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Alright, let's try doing one of these .

I'm a in (can I call myself that or should I call myself an immigrant?). I like , , , , and , none of which I do professionally. I am officially still a maintainer for (free replacement).

Professionally, I work on assessments and . The details of which are rather boring.

@batjan keeps asking me about and making me think really hard about some syntactic irregularities whose different meaning I just never think about.

But I realised that (in this case) it matches syntax! Now, let's try to explain to a speaker of a language without articles (say, Russian) when and why you would say each of these:

"They bought tickets."

"They bought the tickets."

"They bought some tickets."

I had some books checked out from the university with my card, but due to forgetfulness and for whatever reason not getting notification emails, I maxed out my library fines at 100 CAD. Someone had recalled the book, which charges me 5 bucks per day, and I wasn't being notified about it. This kind of effectively bans me from the library 'cause there's no way I'm paying that fine.

it shall be, then, but I will be sad to not have access to materialised books.

And if I'm going to be advertising again for a and a (-ish) in , I probably should link to our job postings:

Hey, denizens of, I heard you have a creepy notification sound. Any way you can show it to me without me having to sign up for an account?


Of course an API to get ocean shipping routes can be made aware of piracy zones.

Some of the fun things I learn at my (for which we are still in , btw).

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For a while I've been interested in Galois theory and I'm finally going to take an abstract algebra course on fields. Does anyone have an account of how their experience with Abstract was?

Pet peeve: "ethnic" food.

Who you callin' ethnic?!

Back at the office, gotta catch up with some work. I think we may have found a new apartment and it's gorgeous! It's more like a little house.

But enough expository banter! Now we code like men! And women! And men who dress like women! And everything else in between!

I've had this experience a couple of times, where I try to explain to someone a one-dimensional simpler idea like Newton's method in or standard scores (z-scores) in and they're unfamiliar with it but instead relate to some higher-dimensional generalisation like gradient descent or distance. These people are often practitioners in or physical sciences.

Dunno what to think when people first see the complicated thing before the basics.

Hey, if Masto ever becomes popular enough to become an attractive target for large-scale attackers, what tools are available to stop bots and Russian troll farms?

My Mexican neighbour's kid is so cute. Growing up in Montréal, she's six and already speaks , , and , which is quite common here.

Her daycare is naturally in French. When she first travelled to Mexico, she was quite confused that children there didn't speak French. Because, obviously, only adults at home speak Spanish and kids everywhere speak French.

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I just learned that also relocated of during . There were far fewer Japanese in Mexico than elsewhere, and apparently the Mexico was... kind of not too awful to them? Allowed them to live normally except gave them curfews and took away freedom of assembly? Or maybe it just looks not so terrible through distorted .

I had some Mexican-Japanese friends in school, but I think they were recent immigrants unrelated to this .

Although I long ago dropped out of research , I really love asking working mathematicians to explain whatever it is they are interested in. I have enough general knowledge that they can usually simplify things enough for me to get the gist of their work. Plus, they're usually really enthusiastic about explaining what they do, because most strangers they meet cannot or will not follow!

Great fun to see them light up and have them tell me the metaphors they've developed for their art.

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Drawing of a game I play with myself when bored, it’s called ‘evolution’ you draw a very simplistic ancestor animal, then draw an arrow and create an ‘evolved’ form with slightly different features to the original until you get many diffrent species (rather like irl evolution) :3

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unsung heroes of early programming: the many women who, as factory weavers, assembled programs on rope memory.

interviewers expect us to implement linked lists on whiteboards because they are fundamental, but not weave or knit programs??? idgi.

This makes me so uncomfortable. While I'm sure it can be useful to learn stuff about how to use Amazon's products, I would be constantly feel on edge, always fearful of being deceived and suckered out of my money, like one does with salespeople, which is what all of the speakers are.

It bugs me even more that it's styled like other community-driven conferences I've been to, like Pycon.

So I'm finally deciding that today is the day that I start writing that I was always dreaming of. I find a nice markup format for called Fountain. Great! It looks easy to write and there are modes for it!

So I goes over to see what can handle Fountain, and all I find is a bunch of apps that proudly proclaim that they work on both operating systems: macOS and iOS:

So, wtf, do I need to buy stuff from Apple to fulfill my writer's dream?

@mxuribe ¡Hola! ¿Hablas español? Where are you from?


Thinking a bit more, it makes her look very one-dimensional. I'm sure she has at least a few more concerns in her life than political goals, but due to the nature of the medium, looks like all she ever talks about is politics. Even if I happen to agree with her politics, I don't have the energy to hear nothing else from her.

Masto feels more human, with more human, mundane concerns. Perhaps because it's smaller. Or perhaps because the medium is different.