to rant
So I am in a group of writers, and some of them write sci-fi. And those some are like... "yeah I care more abt the fiction side so idgaf about science"

apparently I'm the only one bothered by this

it looks like someone's writing a bunch of aliens, who came from a planet nowhere near Earth but look exactly like humans except purple. Sure, convergent evolution is a thing but not this much.


sooo I'm back

cout << Silver.mentalHealt;

I'm skipping my classes. Fuck it, I'll earn something tomorrow, but today, I'm not one for human interaction. I'm doing stuff alone, and will come back to it later.

(from DM convo with @Silverrpent)
if trains are bad, why is there a :trainpats: emojo?
checkmate, atheists!

@grainloom Okay. Nevermind. I'll study in the evening or night. Drank coffee. It helped. Prob will drink tea and coffee at night and stay up and do stuff

okay. Seriously contemplating on skipping Haskell, idk if it'll happen, but @grainloom I think you should know. I feel exhausted and like I don't know a thing, and I need to study because Tuesday is a bitch and I'm behind on most things. I'll prob grab a coffee and decide afterwards. and eat chocolate. I have chocolate.

A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems. -- Renyi (although often attributed to Erdos)

brb, gonna draw a Peridot on whiteboard in the library

gods dammit, I had a project due today 8am

guess when I finished it

and guess when that damned wireframing program started to freak out

the law of equivalent exchange tells us that every :patcat: results in an equivalent and opposite *purrr*

NightVale, 90th episode kinda spoiler. Show more

One of the things I am proud of is that I consistently hear how easy my code is to follow and pick up. I value that feedback from my peers.

On the flip, it's interesting how I've actually gotten push back from others 'critiquing' my coding saying it is 'too simple', which generally reveals to me the mindset of a shop. A lot of folks, A LOT, get off by making overly complicated code.

In my estimation, this one of the biggest reasons that keeps programming from being as accessible as it should

what is wrong with me. I should just stand up and have a shower and do stuff, but I just... It's just so peaceful sitting here.


Okay. What exactly is a difference list and how on Earth do I code one?

I'm about to fall asleep in the middle of class.
Not good.

I thought I was heading home, and then got off my train and the only thing on my mind was

okay, where the heck am I?

Turns out I took an accidental trip to Pilis, a small town near Monor where I was supposed to get off

and had to wait an hour for the next train back.

*writing a test*
"Who feels like they are done?"
*some of us raise hands*
"Hm? Come again?"
"Are you done?"
"I have no idea."
*group laughs*
"But you were done like, five minutes ago"
"I am usually so so so done."

I need a coffee.

if cars are so great, why are drivers so angry?

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