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I'm a former academic (philosophy) and currently a stay at home dad. I'm a self taught programmer and data nerd. Interested in history, science, maths. Most of my posts will be about gardening, dumb jokes, indie video games, science fiction, programming languages, philosophy and parenting. Also I will regularly make fun of crypto.

My son has a fever. He's loudly shouting "I'm not 38 degrees, I'm two!"

If you go to a tyre makers convention, do they have, like, a ban on calling your presentation "Reinventing the wheel"?

Fediverse! Recommend me some podcasts! I want podcasts on history, true crime (heists and scams, not murders), tech stuff and whatever else is interesting.

God, the old Ringo Starr narrated Thomas the Tank Engine is so charming. Gentle stories, all done with models and puppets, great music. Love it.

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How UK public spending works / metaphorical political joke 

"The cost of repairing the roof while the sun is shining is excessive. We should pay a private contractor to dismantle the roof, sell off the constituent parts, then erect a tarpoline sheet. That will create jobs and boost the economy" 👍​

*people complain about the leaky tarp & noise it makes when it's windy* 🌧️​

*a storm happens that demonstrates how inadequate a tarp is* 🌪️​

"That private contractor was reckless & irresponsible! Clearly the only solution to this problem is to make them build a proper roof now with borrowed money and then bill us twice the cost of doing that over several years" 🤑​

"Why are they taking so long to build a new roof? Surely it has nothing to do with neighbours objecting to the noise required to build it or the colour of the slates." 🤔​

"Now the storm has passed we're cancelling the new roof as it no longer delivers value for money. We will dismantle it and use the proceeds to buy a new tarp". 👍​

Tennis themed reality TV show call 40-love island

Just remembered that time on twitter when some people put a hex on the moon or something? Did I dream that or was that real twitter drama? I think it was real...

Maybe it's just what I see in my social media feeds, but it seems like AI art has prompted a lot of hand-wringing about automation and "machines taking our jobs" in a way that no-code/low-code ML platforms like Azure just hasn't?

Wrote about passwords. Or, not really about passwords but about a method to generate them.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but sharpen your kitchen knives. It makes cutting stuff easier.

Effective altruism is prioritising the poor when we're deciding who to force into the experience machine.

I genuinely don't think you could make a parody of linkedin which is more cringe than linkedin.

It bothers me that, in python, `some_list[a:b:-1]` does not return `some_list[a:b]` reversed.

I know why, I understand how it works and I know how to get what I want, but it's frustrating.

Made a slow-cooker bolognese this morning. I want to leave the house, primarily so that I can come back and go "ooh yeah, the whole house smells of bolognese".

But it is very hot out there

yes of course I want my (medicine, altruism) to be (evidence based, effective) what else could I possibly want? Oh by that you actually mean (weirdly strict evidence hierarchies, utilitarianism and being scared of robots)? No thanks.

Why should you never trust a French duck?

Because they'll tell you n'importe quack

Time to do some low energy physics. Just drop a pen off the table or whatever.

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