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Time for new !

I'm Jordi. expat living in , . I can say expat instead of immigrant 'cause I've had a super-sheltered and comfortable life. Nothing dreadful has ever happened to me.

I like , , , , and old because I'm old (not that old).

I also do software stuff because of course.

I work on assessments and , which I want to call cause we need that word again!

#introduction Hi, I've been using Google+ for having interesting discussions on mathematics and physics, particularly visualistations using 3D prints, animations. Since Google+ might be shutting down, I'm trying Mastodon.
I just salvaged all my old posts, and put them on a website:
Here is an example of graphics I do:

"Free Software should empower everyone. As such, correcting the biases, conscious or not, that have led to the poor #diversity of our communities, must be part of our mission."
Oh yes! 💯👍🏻👏🏻

I love when in the round with DPNs you're just starting out and your work looks like some kind of bizarre dreamcatcher.

"It was, of course, nothing more than sexism, the especially virulent type espoused by male techies who sincerely believe they are too smart to be sexists."

-Neal Stephenson, Snowcrash, 1992

Now that I have some actual friends here: does anyone know any remote programming jobs? I am a generalist with 10+ years of professional experience. Most of that was at Spotify, working on the desktop client, iOS client, and embedded libraries.

So, am I the last person to realise that Count Dooku is a thinly-veiled actor allusion to when Christopher Lee played Count Dracula?

And catrinas themselves are a political parody from around the time of the Mexican revolution designed to mock rich Mexicans who would imitate European fashion. Which we now dress up as unironically because a fictional English spy made it cool.

The whole of the celebration is a broken line of pastiche upon parody upon misunderstanding.

It's such a bizarre thing to see the Catrina parade, a James-Bond inspired event supposedly celebrating a Mexican tradition with Mexicans dressed up as what we think Aztecs must have dressed up as (and probably didn't: symbols like Moctezuma's headdress are probably not a headdress at all).

/ is weird.

It feels like such a recently manufactured holiday.

Between the face painting, the Pizza Effect (H/T to @Shufei for the term), and the cultural appropriation every which way (mestizo Mexicans from the Aztecs, foreigners from Mexico, and Mexico right back from foreigners), I have no idea what it is or what it's supposed to be.

I feel like I should know more about it, maybe even celebrate it, even if it's a recent fabrication, but I have no idea how.

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The one I'm never sure how to pronunce is Dirichlet. It's a French name, but he was German. So Germans pronounce Dirichlet with a German pronunciation, as one of his own, whereas all the English speakers I know pronounce it with a French pronunciation.

Kindness is not a code of conduct unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU behavior pattern made useful by the GNU developers, contributors and vital commentators comprising a full communication system as defined by POSIX.

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Has there been a wreckage in the information superhighway?

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