without losing the fractal off the sides of the screen.

I guess you win if you find a point that's in the set so good luck with that.

Q: Why did Star Wars IV, V, and VI, precede Star Wars I, II, & III ?? A: Because in charge of sequence, Yoda was. -- via Bill Mullins

They really need to tighten up the rules on this puzzle.

I wonder what the normal amount to donate is…

*looks at sign*

OK, so that's Β£21k over 13 years, so about Β£1500 a year, which is Β£30 a week, and it's busy now but there's a big off-season so…

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