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/ (redoing it because I wasn't happy with my old one)

Hi! I'm Accio ^^
I'm (going to be, starting this fall) a university student studying and .

Other interests/hobbies/attributes include:


A slightly different reframing on a recurring philosophical question about : what percentage of do you believe is discovered versus invented?

Some of you may have had occasion to run into mathematicians and to wonder therefore how they got that way, ... -- Tom Lehrer

Hey thermal mechanics and material science nerds.

I have a question for you.

I've got a sphere of beeswax, 3mm radius.

I want to heat it up in my hands.

What is the most efficient technique?

Let's not blow up my mentions, considering what pressure and stretching and stuff do, then let me know.


There's the Christian notion of "born into sin."

I think this has been reworked into the secular humanist notion of "born into ignorance." The universe - and humanities interactions with it and itself - are too complex to be innately comprehensible.


The issue is that one can leave the sin one's born into through action, and so it is presumed one can leave the ignorance through action to.

However I think we are born into ignorance and can never leave it in a meaningful way. 1/n

an extended metaphor, applied to a discussion of trans terminology (450 words) 

proud to announce that i have been selected to represent "they/them" at the 2020 Miss Gender competition

8 Stages of Settler-Colonial Denial

1) We didn't exist
2) If we did, we weren't here
3) if we were, we didn't use the land
4) If we did, we didn't deserve it
5) If we did, we lost it
6) If we didn't, it doesn't matter any more
7) If it does, we need to move on
8) If we can't, we are you


Unknown source, but I like it.

I don't actually live in a post-capitalist wonderland all our public services are financed by corporations and the local university, but for the people living inside it, it's easy to see it that way!

like: free buses, but they're free because the university pays for them, and the university pays for them because they let researchers access the campus more easily.

Presidential Plans to Address the Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women Crises 

#Browsh is an advanced text mode #web #browser.

Browsh is a #terminal frontend for #Firefox that renders everything (including images) in text, with formatting preserved. Since Browsh renders to text the output can be sent over #SSH or #Mosh to conserve network usage by having a server grab large files instead of the client. Browsh supports JavaScript, HTML5, tabs, and most other features of Firefox.

Website 🔗️:

#free #opensource #foss #fossmendations

Looking for a in and ? It would be part time, some 20 hours a week, you set your own hours.

Message me for details if interested.

How many radians are in the slice of pie I stole while you weren’t looking?

lawyer: Your Honor,—
me as a judge: (bangs gavel) No. Shut up and go away.

The fight is necessary, but don't become the fight, don't limit your horizon to winning or losing.

if you only listen to convenient marginalised voices, and not the ones that destabilise and upset the comfortable world you have orbiting around yourself, than you're not really listening at all.

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