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Time for new !

I'm Jordi. expat living in , . I can say expat instead of immigrant 'cause I've had a super-sheltered and comfortable life. Nothing dreadful has ever happened to me.

I like , , , , and old because I'm old (not that old).

I also do software stuff because of course.

I work on assessments and , which I want to call cause we need that word again!

Man, one of the best things about writing a article is that you're pretty much guaranteed a first-page ddg/Google hit if someone searches for the topic of your article.

It's a big responsibility, in a way, and I do want to make sure that my article is deemed fair by everyone. I'm still getting accusations of sounding like his promoter, but it really wasn't hard to find lots of news articles praising him, man.

Sysadmins, devops, server janitors! Lend me your ears!

What do you think about running processes at the DEBUG logging level in production? I think that logging as much as possible (without logging PII) is the best thing, but other people think that DEBUG is only when running locally?

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So today I'm trying to programmatically determine distances between a long list of pairs of locations when I stumbled upon this amazing compilation of naughty-sounding place names:

Back in my university days, we played some recreational inner-tube (you sit on an inflatable inner tube and toss a ball around between two teams).

My ragtag team of misfits was called the Water Duckies, but I still think the computer science team had the best name: The Floating Points.

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Goodness. This morning I'm feeling delightfully homosexual.

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I'm working on a long series of blog posts about ethical and functioning IoT.

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There are many possibilities for free or open source software in IoT and even open source firmware.

The field as a whole is moving towards more ethical and anonymous ways of handling user data whenever necessary

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So far I've encountered the following reasons why IoT is shit:
🔸 outsourced quick full solution development from China (PCB+firmware) with very poor understanding of programming itself and hardware (this is where stuff like smart fridges or cars that stop their functionality mid-software update comes from)
🔸 IoT can be very well made by a professional team and doesn't have to be super insecure or store weird data about you
🔸IoT can be very helpful in many areas, inc. medicine and ecology

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I got asked on here what I think of IoT in general as an IoT developer, and what do I work on exactly and how it influences my opinion of IoT. I'm going to answer it publicly. There are probably more experienced IoT developers than I who would want to answer this as well, but I'll give my brief view/explanation if it seems interesting.

I work on mobile OSes, embedded IoT devices such as: postal robots, sophisticated tracking devices, wireless manufacturing automation devices and so on

Hm, I wonder if donation money for a free software project could reasonably be used for helping someone get mental health aid.

I mean, the money is for ensuring the development of the project, and having healthy, happy developers is how you do that, right?

Apparently today is St Jordi day.

Every year I forget and every year my mom reminds me.

Happy Jordi day to me and all other Jordis and Jordinas out there!

(Then Another coworker elaborated that the game was known for its difficulty, which made me guess Ghosts'n'Ghouls, but turned out he was thinking of Dragon's Lair.)

Lunchtime videogame conversation:

Another coworker: Hey, what was that old videogame?

Me: Which one?

Another coworker: You played as some guy and you had to fight a dragon, and the graphics were colourful.

Me: Uh... yeah... that narrows it down.

Lunchtime videogame conversation:

An coworker: So, have you heard about this game called Baba Is You?

Me: No, what's it about?

An coworker: Well, you are Baba...

Me: Yeah, okay, I got that part.

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If this gets 100 boosts I will take myself to the chiropractor as I so desperately need to do

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I've just released AutoCommitAutoPEP8, a simple script for lazy #python devs that will auto-commit for you the pep8's fixes by autopep8 in your git/hg projects :) (one commit per error categories or a single commit for everything)

The usage is super simple:

pip install --user autocommitautopep8
# in a git/hg repository

And voilà :)

Source code:

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Aaaaaaaand done!

How did you spend your Easter break? I wrote a Wikipedia article!

(On a dumb topic, but I don't care, wikigroaning be damned!)

Aaaaaaaand done!

How did you spend your Easter break? I wrote a Wikipedia article!

(On a dumb topic, but I don't care, wikigroaning be damned!)

The difficulty happens because both "run'n'gun video game" and "indie video game" are common phrases, so how do you jam them together? Maybe this is a situation where both modifiers have equal precedence?

Also, what's the term for this? I forgot.

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