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Time for new !

I'm Jordi. expat living in , . I can say expat instead of immigrant 'cause I've had a super-sheltered and comfortable life. Nothing dreadful has ever happened to me.

I like , , , , and old because I'm old (not that old).

I also do software stuff because of course.

I work on assessments and , which I want to call cause we need that word again!

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i wanna get certs for stuff especially because a lot of my ability isn't backed by a degree (i mean a lot of it is, but a lot of it isn't) but my problem is two-fold:

1. certs are usually long lectures that i don't want to sit down for because i have bad brain

2. i dunno what certs are good (for UI/UX specifically)

so if anyone has tips on the above feel free to hit me up, thanks

If you want to get rid of it, do this:

sudo chmod -x /etc/update-motd.d/50-motd-news

Deleting the file would probably just reinstall it next time you do an upgrade, but removing its exec permissions should be more persistent.

Oh, great, and this whole mechanism is part of base-files. You can't just delete a package to get rid of it, since it's a core, essential package.

is placing ads in its motd when you ssh in.

The way it fetches this ad is by doing

USER_AGENT="curl/$curl_ver $lsb $platform $cpu $uptime cloud_id/$cloud_id"

curl -A "$USER_AGENT" ...

In other words, Ubuntu is sending Canonical tracking information so it can serve you an ad.

This doesn't exactly run every time you log in (it caches the ad in /var/cache), but still... phoning home for a frickin ad?


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Finished another beanie, still needs blocked but it's good to be done.
Pattern: Briochemistry by Katrin Schubert


I'm looking at my remaining vacation days I could request at work, and I'm unintentionally hoarding them like elixirs for the final boss. They're too valuable to ever use!


I just learned that Steve Urkel is the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Huh, weird, there was a "technical problem" with my Sonic movie and they told us to go to a different theatre.

Now I'm seeing online that other people also had technical problems at their theatres. Were the Sonic movie servers saturated and the theatres couldn't download the movie or something?

movie was fun! Perfectly functional and fun.

One more, possibly final, necrodancing attempt with Aria. Clear zone 4 or bust!

Okay, that VII remake intro cinematic is amazing.

Streaming some casual , need something nice and comfortable to relax and unwind:

Banks >_< 

Banks >_< 

I just logged in to check @Chocobot 's and @GayUpdateBot 's notifications. It seems like Chocobot gets more people talking to him!

I should figure out how to make him respond. Then you can have discussions with a bot that can only kweh back at you.

Tales of programming woe 

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