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/ (redoing it because I wasn't happy with my old one)

Hi! I'm Accio ^^
I'm (going to be, starting this fall) a university student studying and .

Other interests/hobbies/attributes include:


I hav com up wit a gre tim sav dev. As wel as rou num to thr sig fig, I hav sta rou all my wor to thr sig let. Wit the spa sav by thi met I can fit muc mor int eac too, lea roo for ext con, lik thi lov poe:

Ros are red,
Vio are blu,
I lik to go
For a dip in the poo

Part of Bob Ross being as calm as he was was that he was in the military, in positions that required him to be "tough" and "mean," saying that if he ever left, he would never yell or raise his voice again

*Doorbell* Me: Hello? Fireman: Hi - do you have a smoke detector? Me: Yes. Fireman: Test it regularly? Me: Every time I cook.

solar energy, chemistry, alcohol 

Be the crow you want to see in the world!

• collect shiny things
• hop happily down the street for no apparent reason
• scream loudly when you see your friend


Your shadow shows that light has come nearly 150 x 10^9 m, only to be deprived of reaching the ground in its final metre, thanks to you.

Mental Health in the Mathematics Community, by Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson, Justin Curry, and Julie Corrigan, in the most recent Notices of the AMS.

fun fact about computer 

. @warpgate9 and I run a community #Minecraft server, . It's family-friendly, we have teeny tiny childlings playing there with their parents/siblings, and it's LGBTQ friendly and autism friendly (and just generally fosters a community of respect). It's a very kind, warm environment to play in. If you play Minecraft and want an inclusive and welcoming server to play on, check us out. :)

Hi hi hi! I uploaded a proof of concept puzzle game to Itch in an attempt to raise $400 to finish up the much-improved follow-up.

Boosting would be much appreciated.

#games #gaming

Oh hey, I finally got a pic of my first commission piece hanging. The client was out of the country and just got home.

Y'know if 1 person just 1 person blocks bigots, folk might think she's really sick and they won't like er.

An if 2 do it, folk might think they're both weirdos and they won't like either of 'em.

An if 3 do it; can you imagine 3 of us sittin down blocking bigots and carryin on? Folk might think its an organization.

An can you imagine 50 people a day? I say 50 people a day sittin down blockin bigots and carryin on?


today is the only day you can boost this but only if you also live in purple grid world

How should academics cite their transgender colleagues’ work produced under past identities? has more questions than answers but the advice at the end (when in doubt, ask them what they prefer) seems like a good idea.

"Paul, where are you?"
"I am definitely not hiding in the cupboard under the stairs so don't check there!"

#DnD #OutOfContextDnD #HitNAbyss

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