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Hello friends! Any resources (YouTube, blogs, books, podcasts) to recommend re: recreational math?

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What are some of your favorite things (theorem, technique, field, etc.) in mathematics?

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Also please share any cool math-related resources you know — I want to learn as much as I can!

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I figured it was about time to post an here. (Thanks again @christianp for inviting me!)

Hi! I'm Accio. I enjoy , , , , and . I am heavily considering a math-related career, so if you do math for your job, please share!

In my search to explore the lands of Mastodon, I have another account (@acciobooks).

Also, incomplete math project I did:

#Python devs, stop supporting Python 2 in your new libraries. At this point you’re just enabling bad behavior.

I should just film a video of me picking up objects in my own house and then commenting on them like an adventure game protagonist. "A coffee cup. It looks like it came from Baltimore. There're a lot of coffee stains inside."

Is it just me, or do most of the python github repos keep the user guessing, which python version they are using instead of mentioning it in the ?

if someone criticised Rube Goldberg i would simply flip a switch that activated a miniature train, pushing an egg into a series of tubes that lead to a wind-up car toy with a needle taped onto it, popping a nearby balloon which caused a small weight to fall on a button that starts a sowing machine which pulls on the fabric it's sowing, releasing seven small marbles that one by one fall into a bucket, weighing it down until the frying pan it's attached to falls from its shelf and bonks them on the head

Does anyone else sometimes get confused when you look at Twitter handles that are missing the second part (the domain) and think, ah, neat, someone on my own instance!

.. and then you get disappointed because it's not your instance at alll and you can never make it your own.

One of the most soul-crushing aspects of is reading the line "it is commonly known that..." in a proof and not knowing what the hell they're talking about

Re-posting & pinning my #introduction for any new folks:

Hi, I am an academic #librarian, #geospatial information scientist, computer scientist, #linguist (theoretically) and amateur #mathematician into:

#higherEd / #education,
#visualLearning & #infoViz
legal studies,
political theory & economics (MMT, etc),
#computationalSocialScience, and
#systemsScience (#SD and #ABM, etc).

I like #synthWave music and #garmentEngineering (#fashionDesign).

An #omnipologist if you will.

My phone said it wasn't raining, but I looked outside and it was. One of the few times windows proved better than Android.

I temporarily forgot if issues are pushed or pressed and both made sense to me.

2008: on the Internet, no one knows you're a dog.

2018: every site you've ever used has had a data breach and it's almost certain that someone knows you're a dog.

Do numbers like \(12=3\times 4\) and \(56=7×8\) have a name? Are there any more?

Hey newbies!

There are so many of you wonderful folks that I can't devote the time it would take to keep doing individual welcomes (sorry!), but I'm still really glad you're here! ❤️​

If you're into #DnD, then please enjoy this free electronic character sheet I made; think of it as a welcome present!

My door is always open, so to speak: feel free to @ me if you need anything, reply to any of my toots, etc. I'd love to hear from you! Don't be a stranger!

Hey, just for the entire instance and the fediverse: Just as you don't have to suffer randos jumping into your replies to 'well, actually...' you here, I would recommend against subtooting. Instead, sharpen up your de-escalation techniques and backing away from the keyboard when you get heated.

There's no need for every disagreement over how to use the platform to be so emotionally wrought, or the backlash so disproportional as to result in an entire instance soft-calling someone out.

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When I was a student, I saw how the cryptographic protocol RSA works a bunch of times. I don't know if I was not focused, if it was fast, if it was too hard for me or whatever, but the 2 or 3 first time I didn't get anything.

The 3rd or 4th time I understood it! Now I teach crypto (in particular RSA) and it's crystal clear 😄.

Moral (I guess): don't give up!

You know, building a blog is actually pretty easy.

The hard part, as I'm learning, is usability and access.

It takes a lot of effort to make a project usable for everyday folks and not just tech nerds such as myself.

My design background has really got me through some tough spots, but making a thing functional and somewhat intuitive is, well... it's fucking hard.

Still, I'm learning a ton of shit and it's coming out very well.

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