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Hello World! Here's our first post. There will, hopefully, be many more to come.

If you're into any aspect of STEMA, philosophy, ethics, or hacking, piracy, making, copyright law, open source, GNU/Linux, or the gothier side of the night then this is for you!

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Online radicalization,  science fiction vs. futurism, and DRM toast. and's discuss these things and more are from his new book "Radicalized." Subscribe and listen to the Triangulation podcast.


After major security vulnerabilities or data breaches, "security people" show up and tell you to delete your account immediately. "Oh, time to delete your account! Switch service/product"
Such statements totally ignore that security vulnerabilities are widespread & the vast majority of data breaches won't become publicly-known. Full control over your data & devices requires 100% isolation from the internet, not just arbitrarily switching services or products.

Would you like a tree in this trying time? It has 1379 nodes, descending 101 nodes down.

France, Italy to mark 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death

"Portrait of a man i…

Did you know?
You can directly search for hashtagged Mastodon/Fediverse posts.

For instance, the following link shows all of our posts about the Tor Browser:

The following link shows all of our posts about vulnerabilities:

Just replace the last part of the link ([hashtag]):]

#infosechandbook #infosec #cybersecurity #security #blog #itsecurity #hashtag #mastodon #tip

My mom, playing mahjong on a 2005-ish Macbook: How old did you say this computer is?

Me: About 15 years.

Mom: 15 years?! That's not old.

My BSDNow interview is now up. Come see the violence inherent in the syste--uh, come see me make a fool of myself.

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