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Re- time!

Hi friends :) I'm Ray (they/them) ^^

I'm a ( ) nerd currently fumbling around () and degrees at university.

I love and books (esp. non-eurocentric novels), but I'm also down to expand my horizons :)

Other things I like discussing include , , s, , and

I hope you're having a good day :D

I used to not like the word 'enby' being used for me, but my bf told me it sounds like the word for 'my blueberry' in Arabic and now I am fully on board.

fun fact hot people need to hydrate more since being so hot means that the water evaporates from their bodies faster

*hands u a glass of water*

flags as language markers shitpost 

Select language:

🇸🇿 English
🇨🇲 French
🇦🇴 Portuguese
🇬🇶 Spanish
🇧🇾 Russian
🇳🇦 German
🇳🇪 Arabic
🇫🇯 Hindi
🇸🇲 Italian
🇫🇮 Swedish
🇸🇷 Dutch
🇨🇾 Turkish

I just remembered today is the Fifth of November.

1105 is also the smallest number that's the sum of 2 squares in 4 different ways.

the city put some new trees out along my street this year

they're government plants

(imagine trying to design technology for social communication while only using knowledge from STEM fields of research, not sociology! lol!)

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perhaps unpopular opinion (though perhaps not #onhere):

contributing to "open core" projects amounts to hidden labour.

Volunteering time and resources to contribute to the likes of Chef, Docker, Vagrant and surrendering your copyright to them is squandering your efforts.

These are massively funded companies which pay a team of developers to do that work. Why give away effort to do that work for them. Of course, they give the talk of we-are-a-community and try to lure volunteers to improve their product for free and on their time.

Fork their stuff. Rename and distribute. Until they compensate external contributions at the same rate as their internal devs, I see no reason to spend any brain cycle on that bug report or that potential feature.

#opensource #dev

If anyone ever gives you shit about your gender, they're just enbious.

I hate that I've seen enough 3Blue1Brown videos that I can nearly immediately tell if a youtube video uses manim or the same music 3b1b does

Which type of blob are you? binary, nonbinary, text, ascii-encoded binary,...

re: Dad Joke, explanation 

The joke setup looks like a classical riddle, but they are only counting how many letters are in the english words "what", "sometimes", and "never".

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Dad Joke 

What has 4 letters, sometimes 9 letters, but never has 5 letters.

Hey French and American folk:

Unless you are actively involved in advocating that your state make reparations to Haiti (and other slave colonies), you need to shut the *fuck* up about who might be culpable for climate change.

You took Haiti's topsoil for sugar to prop up your aristocracy, put them in debt when they fought for liberation, invaded them *repeatedly*, stole their material wealth, blockaded their ports, and continue to abuse their people through colonizer NGOs.

If it were *just* Haiti, y'all would be culpable. But it isn't. You genocided, burnt, mined, lumbered, farmed, the Earth to dust, stealing it all back to your own lands for your own enjoyment.

Fuck off.

You wanna see how openly colonialism still is practiced?

Ever seen a settler say to use spent coffee grounds on their garden because it's good fertilizer?

...Okay now think on that a moment.

*Where* did the grounds come from? *Why* is it good fertilizer?

Your coffee is the stolen wealth of those you subjugate, no metaphor.

Web dev has a host of ‘lost arts’: previously well-documented practices that have since faded away from the discourse. Behold RFC5005, a more detailed yet nuanced take on pagination than any ‘best practices’ blog post published in the past decade.

The golem twitched as the stone reluctantly sprang to life. It stared at the young wizard.
"Vat is your wish, master?"
"I want you to disobey this order!" the young wizard said with a smirk.
"Very well master," the golem growled slowly.
After minutes had passed and nothing had happened, the wizard started to tap his foot in annoyance.
"Well?" he snapped.
"Master, you told me to disobey you, but it is clear what you really wanted was to be entertained. Hence, I will disobey by doing nothing."

I'm chilly. [puts on hoodie]
I'm warm. [takes off hoodie]
I'm chilly. [puts on hoodie]
I'm warm. [takes off hoodie]
I'm chilly. [puts on hoodie]
I'm warm. [takes off hoodie]
I'm c

a superadvanced civilization decides to punish you (justifiably) by squashing you into a black hole

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