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Time for new !

I'm Jordi. expat living in , . I can say expat instead of immigrant 'cause I've had a super-sheltered and comfortable life. Nothing dreadful has ever happened to me.

I like , , , , and old because I'm old (not that old).

I also do software stuff because of course.

I work on assessments and , which I want to call cause we need that word again!

Hoy comienza el Festival Latinoamericano de Lenguas Indígenas en Internet, en Antigua, Guatemala -

OH: "given that browsers do so much, they might as well implement TeX"

We have \(\LaTeX\), see?

\int_{\partial S} \omega = \int_S d\omega

An actual real poll about !


A new `hg grep` is about to be released into the world. If you're in a subdirectory, should `hg grep` by default search.


After almost a week of downtime, I'm happy to report that @GayUpdateBot and @Chocobot are operational once more.

Sorry for the service interruption.

I can relate, my family also often tries to relate to me that way.

OH: "Ruby is Python for people that miss Perl"

It's an interesting situation. I have the source code for a free image, but it's not mine. Can I upload it to Wikipedia? Did the original author already give permission to the source code, since he gave permission to the image under the GFDL, which supposedly includes source code?

<durin42> JordiGH: congrats, you successfully lobbied for 's second breaking change

Yay, I made a difference!

Well, as a first step, I've managed to to get the original code from Wikipedia running.

I downloaded it a long time ago from the author's website, which I can't find again now. If you're curious, I can send you a copy:

(Plotted with and )

Now I just have to translate it to , haha!

I'm starting to think I could probably solve the shallow water wave equations in SQL.

I am also considering pgBackRest for PostgreSQL backups

anyone here use it?


It's come to my attention that some people are interpreting this reading of the sprite as a correction of their previous reading. No, this is me showing how I used to read the sprite incorrectly. I didn't know that octoroks were supposed to be big-snouted octopuses.

In windowing functions are functions that operate on a possibly moving window of your SQL rows. They're pretty handy.

Oracle calls them "analytic functions" and that's such a big name clash for me.

I went to see War, an Indian action film. So good. Just the kind of mindless entertainment I was after. A cross of Bourne and Mission Impossible. Beautifully choreographed action scenes.

But it's an Indian movie, so of course Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt take a break from the action to perform a dazzling dance number in full colour:

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