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the assassin and contessa from coup are dating

no I will not be taking questions at this time

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hi friends I’d like to use just they/them pronouns for now

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Hi friends! I'm Accio ^^
I'm a ( ) nerd currently studying () and at university.

My favorite genres are , , and in general, but I'd love to find more books to like :)

Other things I like discussing include , , s, , and

To be perfectly honest I boost more than I toot, but I'm usually down for a chat if you'd like to talk :D

good things:
- computers
- the internet

bad things:
- computers
- the internet

Being on the internet is a lot like talking with the fae. Giving your true name will give power over you, and you should be wary of any strangers offering you gifts.

every personality test is obsolete now that i can look at pictures of your Animal Crossing homes and deduce every single thing about you, from your relationship with your parents right down to your credit score.

I might reprise the #NoFoolin tag and post audacious things which sound like they shouldn't be true but actually are. Y'all are welcome to join in.

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apparently someone else feels the same way as me about the unaddressed wounds self-orphaned queer kids carry and the websites they install themselves in


i think the notion of forgiveness as something effectively mandatory that doesn't need to be deserved or worked towards & in fact absolves the forgiver more than the forgivee is one of the most pernicious parts of protestant ideology

Kiddo and I have an animal crossing island where the flag has a hammer and sickle (his idea) and the theme song is Funkytown (also his idea)

ffs, I'm amazed that so many people can't accept that Elon Musk is basically just a grandstanding tech bro who wants his name associated with solving all the problems.

It's ego and marketing, not a strong desire to help.

Flick is the most Mastodon character on Animal crossing

✨World weary expression belies uplifting spirit
✨Could be any gender
✨Art commissions
✨Obsessed with a niche topic (bugs)
✨Writes stirringly about their passion
✨Amazing personal aesthetics

What happens when half a cellular automaton runs Conway's Game of Life and the other half runs a rolling version of Rule 30 pushing chaos across the border?, via

I wish I could see a larger scale of time and space to get an idea of how far the effects penetrate. If the boundary emitted gliders at a constant rate they'd collide far away in a form of ballistic annihilation but the boundary junk and glider-collision junk makes it more complicated.

A variant of the classic 15-puzzle, where the puzzle is coiled around a cylinder. Unlike the original, this version is solvable because of the extra connection between the first and sixteenth squares of the frame. YouTube:

Happy international day of trans visibility, friends!

slang, question 

People often say "Have a good one!"

And I do appreciate it, but for what it's worth...

I've recently decided I'm working on having a good two.

i will purge weakness from this web site and you will all be reborn anew in the fires of suffering, free from the fears of flesh and nerve

So in typical American fashion, hospitals are FIRING DOCTORS AND NURSES who talk about how they are not getting the equipment they need. LIKE IT'S NOT A GOT DAMN PANDEMIC GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

It's like the want people to die. This is so absurd.

can i just say that setting my scruff name to "uwu" means that i get push notifications of 50 year old men saying "howdy uwu" to me out of nowhere and it gives me fucking life

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