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I'm a former academic (philosophy) and currently a stay at home dad. I'm a self taught programmer and data nerd. Interested in history, science, maths. Most of my posts will be about gardening, dumb jokes, indie video games, science fiction, programming languages, philosophy and parenting. Also I will regularly make fun of crypto.

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It's fucked up how the cartoon villain Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) has an entire unhinged monologue in which he actually explains what happened in real life to public transit

All writing is either news you can use, or snooze you can lose.

You can tell this is good advice, because it rhymes.

Life hack: spill loads of cinnamon on the floor and then vacuum it up. Now every time you use the vacuum, everything smells of cinnamon.

What happened with audacity? Wasn't there some nonsense with a new maintainer? People were talking about a form?

I think I diagnosed a problem I've been having with a website. I think it lets you put characters in your password field that it then sanitises away when it's checking the password. Because I've had issues where I was getting "password doesn't match" even after I literally just changed the password. But, I use a password without certain characters in (e.g. "&") and the problem goes away...

amazon is more of a mess every time I have to use it. "BOOMJOY Microfiber Telescoping Duster, 100" Extendable, Scratch-Resistant Cover, Stainless Steel Pole, Detachable Bendable Head, Washable"

please, stop.

ok. I want to start using a cli web browser. what are my options in 2022? links, lynx? anything else I should look at (that's in the debian repos, because I'm lazy).

yeah woof woof to you too, you stupid dog

(subtooting my neighbour's labrador)

Just read a plot synopsis of the Hans Christian Andersen story The Red Shoes. Lol what.

Arguments in favour of the central thesis *and* defenses against numerous objections? In this economy?

So you're telling me there's sand in this wich?

Now there's this Alan Moore looking dude just got on. What's going on am I accidentally going to fuckin hogwarts?

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Dude with an excellent beard just got on this train. Real evil wizard shit.

Yesterday I did two job interviews and it was very stressful. Well, I've been offered both jobs, so now I'm still stressed out deciding between them.

Come on brain, give me a break.

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when i was in elementary school they held class elections and one kid just walked up to the mic and yelled, "soda coming out of all the drinking fountains!" he was elected class president by a mile. we never got the soda coming out of the drinking fountains. great early life lesson about politics tbh.

The vanity number plate paradox: no matter what letters you ask to have put on your plates, they always spell out "I'm a massive wanker".

My brain decided to think "Wizard Rappers: Arcane in the Membrane" and now I've made your brain think it too.

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