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Hello friends! Any resources (YouTube, blogs, books, podcasts) to recommend re: recreational math?

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What are some of your favorite things (theorem, technique, field, etc.) in mathematics?

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Also please share any cool math-related resources you know — I want to learn as much as I can!

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I figured it was about time to post an here. (Thanks again @christianp for inviting me!)

Hi! I'm Accio. I enjoy , , , , and . I am heavily considering a math-related career, so if you do math for your job, please share!

In my search to explore the lands of Mastodon, I have another account (@acciobooks).

Also, incomplete math project I did:

1. Self-driving cars are claimed to be ready for the roads right now

2. The most reliable way to prove you are human online is to select regions of an image that contain a stop sign.

-- Nick M

I’ve been here a few weeks, so it’s time for a proper #introduction

i have an immeasurable curiosity about how different people live different lives & i consume lots of content (#documentaries, #podcasts, #books) on this topic.

i love to #read, #cook, watch #movies (#sciencefiction, #horror, #fantasy, #arthouse, #comingofage, anything #weird) go to the #theatre, hang out with my #rabbit.

i have a general plan to skill-up to make #jams, get back into #crossstitch and to learn #embroidery

One great feature someone could contribute to Odysseus is to apply the text zoom on a per-site rather than per-tab basis.

It wouldn't be a one-line fix, but it would still be quite trivial & should require minimal understanding of the rest of Odysseus's code.

A great starter issue!

Wanted: A Q/A style riddle that is still mildly amusing even when you've heard it 20 times. E.g.

Q: What do you give the person who has everything?

A: Antibiotics.

Go ...

I want to make a fancy looking certificate that says:

"Tautological Certificate

This is a certificate. This certificate grants a certification to the bearer. A bearer with a certification is certified. The certificate was granted to _______ from _______ on _______."

never understand when programmers confusingly abbreviate things or leave out whitespace. like are we experiencing a shortage of keystrokes or something

Is there a way to install stack on a Model B? I was looking online but found very little on the subject.

First piece of #art for #inktober !

It’s been a long while since I’ve drawn a ziphiid, so I thought I’d do a doodle of a Stejneger’s beaked whale. I kinda wish I had thought to do a strap-toothed whale instead.


Check out Vimville. It's not far from the shell station.

I did the thing!
I am not very good at the thing! But I did it! 😁

Day 1: "Poisonous"


So, Pixel FX Designer has been released on Steam !!! 😬

Please! Help us to spread the word with a Boost! or sharing in other social media, thanks! 💜

#gamedev #indiedev #PixelArt #mastoart #art #creativetoots #creative #digitalart

@acciomath The link between trigonometry and hyperbolic trigonometry and that when you're at school, you're told things like x^2>=0 or that sin(x)<=1 but then you find a magical world where neither of these inequalities hold. That leads to a whole new world of numbers and geometry.

Hello friends! Any resources (YouTube, blogs, books, podcasts) to recommend re: recreational math?

What are some of your favorite things (theorem, technique, field, etc.) in mathematics?

honestly there's a sort of perverse joy I seem to take in knowing I should've gone to bed already and need to be up at a certain time tomorrow but just... keep stealing that precious sleep away from tomorrow me, fuck tomorrow me he won't understand how important it was to mindlessly scroll social media at three in the morning man, he just won't get it and that's HIS problem not mine!

Need a pick-me-up?

Image search "baby [favourite animal] in pajamas"

I ended up finding a heartwarming story about saving orphaned baby sloths (the pajamas are part of a treatment for mites).

Cuteness score:

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