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Re- time!

Hi friends :) I'm Ray (they/them) ^^

I'm a ( ) nerd currently fumbling around () and degrees at university.

I love and books (esp. non-eurocentric novels), but I'm also down to expand my horizons :)

Other things I like discussing include , , s, , and

I hope you're having a good day :D

the most glaring hypocrisy of mastodon is that white people are allowed to express any kind of opinion and receive little to no challenge for it, but the moment a BIPOC expresses an opinion the white people come crawling out of the woodwork to reïnforce BIPOC's lack of right to have an opinion

Hi, I need money for #trans related clothes (~100?), #medicalbills (owed $400, and 3 more labs need to get done :flan_sad:), for a nice #Halloween (my favorite season!), to take my cats to the vet for a checkup, food, etc

Ways to give:

- Buy a #QTBIPOC Pride sticker designed by me, made by @popstar by messaging them or going here

- Paypal or Google pay (PM me for info

- Venmo (info in next toot)

- Boosting this! :boost_requested:

#crowdfund #disability #BIPOC

Racist-colonialist capitalism operates by misusing terms like "natural" and "universal," hiding its highly social and contingent assumptions under these platitudes, walling itself off from criticism like a coward.

The reason I feel it's important to so frequently and so vehemently kick scientific materialism as we know it in the shins is because it's unbelievably pervasive, and largely it's blind, that is, as an ideology it does not self-reflect. It wouldn't recognize itself in a mirror.

The most common defense is that "science is useful," as if demonstrating science's utility within its own parameters makes it safe. The problem is precisely its belief in the universality of its parameters.

How to function when your brain is busy being gay for boys: an essay by me

[the essay is blank]

maybe this is a hot take on an academia instance but i think rules against "cheating" by not letting students share code with each other are dumb as shit. if people are web searching answers to ur problems instead of coming to you or other students for help, maybe the problem isn't them?

everest pipkin on twitter said a while ago that if a student can cheat on ur assignment they deserve to and they are absolutely fucking right

Give someone a program, you frustrate them for a day; teach them how to program, you frustrate them for a lifetime. -- David Leinweber

"So you know when you’re flopping about at home, minding your own business, drinking from your water bottle in a way that does not possess any intent to subvert the Commonwealth of Australia?"

"For security reasons, we try to change our Prime Minister every six months, and to never use the same Prime Minister on multiple websites."

this is the perfect blogpost and you can't convince me otherwise.

money help, boosts +++ 

hello i’m too depressed to make a real post explaining the circumstances but i need money for rent and food. rent isn’t due for another week or two but the food situation here isn’t great and we don’t have much. :((( please help a fellow enby out. i’m trying to support myself and my girlfriend right now as neither of us are able to work currently.

i have venmo and cash app also but they deadname me so please dm for that info

Hey the flag I made, the queer trans BIPOC pride flag? Now you can get it as a holographic sticker! one for $4 and $7 for two! @popstar is making them, and they're being awesome and giving me $3 when you buy one and $5 when you buy two!

#bipoc #qtpoc #stickers

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I froze, sure I was on the nature path alone, "Hi?"

"I'm a bird helper," the small, high-pitched voice explained. It also seemed to be coming from some bushes.

"Are you... a person who helps birds or... a bird who helps persons?"

"Yes? Yes!" the voice sounded uncertain for only the briefest moment.


"Oh! You're about to walk into poison oaks."

"Huh. That's very helpful! Thanks!"

"Welcome!" the voice proudly chirped.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

Today in #Git Things I Do Frequently:

$ git tag help
$ git tag -d help
$ git help tag

mastodons understanding of gender vs mastodons understanding of racism

at last, I have found the enby agenda:
- destroy gender
- cuddle gays
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