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Time for new !

I'm Jordi. expat living in , . I can say expat instead of immigrant 'cause I've had a super-sheltered and comfortable life. Nothing dreadful has ever happened to me.

I like , , , , and old because I'm old (not that old).

I also do software stuff because of course.

I work on assessments and , which I want to call cause we need that word again!

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@JordiGH ah, the life and times of mr. christmas skeleton, a timeless classic

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There's this kid in our chat that really wants a sandbox/open-world Battletoads game, and that's just a cognitive dissonance for me.

It's like, I don't know, wanting a Battletoads musical... okay, actually, that would be pretty cool. Coming Out Of Our Shells worked for the turtles, right?

Universal bug report: "Why did this break? It was working just a moment ago! I didn't change anything!"

Me: *starts investigating*

Universal bug report response: "You did, in fact, change something. But we shouldn't be breaking anyway. I'll work on a fix."

This is how software gets engineered and developed.

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Big update to - we now have all of the manifolds in the orientable SnapPy census up to 7 tetrahedra, and sliders to make linear combinations of cohomology classes (try m129). With David Bachman and Saul Schleimer.

Whenever I see people picture post pictures online of animals I don't know, my first instinct is to go check their Wikipedia page in hopes of seeing "least concern" on their conservation status.

Today you were spared, grin-billed toucan. Today you were.

Hm, what's the brand name of those super-fancy circular interchangeable needles that everyone covets?

I have no idea of what to ask for Christmas. There's nothing I want! I have all the material things I need!

I've literally been told by my nearest and dearest that I need to disable my adblocker so I can produce a Christmas wish list.

Oh, nice, finally a new Firefox version for Debian. I wonder if this will fix my crashes.

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I’m not like talking shit. I’m being so deadass.

This specification is so DETAILED. It can capture everything Twitter currently does and so much more! (

OMG I just noticed that someone implemented the algorithm:

They relied on my Wikipedia article:

However, they also obviously copied my GPLed source code! It has the same comments and variable names!

And there's no attribution to me, and it's released under a weak free license.

Should I raise a stink?

Birdsite cannot into fediverse? 

Birdsite cannot into fediverse? 

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I would like to initiate a fund to hire a programmer to keep an eye on Sinhala input support in GNU/Linux. This person's job will be to keep an eye on four main distributions and make sure Sinhala support is in tact when they make a new release. Please RT / share your thoughts.

I'm pretty sure I played against Bobby Fischer online sometime in the 1990s in the Internet Chess Club.

If it wasn't Bobby Fischer, it was someone who certainly acted like him. Brash, arrogant, lots of Yiddish slang, and of course called me a patzer over and over again. And beat me without any effort.

I'll never know if I actually did, but I like to believe I had my brush with fame and it was kind of funny: the fame just insulted me.

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