A mathematician is someone who says "when we prove a theorem, we shouldn't introduce things that seem to come out of nowhere", and then immediately starts their proof of the Mean Value Theorem with "Let g(x)=f(a)+(f(b)-f(a))(x-a)/(b-a)".

I just mixed gochujang in with sauerkraut. It actually works. Is this what is meant by fusion cuisine?

That feeling of terror when you accidentally open Microsoft Teams

So far two people have responded with a link to scirate dot com, which certainly doesn't count

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Still waiting for the arXiv to implement a Like button*

*I am not really waiting for this

The CDC has announced it is relaxing the requirements for what constitutes a rigorous mathematical proof

OPT-175B agrees

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@ProfKinyon@twitter.com 2. It is an objectively true social construct.

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How Many Of Me says there are 24 Michael Kinyons in the US.


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how likely is it that you are the only person with your first and last name combo?

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The injectible I am sent every couple of months in front of the styrofoam refrigerated box it comes in. A bit disproportionate, if you ask me

Sometimes you have to be a little more niche than telling yet another joke about cosine-ing a loan for a trigonometry textbook

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A: You're so frustrating to talk to. Why do you use such empty words?

Me: Because I'm working with a free monoid, not just a free semigroup.

When my mind wanders enough to wonder if Shere Khan and Tigger have ever met, it's probably time to stop working for the day.

S: That seems a little dishonest. I think you and I are the only ones who have read X's paper

Me: Well, then it looks to me like you've solved X's Problem.

S: ...

S: Ah. Yes, I see. OK.


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S: What did you think of my current draft?

Me: It's fine but you need to emphasize that you solved an open problem from X's paper

S: How?

Me: Call it X's Problem without mentioning that you're naming it. Give the impression that it's well known by that name to experts


I should probably stop thinking of my tweets as commits

Just had one of those where-are-my-glasses-oh-here-on-top-of-my-head moments, so I should probably take a break

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